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The Lipsticks Most Often Found in My Handbag! 👜👠💄💋💋💋

To celebrate national LIPSTICK day – I thought I would share with you Beauties, the lipsticks I most often carry around in my handbag! I don’t always wear makeup. Rarely do I wear it on days off or when working from home. But I wear makeup when I go into the office or for special outings (i.e. going to church or out to dinner etc.). As such, a lot of these colours are PERFECT for the office and for different kinds of outfits or outtings. The represent the most common colour spectrums of lipsticks; pinks, nudesreds and a peach! 🍑 Stay with me to check them out 😉❤️💄💋💋💋

From left to Right:

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

Shade: Ex-Girlfriend Texture/Finish: Sheer glossy shimmer

Urban Decay’s Vice Lipsticks come in 100 shades 😲🙉💋 and all different textures! The shade Ex-Girlfriend was originally released in 2016, as part of their collaboration with Gwen Stefani. I was SO obsessed with the collection at the time because I love Gwen and her highly feminine and retro style. The collection was beautiful, but to be honest the one product that really stood out quality and colour wise was this lipstick! 💄

Ex-Girlfiend is a glossyhydrating, warm, medium-brown nude, with very fine pink and gold shimmer throughout the formula. Despite being called a sheer shimmer by Urban Decay, it imparts quite a bit of colour to the lips. But because it’s so hydrating and glossy, it just glides on to lips like a dream and just makes you look super polished – like you’ve tried way more than you have lol…

It’s a colour I can pop on at work and not worry about whether it goes with what I’m wearing (because it will!) and it isn’t high maintenance. You do have to reapply the lipsticks after 2 or 3 hours (especially after eating) but I don’t mind at all. I don’t need a mirror to reapply which makes it easy. You forget it’s on your lips because it’s that comfortable and it definitely imparts a good dose of moisture which is great 💧

Now this shade was made permanent in the Vice lipstick line – I’ve repurchased it at least twice after using up my original lipstick from the Gwen Stefani X Urban Decay collection, but I can’t find it online atm!!! If you Beauties find a store/website that stocks it, please let me know as I’ve only got a little bit of this lipstick left! 😥 Had I known it wasn’t available anymore, I wouldn’t have included it in my list, but who knew….

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick

Shade: 70, Le Nu Texture/Finish: Satin

Oh gosh, how I love this lipstick and this shade! It’s a rosy pink, with a hint of warmth. On some it actually looks more beige, but on me, it’s definitely a light rosy pink. It has a hint of translucency to it but gives a good amount of colour to the lips without any shimmer. This colour would definitely be considered a nude, but makes my complexion look brighter and me more awake!

It’s lightweight, creamy and lasts for 2-3 hours. It’s hydrating and comfortable on the lips. This is a colour that came out in YSL’s Christmas collection maybe in 2018? Hence the super sparkly lipstick packaging and lipstick bullet imprints (stars! 🌟). It’s a shade that isn’t in YSL permanent Rouge Pur Couture lipstick line (why YSL, why?!?) BUT it often gets released in seasonal collections. It has a light fruity slash vanilla scent, that’s quite subtle. I have almost finished my lipstick, so I will definitely be picking it up again!

You can luckily find it at Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics for $63 AUD. It’s a website I can vouch for and recommend ☺️ They collect makeup and skincare lines particularly from Asia, so you can often find brands and colours not usually available in Australia….

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Matte Lipstick

Shade: 640, Erotique Texture/Finish: Light satin

This is the newest lipstick in my collection, and it’s already become a favourite! ❤️💋 Described as a matte, it’s not a ‘traditional matte’. The texture of the lipstick is thick, creamy and pigmented, but it isn’t dry and totally ‘flat’. It leaves lips with a slight sheen, making it comfortable to wear for hours. The colour is a deeper warm-toned rose, making it quite a traditional ‘feminine colour’ that still packs a punch thanks to it’s pigment!

If this lipstick was packaged differently (I think the packaging is quite out-dated L’Oreal…) you could definitely mistake it for a higher end lipstick! It wears comfortably and as it fades, it fades evenly. It definitely makes me feel like an ‘adult’ women if that makes sense? Maybe it’s the depth of the colour that has that psychological effect on me 😂😂 (responsible behaviour not included). Certainly a plus of this lipstick is that it can be easily picked up in your local drugstore (anywhere that sells L’Oreal makeup). The lipstick has a buttery-caramel, vanilla type scent, but it’s still quite ‘makeupy’…  It’s the one area that gives away the lipstick as a ‘cheaper’ brand, but otherwise it’s performance and look are high-end  ✔️

I will look into the other colours in the range thanks to this hit! I picked my lipstick up at Chemist Warehouse for only $10.97 AUD! Now that’s a bargain if I ever saw one 🛍😅

From bottom to top: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Ex-Girlfriend, YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 70 Le Nu, L’Oreal Color Riche Matte Lipstick in 640 Erotique, Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Famous, Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lipstick in 238 Je T’aime and Bobbi Brown Nourishing Lip Color in Rosebud

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick 🍑

Shade: Famous Finish/Texture: Satin Cream

This is a beautiful peachy-nude lipstick! With a medium, slightly warm tone, it has a beautiful balance of beige, pink and peach. Some may actually call it neutral, so I think I lot of Beauties would love this shade. Besides the colour and tone of the lipstick, what I love about it, is that it leaves a satin sheen on the lips (some may even call it glossy….) and yet it has amazing staying power! I can expect 3-4 hours wear with this one. The colour is wonderfully saturated, yet not so light and cool that I look dead…. and SO peachy and orange that it looks wrong. It really is a beautiful colour!

