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Two of My Favourite Cleansers

Sometimes I feel that everything organic and ‘natural’ has become a huge trend in skincare and makeup. Oh wait, it’s not just me, it has! It’s become a HUGE market. If I can substitute an ingredient that’s made in the lab with an effective natural one, then I’m all for it. However, with lax labelling laws, not everything that claims to be natural is good for your skin. Natural ingredients can still irritate the skin (everyone’s skin is different in the end) and some claim to do way more than is actually documented (in studies etc.) just like with synthetic ingredients (marketing anyone?). Some all natural ingredients are proven to be irritating to the skin, but some companies will still add it into their products. It’s big buisness, so keep that in mind when browsing or shopping. In saying that, there are some companies that do ‘natural’ skincare really well, like REN.  And here we get to the first cleanser!

REN Ultra Moisture Cleansing Milk – as the title suggests, it’s a hydrating cream cleanser. I’ve been using it all winter, mostly in the mornings to add moisture back into my skin. Mind you, it doesn’t do to badly with removing makeup (maybe not mascara or long lasting makeup formulas) and you’re always left with clean soft skin. It contains omega 3 fatty acids, polysaccaharides (apparently derived from sea grass to boost peptide synthesis) and hyaluronic acid, which we know boosts the skin’s moisture levels buy a whole lot!

The only thing I don’t like about it, is the packaging. I love that its in a convenient pump, but the packaging is a bit sneaky. It only contains 150ml of product, while it’s the same size as my other cleanser, which holds 237ml. Lucky it’s a fab cream cleanser!  It just means that you may run out sooner than expected. I bought mine from Fresh Fragrances & Cosmetics for $43.20 Aus monies. It’s not the cheapest (you can always get it a little cheaper at fragrances and cosmetics plus free shipping!) but it’s a really nice cleanser, it always feels so soothing on the skin. It’s not a heavy cream cleanser, nor is it oily. It has a lovely fresh, lightly floral, ‘creamy’ smell – that’s the best I can do describing the scent lol.


My second cleanser of choice at the moment is Jan Marini’s C-Esta Cleansing Gel. You only need a tiny amount of this as it is really concentrated. It thus lasts a really long time, hence why I don’t mind spending a little more on this cleanser. I mostly use it at night to remove all the grime, dirt and makeup off my face after a long day (I also use this with my Clarasonic Mia a few times a week). It’s ph balanced (which is very important), contains vitamin C, and is anti inflammatory. The website also claims that you can use this cleanser after peels or laser treatments, so it must be gentle as well as stimulating healing at the same time. Sounds pretty good to me! I also bought this cleanser on Fresh Fragrances & Cosmetics for $44.10 Aus monies (if you sign up to their loyalty club, you receive 5 % off every purchase. I receive 10% every purchase as I have been a member for long time now. Every order is also shipped for free and most of their cosmetics and fragrances are cheaper than the retail prices you find in stores. I really recommend their site and customer service!).

I haven’t tried other products from either the REN line of skincare or Jan Marini’s, but I would definitely be willing after trying out these cleansers.  I’ve pretty much sorted my skincare routine for evening and morning, but who knows, if I find something tempting from their lines I might give it a go!

What cleanser/s are you using at the moment? Share the good news if you love it! 😀

Catch ya later beauty bees!

Beauty Bee~

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