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Winter Loves for your Face & Body 🌬☃️❄️💛💙

Winter has well and truly kicked in (I live in the Southern hemisphere) so I thought I’d do a post on the products that I love to use in the colder months. Where I live (Sydney 🐨☀️) it may not snow in Winter, but it is cold and wet… I wish we lived in a dry climate because when it is wet and there’s a lot of moisture in the air, it feels cooler than it is. It can seriously get COLD 🥶 And I say that after living in Poland and Sweden! A lot of these products will suit any colder climate except maybe the extremely cold (arctic) and tropical 😅 Keep reading to see how I cope! 😉

Face Care

In Winter, we look for richer and creamier textures when it comes to skincare. When you sit inside in heated rooms, the dry air and air-conditioning zaps moisture from your skin. Here are my picks when it comes to moisture rich skincare products!

Antipodes Hallelujah Lime & Patchouli Cleanser 🧼

Antipodes Hallelujah Lime & Patchouli Cleanser has essential extracts of lime and patchouli which cleanse, purify and uplift while extracts from the native New Zealand kawakawa plant provides antioxidant protection as well as antimicrobial effects, so it’s great for blemish prone skin (I did some reading up on the properties of the plant and it turns out that in traditional Maori medicine it’s used to treat SO many different ailments and can even be used as a pain killer!). The first ingredient in the ingredient list is water (aqua) which is perfect because if your skin is dry, it’s low in water especially in the deeper layers of your skin, not low in oil. Other ingredients can build on this ‘foundation’ to also add moisture into the skin and lock it in. Glycerin is ingredient number two, brilliant because it’s an antioxidant and humectant (drawing moisture into the skin). The oils contained in the cleanser are avocado and macadamia nut oil. Avocado oil is naturally blessed with high amounts of phytosterols which can help regenerate skin and soften the tissue by deeply moisturising its upper layers. Phytosterols also provide protection from water loss in the skin and increase surface lipids, soothing skin and keeping it hydrated. Awesome! Despite the oils in the cleanser (and avocado and macadamia aren’t actually very light oils…) the cleanser doesn’t feel oily at all.

The cleanser has a creamy thick texture, but I wouldn’t say it’s as ‘heavy’ as the Antipodes Grace Cleanser. When you wash it off your skin, skin is left feeling seriously soft and hydrated, but it doesn’t feel like it has a layer or oil or grease on it. It just feels clean and hydrated! Sometimes in the morning my skin feels so dry, it feels like it may ‘crack’ at any moment… it’s NOT a nice feeling at all. At the same time, I have combination and acne prone skin, but I never feel like this cream cleanser is ‘too much’ for my skin. It feels perfectly balanced. Cleansing is one of the harshest things you can do to your skin because sometimes you strip all the good stuff from your skin as well as the bad. In this case, I think you are only doing good things especially when that natural barrier is errrr… non-existent lol!

How awesome is it that it also comes in a glass bottle with a pump dispenser?!? This makes dispensing the product into your hands SO easy and comfortable! 🙌 It also looks pretty fancy on your bathroom vanity 🤗 You can apply the cleanser straight onto dry skin or slightly damp skin. I like to massage the cleanser into my skin for a good minute (a little massage on the side never hurt 😉)  before rinsing with lukewarm water. I don’t mind the patchouli & lime scent. It is noticeable (especially the patchouli) so it may be a little strong for some. I’ve noticed that my face towel smells like patchouli and lime for days afterwards, which is actually quite nice 😂💚💙 Buy yours for $35.10 at Active Skin online, or pick it up at Priceline when the whole Antipodes line is on sale (it’s not available via their online shop for some reason). The cleanser holds 200ml of product.

In Essence Organic Camellia Treatment Oil

Despite saying above that dry skin is low in water and not oil (which is true) oils do feel incredibly soothing on parched skin… and some are better than others, because depending on the oil type, it can help add moisture into the skin as well as locking it in! I love camellia oil. It’s not the lightest facial oil (when it 100% camellia oil) but I find it absorbs quite well into damp skin, just don’t apply too much (or any oil will become almost solely occlusive). It does leave a slight oily layer on the skin, but it’s minimal and leaves skin feeling very comfortable and nourished. Camellia oil has about 85% oleic acid (a fatty acid) which is similar to a person’s natural sebum. It’s molecular weight is almost perfect for our skin and can absorb easily! Fatty acids help to moisturise skin and also help it to maintain its elasticity (it prevents the breakdown of collagen and stimulates the production of new collagen in the skin).

