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The End of Another $100 Beauty Challenge

And we have come to the end of another $100 beauty challenge beauties! The last four weeks were a bit of a challenge and they weren’t… or should I say, it was an odd time of year to start the challenge for me personally, because I’m going on holidays in a day or so and products like toiletries and so on, are very much needed. Especially, since I’m going somewhere tropical (helloooo Pacific Islands!) and I’ve never gone anywhere quite so tropical, hot and humid before. In saying that, I didn’t want to buy everything here and lug it 2,000 km over there, when a lot of stuff can be bought locally. I think it’s good to strike a balance, especially since the islands I presume will be quite expensive (everything that isn’t local is imported and that means, it’s imported from quite far away and costly). So my goal was to cap what I needed to buy now, since I can go a bit overboard.


I’m sure this will be me! No? Lol! 😛 😉 

It was also good to do the challenge before my holiday as I also didn’t want to be spending my monies of lots of frivolous goods because a) I’m much more mature and money savvy this new year 😉 and b) I want to save and spend my hard earnt money on my holiday, where I can experience moments over things. The other issue or slight leeway I had these last four weeks, was that it was my birthday in January and I received some beauty goods as gifts (so they don’t count). That definitely helped I won’t lie! All in all though, I think I did a really good job and all of my purchases were thought over carefully!


Gillette Venus Disposable SPA Breeze $9.50 – I knew I wanted to take a razor with me on my holiday, since they can tend to be a more expensive item, but I really didn’t want to take shaving cream with me etc. or use my hair conditioner as a substitute (anything very creamy will do), which will be travel sized. My usual Intuition razor is to chunky (despite a moisturising block surrounding the razor blades, so you don’t need shaving cream) and then I stumbled upon these! These will be perfect as I will be on my holiday for two weeks (so a fresh razor for each week) and they contain moisturising strips around the blade (though a petite version). The only thing that I don’t like, is that the plastic packaging surrounding the razors is a little bulky. What is good however, is that each razor is individually sealed, so you can take one razor with you, if you wanted. There’s also a ‘scratch and sniff’ sticker on the packaging and the moisturising strips must smell like tropical fruit, which is perfect! 😀 Just letting you know, that I bought mine from Priceline when they were only $9 at Woolworths shakes fist! 😉

Manicare Travel Bottles, 75ml x 2, $5.60 – Little empty plastic bottles, will always come in handy. I have some small, light plastic round pots which I’ve kept after finishing samples etc. but these slightly bigger bottles can be used for whatever liquid product you chose to transfer over (i.e. shampoo, conditioner, cleanser or even washing powder/liquid for clothes!). You can buy a set of three from Woolies also –  they’ve got a good range of empty travel containers. The only thing I’m worried about when it comes to these – is the flip tops. Somehow they open a little to easily for my liking. I’d sticky tap these down just in case. Otherwise, the plastic seems pretty durable and not to flimsy. The Manicare bottles are also labelled 75ml, so they can be used in your carry on luggage.


Wotnot Facial Wipes – Normal/Sensitive Skin $8.00 – These are my favourite facial wipes. They are pretty moist and super moisturising thanks to aloe vera, rosehip and sweet almond oils. They remove dirt and makeup like a champ (though maybe not all of your waterproof-long wearing stuff) and they feel sooo soft on your skin. They are certified organic, good for the environment (100% biodegradable and compostable) and Australian owned (being made in Aus would make them 100% perfect)! They are also pretty cheap and come with 25 wipes. Perfect for using on the plane, after a hot sweaty day or the beach! They recently changed their packaging slightly and I think they look super sophisticated now 🙂

Minetan 3 in 1 Gradual Tan $10 – This guy I didn’t buy for my holiday, but rather for after my holiday. I was lucky with this purchase because not only was Priceline having a 40% off sale for skincare and tanning products, but I also used a $5 voucher while I was at it 😀 It usually retails for $25 so I couldn’t resist! I really liked the sound of this one compared to other gradual tanners, because it claims to be super hydrating, an after sun product and contain anti-oxidants. It contains sweet almond oil (listed as the second ingredient), glycerin, cocoa seed butter, coconut oil, grape seed oil and aloe vera. I couldn’t find another product to match the moisturising ingredients! Let’s hope the colour is nice and natural 😉 It’s also Australian owned and made. Nice!


The oddest pairing of products ever lol 

L’Oreal False Lash Butterfly Wings Waterproof $26 – A splurge considering my budget. I was really hoping that it would be the best waterproof mascara ever, but it was just ok – but not the best. For a more detailed review, check out my post comparing waterproof mascaras. If you want to test out any kind of drugstore mascaras, it’s probably best to wait for a promotion.

Aerogard Tropical Strength Insect Repellent $7 – I wasn’t sure whether or not to include this product, but why not lol I decided to not include products like bandaids etc as they are for my ‘first aid kit’. I think it’s important to have insect repellent as soon as we get there, as I’m a magnet for mosquitos. I also don’t want to be catching any viruses… so you know. If we run out of this stuff, more can alway be bought!


“Eliminates ingrowns, razor bumps & pimples. Reduces redness & swelling. Prevents infection.”

Bump eRaiser – Medi Paste $17 – This product is expensive, considering it’s only 30ml. In saying that, that’s all you need. I once had a bottle which contained 125ml of the stuff and it lasted me forever. So long, that I had to throw it away and it wasn’t even half used. I don’t wax very often, but when I do, ingrowns are a bitch. It’s perfect for using on sensitive areas, because who wants to manually exfoliate those (ouch!). It contains tea tree (which you can smell), salicylic acid and vitamin A. You can use it right after waxing or shaving because it reduces swelling and irritation. I bought mine from Priceline also (I didn’t know the mini tubes were available until i saw it there). I’m not sure whether or not, this should come on holidays with me… It’s made in Australia, so another thumbs up!

TOTAL: $83.10

Not bad eh? Like I said, I was probably a little lucky this month, but all in all, I think that’s a good effort! I really thought I would be a little over my budget, so kudos to me! 😀

Would you give the $100 beauty challenge a go? What do you think of my purchases? 🙂

Catch ya next time beauties,

Beauty Bee~

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