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The Jojoba Company’s 100% Natural Australian Jojoba

Oils have definitely become popular in the last couple of years (think argan oil, coconut oil) and I think it’s because natural-bio cosmetics have also increased in popularity. I’m all for finding suitable natural alternatives when it comes to skin care, however I am very cautious when it comes to the hype because natural but effective skin care is actually very difficult to get right. That would be for a few reasons: one, is that the same ingredient grown in different regions may contain different benefits/properties because of different climate and growing conditions, plus there are differences in plant varieties of the same species, two,  different extraction process mean that some nutrients get left behind or destroyed, three, keeping natural ingredients stable for a long period of time is difficult and lastly four, combining different natural ingredients together can alter their effectiveness and achieve different results (sometimes irritating the skin). So all in all, you still have to do your research and be careful when trying out new ingredients and products.

I do like the idea of using a pure oil that has been harvested in the best possible way, because you don’t have to worry about some of the problems mentioned above. Companies have come a long way when dealing with natural ingredients and one of my favourites to date has been the Australian Jojoba Company. I wanted to try their jojoba oil (pronounced ho-ho ba, who knew, I only realised that was how you pronounced it a few days ago lol!) because despite being called an oil, it is actually a wax ester – a highly stable antioxidant liquid wax ester. Wax esters are naturally found in your skin (in your sebum) and their job is to retain moisture in the skin. As we get older, the production of wax esters lessens, so moisture becomes lost and skin isn’t as hydrated or plump. Jojoba oil also naturally contains omega 6 & 9 fatty acids, and vitamins A, D and E. Oh and because jojoba oil does not contain triglycerides (like rosehip or olive oil) it doesn’t break down easily, becoming unstable (yay).




Above: What the Jojoba plant looks like.

The Jojoba Company slowly cold presses the jojoba beans to protect the nutrients and vitamins (good to know of course!). The interesting thing is that you should use the jojoba oil before your serum or moisturiser because it opens up pores allowing for your other products to be more easily absorbed by the skin (and work better obviously!) – the only exception is when using serums containing AHAs/BHAs (chemical exfoliants) because they ‘cleanse’ the skin as such, so when I use my Ultraceutical Ultra Brightening Serum I use my jojoba oil on top 🙂




 My night time skin routine used to look like this – cleanse, serum and then a treatment cream (NIA24 Skin Strengthening Complex). My treatment cream is rather light, doesn’t break me out and my skin feels hydrated and comfortable at the time of use – until the morning that is… In the morning I wake up with very dry, tight feeling skin. My jojoba oil has helped in that regard A LOT. My skin is more hydrated, that tight uncomfortable feeling in the morning is gone and my skin looks healthier. So now I use my jojoba under my treatment cream/moisturiser.

The ‘oil’ is still quite light and the lightly oily texture on your skin doesn’t last for too long (it does need a few minutes to completely sink in). Even though the internet told me that I shouldn’t break out using this oil (it doesn’t clog pores) I’m always a little careful when using a new product, but yes it’s true it didn’t break me out so I’m very relived about that!


Like most popular oils, you can use your jojoba oil for your hair, cuticles, massages, all over the body (especially on your décalotage/chest area). I also love the design of the glass bottle – the curve in the bottle is feminine, sleek, simple but sophisticated. The product does also come in plastic bottles should you want to take it on travels or if that’s just something that you prefer. I have a feeling that my bottle will last me a good while… Also, I thought that the pump may be difficult to control and may give me to much product but alas I didn’t have a problem with that! You can quite easily control how much product you want to disperse, no hassles 🙂

I bought my beautiful glass bottle from my local chemist (pharmacy) but you can have a snoop at the products in their range online and find online stockists from the Jojoba Company’s official website – here. I definitely recommend the 100% jojoba from the Jojoba Company 🙂 Another major plus is that pure jojoba isn’t crazily expensive – I bought my 85ml bottle on special and I think I paid around $24 Aus gold coins for it.

Since we are talking about natural goodness – check out the PINK flowers on my strawberry plant (usually the flowers on strawberry plants are white)! And a gorgeous marigold flower in full bloom 🙂



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Have you tried jojoba oil before? Are you a fan of any oils in general for beauty related purposes?

Catch ya next time beauty bees!

Beauty Bee~

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