The In Essence Camellia Oil is cold-pressed and sourced from Australian organic farmers. Not all oils are created equally, so the fact that the oil is cold pressed means that almost all the nutrients in the oil will be preserved. It’s a clear oil and almost has no scent. For me it does have the slightest nutty slash floral scent. I apply 3 drops into the palm of my hand and then ‘press’ the oil into slightly damp skin (I apply oils after serums but lightly mist my skin before applying so it absorbs more easily into skin). After applying my oil, I apply moisturiser 🧴 The other way you can use this oil is mixed in with your moisturiser should your moisturiser not be as hydrating as you’d like it to be. Or in your hair! Japanese women have used camellia oil in their hair for centuries. I tried this oil because I’m running low on my Tatcha Camellia Beauty Oil. I LOVE the Tatcha oil, but it is much more expensive. The In Essence Organic Camellia Treatment Oil retails for $49.95 AUD, which is very reasonable in my opinion. It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper. Pretty standard for an oil and

Dermalogica MultiVitamin Power Recovery Mask

A hydrating face mask! That is probably one of the first products that pop into someones mind when they think of dry skin or cold weather. It’s funny though, because whenever I’ve used a dedicated hydrating mask, I’ve always thought that they were quite ‘meh’. They do hydrate the skin sure and when skin is hydrated it functions better… but I want it to do more! The only hydrating mask that I have been seriously impressed with is the Lonvitalite C4 Coconut Milk Mask (which I will get my hands on soon!). Other masks should also hydrate the skin whilst providing other benefits, unless it’s a clay based mask whose primary purpose is purifying the skin. Soooo I have returned the to the Dermalogica MultiVitamin Recovery Mask because it hydrates skin PLUS reduces inflammation and redness in skin significantly. It really is BOOST! 🍎🍊🍋🍌🍓🥝🍇 I used to use it many moons ago and then forgot about it (as you do in this crazy beauty world lol…).

The mask works to hydrate dehydrated skin (thank you glycerin, olive oil, lactic acid – which not only helps hydrating ingredients penetrate into skin, but is also the best acid to BOOST your skins own moisture levels so it produces more and nutrient rich algae), repair photo damaged skin with vitamins A, C, E and Linoleic Acid (and the skins natural barrier is reinforced so it can function better) and soothes skin thanks for pro-vitamin B5, oat kernel extract, licorice, comfrey and burdock root extract, so skin is calm and more resilient. Skin looks like you have breathed life into it again, should it be dull and dry or very red and irritated. It’s a multipurpose mask in my mind and it works a treat in Winter when we put our skin through a lot without realising it.

The mask as a thin lotion texture which has a light orange colour. It also smells like a multi-vitamin I swear lol! I really like it 😛 I use the Origins Maskimizer Spray before applying masks to cleansed dry skin, in order to help the mask absorb and work better. Leave the mask on for 10-15minutes and see that magic! 🌟 You can pick the mask up from Adore Beauty for $75.24 AUD (it can be more expensive on other sites and they offer free shipping with every order) and you get 75ml of product.

Melvita Nectar Supreme Cream

I mentioned this cream in my Drunk Elephant BabyFacial mask review  because it is soooooo nourishing without being greasy!  It’s probably been developed for those with mature or seriously dry skin but anyone can use it (choose products based on your skins needs!). The main ingredients are royal jelly and something called Kniphofia Nectar (an odd looking plant lol) but also, orange fruit water, jojoba, shea butter, honey, sunflower seed wax and evening primrose oil. Melvita claims that the cream does everything pretty much (reduces wrinkles, firms, brightens, increases skin density and hydration of course) but whether it does all those things I can’t say, but what I can say is that it is a rich cream but without being greasy or oily. It’s SUPER nourishing, kinda like a hug for the face lol and skin feels protected and super hydrated. Because it doesn’t contain any actives, you can use it over the top of other skin care without a care in the world. After a rough day, after a serious exfoliating treatment, after actives or when skin just feels dry and parched. And it doesn’t break me out! This is another major bonus. I don’t use it during the day because it’s just too rich but maybe it will work for you 😊 The cream leaves quite a bit of slip on the skin (I’m inclined to say that under makeup it may move around too much….) and a nice protective layer on top of skin, whilst actually hydrating it underneath too.

