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Your Eyes Will Be Shining Bright with Bobbi Brown’s Luxe Gems Eye Shadow Palette (Limited Edit

It seems like I am starting a trend – every year, I seem to pick up a makeup item from Bobbi Brown’s Christmas collection 🎁🎄🌟 I often feel overwhelmed this time of year with all the STUFF thrown at us… so I for the most part like to ‘switch off’, only taking into consideration something really special. Last year, I picked up the Bobbi Brown Highlight & Glow Highlighting Duo. This year however, I have picked up the Bobbi Brown Luxe Gems Eyeshadow Palette and boy, is this a beauty!!! 😍🤩🥳🥳 Bobbi Brown has a collection of single eyeshadows in their permanent collection called ‘Luxe Eyeshadows’. They are buttery, rich colours that give you a multi-dimensional shine.  My sister has a couple of the single eyeshadow shades, so I’ve had a play with them and loved their textures and colour payoff. The only thing holding me back from purchasing them was their price. $57 AUD PER shadow! 😳😲😲 That’s a lot… so when Bobbi Brown released a whole palette of the Luxe Eyeshadows (7 eyeshadows in total) for $115 in the most beautiful packaging… I snapped it up as quickly as I could! Mind you, $115 is also a lot for an eyeshadow palette so I did have doubts about it whilst I was waiting for it to arrive. Was it worth it after all??? Find out below! 😉🥳🥳

LUXE GEMS EYE SHADOW PALETTEJewel-toned eye shadow paletteOur most luxurious holiday eye palette includes seven ultra-blendable Luxe Eye Shadows in striking jewel tones and silky, sparkling finishes designed to turn heads. Colour-true chromatic pigments give eyes a multidimensional, 3-D metallic effect that lights up any room.Layer and blend different shades and finishes for a multidimensional look. Define with Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner and finish with 2-3 coats of Smokey Eye Mascara (both sold separately).

The Luxe Gems Holiday Collection includes; the Luxe Gems Eye Shadow Palette, Luxe Illuminating Powder (gold powder highlighter), Luxe Eyeliner, 3 Luxe Jewel Lipsticks, 3 Luxe Gem Eyeshadow Singles, 3 Luxe Liquid Lip Rich Lustres and 2 Luxe Lip Colours. The collection is limited edition as expected. What is overwhelming is that it isn’t the only holiday/limited edition collection released by Bobbi Brown this year. Confusing right?!

The Luxe Gems Eye Shadow Palette comes with 7 eyeshadow shades in four different textures and finishes;

  1. Rich Matte:  Bijou; a skin tone pink brown and Ultra Velvet; a cool dark eggplant.

  2. Multichrome: Incandescent; warm gold and pink.

  3. Rich Sparkle: Volcanic; Purple glitter with a black base, Sunstone; a champagne, neutral glitter and Black Pearl; a gunmetal grey base with very fine silver/white glitter, and finally,

  4. Rich Metal: Electric Sapphire; navy blue with multidimensional fine simmer.

First off all, how beautifully pressed are the eyeshadows?!? They really do look like gemstones! 💎💎💎 I love, LOVE how multidimensional they look in the palette, it makes the eyeshadows with sparkle or glitter in them really stand out. And that’s the first note to make when it comes to this palette; you have to like sparkle and glitter 🤩🤩 Now when I say glitter, I don’t mean the chunky, rough glitter that you may have found in makeup products back in the 90s or 80s. All the glitter and sparkle in these shadows are smooth, multi-dimensional and really shiny lol 🌟 There’s no doubt about it!

The packaging itself is also ‘multidimensional’ and gemstone inspired. It’s made from quite a light plastic. I wouldn’t say it feels cheap though – probably because of the way it has been designed and kept rather ‘simple’. Despite the eyeshadows being so colourful and full of sparkle, I like that they held back with the palette casing – keeping it a light gold colour with a black casing holding the eyeshadows inside (it makes the colours of the eyeshadows pop because it adds that contrast).

Now onto the eyeshadows. I tried swatching them myself but because Sydney is bathed in bushfire smoke (and has been for weeks now) I couldn’t take any photos that really give up the true colour and shine of the eyeshadows. I work with natural light when taking photos for my blog and reviews, so the current weather conditions make it really difficult. Luckily, Bobbi Brown have taken wonderful swatches for their promo shots – however – even those photos don’t really convey the multichromatic shine of some of the eye shadows and how delicate yet shiny the shimmer/glitter is in the eye shadows. And that’s a shame because what makes them special is that shine – they aren’t just regular metallic shadows!

A couple of notes to make on the eye shadows and their textures; the two matte shades are called ‘Rich Mattes‘. They aren’t super pigmented however, so I find the name a little misleading. However, I don’t see their pigmentation as a negative because it’s the other shimmer/glitter eyeshadows that steal the show anyway. Bijou is a very natural pinky brown nude colour, making it a perfect transition colour for blending out other eyeshadows. Ultra Velvet is the other matte eyeshadow, and it is a dark, cool ‘eggplant’ purple. Perhaps it would have been nice if this shade was more pigmented and rich but by being softer, it looks blended out with less effort and it’s less likely to go patchy. Very dark pigmented shades can be tricky/scary for a lot of Beauties, so this might be a plus for you! However, if you like to use quite dark & pigmented eyeshadows to add more depth and contrast to your makeup look, you might need to reach for eyeshadows beyond this palette.

What about the other shimmer/glitter shades? Incandescent is the multichromatic shadow; it’s warm gold and pink (so it looks peachy overall) and very pretty. Sunstone is a neutral champagne coloured glitter, that has a clear base, so it’s a little more subtle than I expected. Applying both Incandescent and Sunstone on a glitter glue definitely amps up their shine! 🌟 Sunstone can also easily be layered over other shadows if they are matte for example, if you want to add some shine and sparkle (you will be able to see the base eyeshadow colour underneath).

Volcanic, Electric Sapphire and Black Pearl are eyeshadows with coloured bases yet a lot of shine (read glitter). Electric Sapphire is the one that really makes an impact – it’s a WOW colour! 🤩🤩🤩💎 It’s rich, vibrant, mesmerising and so shiny! I absolutely love it!

I wish my camera could pick up more of the shine and vibrancy of the eyeshadows, but alas it doesn’t… Looking at the photos above, they are easily ten times more vibrant colour wise, with a gorgeous iridescent sparkle. I used Black Pearl on the outside corner of my eye, Electric Sapphire in the middle and Sunstone on the inner corner 🌟

The Luxe Gems Eye Shadow Palette will set you back $115 AUD. That’s $16.43 per eyeshadow. That’s MUCH cheaper than the individual shades available for purchase (more than half price off per eyeshadow!). Despite the single Luxe eyeshadows not being economically priced at all, I am tempted to buy the single eyeshadows released with the Holiday collection. Let’s see if I can stop myself from purchasing them 😊 I also like the look of the iridescent Luxe Liquid Lip Rich Lustre 🌟💎🥳🥳 So much shine, so little money LOL either way, I am really, really happy I picked up this palette ❤️🎁🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

The palette does seem to be sold out on the Bobbi Brown Australia website BUT keep an eye on it, because it does come back in stock (I nabbed it after it had sold out one time and then reappeared). It’s also available on the David Jones website (for click and collect in stores). Otherwise, you might be able to find it at Bobbi Brown counters both at David Jones or Myer.

Does anything from the Luxe Gems holiday collection jump out at you? What would you pick up if you could (or what have you picked up)??? Do you get overwhelmed with all the holiday releases? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Catch ya next time Beauties,

Beauty Bee~

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