Again, this is a permanent colour that doesn’t seem to be on Mecca’s website anymore (Australia’s official stockist of Smashbox lipsticks). So hopefully it available where you are Beauties. You can still pick it up via Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics at least and for only $36 AUD.

Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lipstick

Shade: 238 Je T’aime Finish/Texture: Matte Cream

This is a gorgeous neutral red lipstick! Because of this, it has a sort of ‘muted red’ colour… don’t get me wrong, the lipstick is super pigmented and creamy, but the red isn’t SUPER intense (like neon/cool reds can be, or dark toned-berry reds) making it the perfect red for work or for those who aren’t super confident with wearing red lipsticks or bright shades that scream ‘look at me!’. Yet, it still screams (quietly? 🙄) confidence! And sophistication 🤗😏

I reviewed this lipstick a little while ago, so go check out that post to see me wearing it 🧐 It’s a very creamy, pigmented matte lipstick, that is still very comfortable to wear. Being a matte, it has amazing staying power. I can apply it once in the morning and no joke, it will remain for 6-8+ hours, depending what you have for lunch (if it’s super greasy or not lol).

So… have Marc Jacobs discontinued this whole lipstick line?!? It’s not available via our Sephora (who generally sucks range wise) but I can’t find it elsewhere either 😭😭😭 and certainly not this colour… sorry Beauties! If anyone out there finds it, let us know!

Bobbi Brown Nourishing Lip Color

Shade: Rosebud Texture/Finish: Glossy & Hydrating

This is again a deeper rose, that almost leans red… but it glossy with a touch of translucency to it, making it an easy ‘almost red’ to wear! I would also call it neutral as does Bobbi, so almost all Beauties will look great in this shade.

Super hydrating, glossy and nourishing, it still provides your with a great colour pay off. It’s a comfortable texture, that doesn’t look funky after a few hours. I get 3-4 hours wear out of mine and it lightly stains my lips which I love. It’s a great Winter colour. Again, it’s a highly sophisticated rose/red, that I feel comfortable wearing at work. It brings colour to your face and doesn’t look bad even on chapped or dry lips. It’s a great lipstick texture! If you’re a fan of gloss and want a shiny lip at work without the constant touch-ups, this formula is for you!

Pick up the the Nourishing Lip Color in Rosebud wherever Bobbi Brown is sold near you and via the Australian Bobbi Brown website here in Aus, for $47 AUD.

Honourable Mention… Bobbi Brown’s Extra Lip Tints

Technically not lipsticks but…. I carry these with me everywhere! If I am in a rush and need to look polished yet comfortable STAT, I pop these on! They are pretty much fancy lip balms that are packaged like a lipstick. They provide the lips with a beautiful wash of translucent colour and are really, really hydrating. The hydration really softens and soothes lips dry or cracked lips, and lasts a good while.

I have the shades Bare Pink (rosey, bright pink) and Bare Nude (enhances the natural colour of your lips – it’s a translucent nude/brown). I’ve also reviewed these on the blog (see them in action here) ☺️ They really are the perfect non-committal ‘lip product’ that definitely enhances your confidence and look in an easy and subtle way! I can’t wait to pick up more colours.

Pick up your Extra Lip Tints via Bobbi Brown counters, department stores or the Bobbi Brown website. They retail for $56 AUD in Australia.

I’m sorry two of the lipsticks mentioned in this post seem to be discontinued Beauties (what a major FAIL for a Beauty Blogger!) and I mean Urban Decay’s Vice Lipstick in Ex-Girlfriend and Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lipstick in Je T’aime. In saying that, you never know when shades reappear in lipstick lines… sometimes it’s in various ‘special’ limited edition collections like the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in Le Nu, which reappears very often (but I’m thrilled Fresh Fragrances & Cosmetics still has it in stock!) as well as the Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Famous. I will be stocking up on these two shades for sure ☺️

The Bobbi Brown Nourishing Lip Colour is brilliant as is the cheapie but goodie, L’Oreal Color Riche Matte Lipstick. So I hope all in all, you were able to find something to your liking Beauties 🤗

Lipstick really is a confidence booster and I’m SO glad I get to play with different colours and formulas! Let me know if you give any of the above lipsticks a go, or if you have a recommendation for me, please let me know!

Catch ya next time Beauties!

Beauty Bee~ 🐝💕

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