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When you get bored of products…

It occurred to me last night that I must not be the only one who gets really bored with either skincare products or makeup.. so much so, using them is a tedious job. I was thinking about this last night as I used my Ella Bache Hydra Hyaluronic Cellular Serum. It’s by no means a bad product (I reviewed it here), it does what it says it will do (hydrate, hydrate, hydrate) but it just isn’t spectacular. I think the strong ‘salon’ scent it has (a very perfume like scent) has started to annoy me. Because of the scent, I think my skin gets mildly irritated, which is annoying because when my skin is seriously dry it’s because the protective layer of the skin has broken down making it more prone to irritation and the product is supposed to be great for seriously dry and dehydrated skin. If it left my skin super plump, soft and hydrated, I could get over the scent thing. It’s hydrating, but not enough in my eyes (having given it a lot of time).

Do you get annoyed at products like this beauties? I feel bad for not finishing up a product and wasting it, so I will still try and use it from time to time. I’d like to think that we shouldn’t bother with mediocre products (especially when you are a skincare enthusiast like myself!) but in the era of wastage and consumerism, I feel guilty. The Ella Bache product is quite expensive at that, it retails for $90 Australian Dollars, even though I bought mine at a significantly reduced price. So what can you do when this happens to you? I’ve come up with a few ideas/solutions.

1. Put the product away and return to it after a few weeks to ‘rediscover it’. Because the condition of your skin can change quite a bit in the space of a couple of weeks, it might suit your skin perfectly later on down the track. Of course if the product has been open for a long time, you risk it expiring, so make sure you check to see if it is still ok to use. I give products in a pump bottle a much longer shelf life because air doesn’t get into the formula to destabilise or deteriorate it.

2. If you don’t think you will come to like or love the product later on down the track, because it just doesn’t suit your skin or you dislike the formula so much, try to use it on another part of your body. One option I have to use up the Ella bache hydrating serum, is to use it on my decollage (chest area). The skin on my body is way less sensitive and is easy to please, so I think this is what I will do with this particular serum! 😉

3. Pass on the product to a friend or family member. This is probably an easy ‘choice’. However, people’s skin types and concerns can vary greatly, so you never know how they will go with a product. I know my mum however, isn’t super picky when it comes to products, so she will happily use up most products I pass on to her. I try and not overwhelm her with products though 😉

4. Just toss the damn thing. If you really can’t stand the product and no one else wants it from what you can sense, just toss it. Life is to short and as Marie Kondo states, if it doesn’t bring you joy, it’s got to go! 🙂

Let me know what you do with products when boredom sets in Beauties! And does this happen to you very often? Is it usually with a skincare product or makeup? Do we perhaps buy to many products to often, or will this naturally happen even when you try and be selective and careful with your purchases? I’d like to think I’m quite selective with my skincare now, so perhaps it’s just human nature, especially when your skin and preferences are bound to change over time. So many questions to contemplate and answer! 🙂

Catch ya next time!

Beauty Bee~

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