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theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Mini – Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

I was meant to write up this review weeks and weeks ago, but you know how it is Beauties… I bought this pack of mini liquid lipsticks from theBalm months ago (like… January…) and thought they were an Xmas special, but when I saw that you could still buy them from MyQT (as well as the regular, permanent full sized versions) it spurred me on to actually do the review! 😀

The Meet Matt(e) Hughes mini liquid lipsticks come with 1.2ml of product in each tube, as opposed to 7.4ml in each full sized product. I often keep lipsticks for years and years because I just can’t seem to use them up. Buying a kit of minis is perfect if this is also you! I love liquid matte lippies, so really wanted to try the offering from theBalm. Plus, who doesn’t love their play on words (Matt(e) being a male name and also meaning texture, plus ‘Hughes’ also being a name and meaning a variety of tones and colours) and retro packaging! From what I can tell from the 6 colours you get in the set – each colour is consistent in regards to texture and pigment. The lipsticks have a ‘minty’ scent, which I like. The peppermint is very retro actually. It does fade away once the lipstick sets however (this could be a positive and negative depending on who you are!).

The lipsticks themselves have quite a thin consistency, but they aren’t watery. You can still easily control the product upon application. One layer gives you enough bold pigment for an opaque coverage, so you dont need to use extra product to achieve this. They set almost instantly, which I really appreciate! They are a little drying (all matte lippies will be to some degree) but aren’t so drying that you are uncomfortable and have lips which replicate sultanas. I also love their staying power – they are incredibly long lasting and will last through most meals (even risotto as I tested today!) and coffee for that matter. I get at least 8 hours wear out of mine, easily.  If you would like to touch up your lippy throughout the day, you can add another layer without the lipstick looking funny and gluggy. The thinness of the product probably helps with this. They are also non-sticky. In summation – the formula is brilliant and I would say almost close to perfect!

You get a good selection of shades in the mini pack – 4 varying ‘nude’ shades, and a pink and a red. The nudes are quite different to each other as you have one very peachy nude (Doting) and three brown based nudes with quite different undertones – Charming is the darkest and is a bit cool with plummy undertones, while Sincere is a cool mid-toned brown and Committed is a neutral rosy brown. Dedicated is amid-toned fuchsia pink and Loyal is your classic raspberry red.  It’s a great selection of shades, especially since nude-browns have been quite trendy of late. The only shade I can’t wear is Doting – peachy colours do not suit me at all (retro and classic, but not me!).

Swatches from top to bottom: Loyal, Dedicated, Doting, Committed, Sincere & Charming

All in all, these liquid lippies have become a favourite of mine! I still love the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets and probably put theBalm offering at the same quality level. They are even in the same price range really – I think the Bourjois lippies are around $24, while theBalm full sized liquid lipsticks are $20 each. What separates the two products is their texture – the Bourjois liquid lipsticks are ‘mousse’ like and theBalm lippies are your traditional ‘liquid’, but both dry down to a pretty ‘comfortable’ true matte finish, without any tackiness. The Bourjois colours are a little less consistent than theBalm liquid lippies (there is one or two colours of the Rouge Edition Velvet lippies which are said to be terrible).

The mini sized ‘trial pack’ comes in at $40 at MyQT. That works out to be $6.66 per lippie. My maths is terrible, but I think the minis work out to be a little bit more expensive per 1 ml, then the full sized version BUT I will waste less product this way and I get to try more colours. Because they are also so cute and tiny, carrying them around is easy as they don’t take up much room. There is also a new pack of Meet Matt(e) Hughes mini liquid lipsticks from theBalm, made up of new shades, which I really want to try out! The mini pack makes a great gift for a makeup junkie if you are needing ideas 🙂

Have you tried the Meet Matt(e) Hughes lippies Beauties? Are you over the liquid lipstick hype? Im not lol but then again, I just like matte lippies for their bright saturated colours and I think they are quite sophisticated when the texture of the lipstick is smooth and comfortable.

Let me know what you think of these!

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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