The cream smells lovely – it has a floral/honey scent. It is a bit hard to get hold of because Melvita isn’t available domestically in Aus (it’s a French ‘green beauty’ brand) but you can get it via Cocoon Centre, a UK pharmacy which stocks French pharmacy brands. The cream costs $54.57 AUD (they offer payment in a few different currencies!) and I can recommend the website! They ship via courier but aren’t too expensive. They are my go-to site for hard to find French skincare. The products are reasonably priced and competitive.

Far left is the Antipodes Hallelujah Lime & Patchouli Cleanser, the yellow cream is the Dermalogica MuliVitamin Power Recovery Mask, then we have the Melvita Nectar Supreme Cream and finally on the spatula, the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask 

Remember when lip sleeping masks came out and everyone was like wtf?!? Lol! Well, it’s essentially a lip treatment that you can use at any time! If you haven’t heard about the Lineage Lip Sleeping Mask you have been living under a rock lol I blogged about it in 2015 which is kinda unbelievable… It’s becomes SO popular because it is a hydration bomb and feels so comforting and comfortable on the lips. It has a sort of gel yet waxy texture that just melts into the lips but also stays put, providing you with long term nourishment (hence you can put it on before bed and wake up with soft lips!). The ‘Berry’ flavour is also the original scent and flavour. I believe it’s the ‘original’ because the formula contains a gentle exfoliant – wild raspberry extract (which also acts as an antioxidant) and other berries such as blueberry, cranberry and strawberry. It smells delish (sweet berries! 😛🍓🍓🍓) but it doesn’t really taste of anything.

You get a generous pot of product (20g). You can now buy some Laneige products at Sephora, but at the moment they only have the Apple Lime ‘flavour’ for $26 AUD. I will re-purchase my Lip Sleeping Mask from YesStyle as they carry all four scents, Berry, Choc Mint (I LOVE mint so I can’t wait to try this one), Apple Lime and Grapefruit for about $20 AUD.

Body Care

I am all about rich textures in Winter time, but products also need to have that little bit ‘extra’ so you want to reach for them and use. Especially when it’s cold and it would be SO much easier to just get dressed into warm pjs 😂🔥 Here are my picks!

The Body Shop 100% Pure Shea Butter

I find it really difficult to moisturise my body after a shower or bath in Winter because it’s COLD! 🥶 I love Lush Body Conditioners which you can apply during your shower or bath to moisturise your skin without having to get out lol but… they are expensive (the original Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner costs $32.95 for 225g of product) and Lush shops aren’t always easy to find (though you can buy them online of course!).  So a cheaper version of a similar product would be fabulous! And I think I found it 😊 The Body Shop has released pure sheer butter, sourced from Ghana. The Shea Butter is pure and the quality is controlled, so you can use it cosmetically for pretty  much anything that you want! Women in Africa have used it for hundreds of years to protect skin from harsh conditions (mostly the sun) and to soften skin. It has been proven to actually increase collagen production (sometimes a hydrating product softens lines and aged skin, but it’s only a temporary effect) while Shea Butter works as an anti ageing treatment! It also stops moisture from evaporating from your skin (transepidermal water loss – TEWL).

I love to use it in the bath – the shea butter melts in warm water and coats your skin in a beautiful layer of oil and hydration. Maybe not everyone will be a fan of using it like this, but I love it in Winter. I use about a heaped teaspoon amount for each bath. Shea Butter does go solid in colder temperatures, but it’s easy to soften with the heat of your hands. Just remember that it may make your bath slippery and you will have to wash your bath afterwards (I do this anyway so it’s no biggie for me). A little also goes a long way! Because it doesn’t have any ‘additives’ there’s no added scent per se, except for this gentle creamy and nutty scent that you find in natural shea butter. The shea butter is packaged in a zip lock bag which is handy. You get 150ml for $25 AUD. 

Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar Scrub 🥥🌴

This is my favourite body scrub EVER! The exfoliating crystals are derived from sugar cane and are quite rough, which I love because you can get some serious exfoliation happening. Despite this, the sugar crystals do melt slowly, so you can also massage the crystals into the skin more gently. The sugar crystals don’t hurt. Sugar Cane also naturally contains AHAs, so you are not only getting some manual exfoliation happening when you use the scrub but also some gentle chemical exfoliation (naturally!). The scrub is suspended in oils, namely virgin coconut but also dilo, macadamia and sikeci nut oils. It’s a rich oil base that leaves a super nourishing layer of oil on the skin even once you have rinsed it off. I love this 🙌💛🧡❤️ There’s no better feeling in my books than exfoliated, super soft skin, enriched by a delicious softening oil! There’s lots of scents to choose from (12 actually!) but my fav is Starfruit. Starfruit is as fresh as a citrus but also sweet. It’s a pick me up whenever I use it and I would eat the scrub if it were edible lol The scent of the oils lingers on your skin beautifully for a while, so often after giving myself a scrub head to toe, I put on my pyjamas afterwards and they smell deliciously for days! I also don’t find I need to moisturise my skin afterwards, but you definitely can.

Because coconut oil also solidifies in colder temperatures, sometimes you need to heat the scrub in some warm water to melt it. For 457ml you pay $49.95 AUD. You can pick up PureFiji products online of course, but also check your local beauty or nail salons. A local nail salon stocks some PureFiji products, which is wonderful and makes picking them up easy!

L’Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Light Body Cream

There is a bit of shea butter theme happening and this wasn’t a conscious choice lol… but it fits right?!? L’Occitane makes great products centred around shea butter (sourced from Burkina Faso) because it’s such a great ingredient! This body cream is awesome because it’s like it is whipped and air-rated. Sure, the original hard kicking Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream (25% shea butter) is wonderful, I like this lighter version just as much. This one has 5% shea butter, glycerin and candelilla wax (derived from a Mexican shrub) and is surprisingly long lasting on your skin. If you have seriously dehydrated skin, I think the Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream is for you but otherwise, this beautifully textured butter is for you! It has that traditional shea butter scent (creamy and only subtly nutty). I find the Ultra Light Body Cream super comforting for legs post-shaving too. Shea Butter does have anti-inflammatory properties, so it’s wonderful for soothing inflamed or itchy skin.  You get 200ml for $55 AUD.

The Body Shop Banana Shower Cream 🍌🛁 🧼 

Instead of using shower gels or soaps in Winter, try a shower cream! They tend to contain more emollients and hydrators, so they are little kinder to your skin in the colder months (and you may not need to moisturise your body after your shower at all!). The Body Shop do a whole range of shower creams – almost every collection contains one. I used to use the Shea Butter Shower Cream almost religiously back in the day but then I gravitated towards soaps and we forgot about each other…. so the other week I picked up the Banana Shower Cream just to try something ‘different’ and I am in love again! The Banana Shower Cream just smells so damn good! Thank you Ecuadorian bananas! 🍌🍌🍌 I’m not generally into ‘banana scents’ but this one just smells like fresh bananas… The texture of the cream is in-between a cream and gel. It foams up gently and cleanses skin wonderfully. It leaves skin gently fragranced. So so good! 250ml only costs $11 AUD so it’s pretty reasonable in price.

Australian NaturalCare Super Strength Cod Liver Oil 1G

The last product I wanted to mention is not a skincare product at all, but rather a supplement. I wanted to mention it because it’s a change I made going into this Winter. Despite there being a lot of sun in Australia, even in Winter time… I work in front of a computer (at home mostly) so somedays I don’t get much sun at all. I think Slavs especially those from Northern Europe are also genetically prone to being low in vitamin D. So fish oils high in vitamin D can make a huge impact on your mood. I’m also prone to falling into melancholy moods related to depression, so any help I can get in this area to feel more mentally stable and positive, the better of course 😊 I chose this one-a-day Cod Liver Oil supplement because Cod Liver is naturally high in vitamin D but also vitamin A (GREAT for your skin!). Paired together, vitamin A and D are better absorbed in your gut and also work to strengthen cell membranes and bones. I can easily remember to take a one-a-day supplement (I take it after lunch). I’ve been taking it for many close to 8 weeks now and while there haven’t been huge noticeable changes in either my skin or mood, I’m hoping that it’ll help with the oncoming 3 Winter months. If you’re unsure if supplements like this one-a-day Cod Liver Oil is for you, speak to your doctor! 90 capsules will set you back $14.95 via the Aus NaturalCare website (they are on sale atm which is brilliant! The price is peanuts).

So that’s it Beauties! Let me know what you think of my above selections and what products help you get through seriously frosty days and nights ☃️💛💙❄️

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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