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The Best Face Wipes in the World, Wotnot Face Wipes for Normal & Sensitive Skin

A lazy girl will love a face wipe. I wish I didn’t and I wish I always washed my face before bed, but some days it just doesn’t happen. On the days I am exhausted and can’t fathom going through an entire nightly skin routine, I reach for these face wipes first. Once you’ve used a few face wipes, you probably know what you like. Either it’s a drier or wetter formulation, perhaps you like some exfoliation and thus a ‘textured’ material, maybe some soothing ingredients – the list can go on! I can let you know from the get go that I like very soft & smooth materials, that are perhaps on the wetter side of things (so they don’t feel like they are tugging at your skin and glide over it easily), remove makeup well (without irritation), don’t leave an oily residue on the skin but aren’t stripping (so a hydrating formula). The Wotnot face wipes tick all of these boxes and more!

First of all, the wipes themselves are so so soft. I’m trying to find out what they are made out of because they are also biodegradable (you can compost them!) which is such a MASSIVE plus! Once I get confirmation what this mystery ‘fibre’ is, I will let you know… note the mystery fibre is 100% organic cotton 🙂  The wipes are super smooth without any raised bumps or texture in the cloth. They are hands down the softest wipes I have ever used. The wipes are also wet enough that the cloth doesn’t feel irritating on the skin. It’s like the cleansing formula has had time to really soak into the cloth fibre and they haven’t been stingy with the cleansing solution.

It’s a hydrating cleansing formula, but it doesn’t leave an oily residue on your skin. I found that the Sephora branded facial wipes (I tried the coconut scented ones) do leave an oily residue on the skin but oddly my skin becomes really dry once this oily residue wears off and it wears off rather quickly. The hydration in the Wotnot wipes comes from glycerin, sweet almond oil, rosehip oil and vitamin E. The aloe vera in the formula makes the wipes soothing to boot. I feel like they do a brilliant job at removing everyday makeup and grime without being harsh. It may struggle with some mascaras and getting every last bit off – but I’d rather use a gentler formula on my skin than a harsh one 🙂 The scent of the wipes is really subtle – it’s not a ‘fragranced’ product, so again, perfect for sensitive skin.

Wotnot are a green, eco focused Australian beauty brand. I’m sure that the brand used to make the wipes in Australia, but unfortunately that is not the case anymore. I understand that manufacturing costs are lower in China and luckily, I haven’t noticed a difference in the way that the wipes feel and work. Or maybe I’m wrong and they were never made here? I’m sure they were tho… They also haven’t dropped any of their ‘promises’ (e.g. being biodegradable, certified organic, cruelty free and vegan) so again, major thumbs up from me! There is a plastic travel case (nothing fancy) that you can buy, since the pack has an adhesive sticker for opening an closing the pack, and we all know that these can become ‘unsticky’ and air can get to your wipes causing them to dry out. The travel case does the job of keeping your wipes moist even if you aren’t travelling per se, even though you have to kinda squish your Wotnot wipes into the case.

Wotnot do a few version of their face wipes, depending on your skin type. I like the wipes for normal/sensitive skin the best, because I find them to be non-drying, they don’t break me out (despite having acne prone skin) and are perfectly balanced in my eyes. They also have face wipes designed for dry & sensitive skin and for oily & sensitive skin. I think it’s brilliant that all three types of face wipes are also suitable for ‘sensitive’ skin. Acne prone skin that tends to be really oily, can be highly sensitised, so this makes perfect sense! And it also means that none of the cleansing formulas are ‘harsh’.

Back to being lazy, above is a photo of the three products you must have for a ‘lazy night time routine’. Good face wipes (check!), a good face mist (check!) and a sleeping mask or pack as the Koreans call it (check!). I’ve put the products in the wrong order in the photo, but what I do is use a face wipe to get rid of all the makeup, dirt and grime on my face (step 1) and then I spritz my face with a hydrating mist to hydrate the skin even more (step 2). By using a face mist, I give the skin extra moisture to ‘lock in’ and I apply a sleeping mask over the top (step 3). Easy peasy!

The Wotnot face wipes were sold in Priceline for a while, but they aren’t anymore 🙁 boo! You can order them online however, from Wotnot’s official website and store. At least online, you can bulk buy the wipes if you want, to save even more pennies! One pack of wipes costs $8.99 and you get 25 wipes in a pack. Shipping is also very reasonable – I only payed $5 when I ordered about 4 packs of wipes. I also have a discount code for you Beauties, when you order from Wotnot’s website 🙂 Get 20% off using the discount code beautybeesXwotnot until the end of March 🙂  UPDATE Wotnot face wipes are now also available at Chemist Warehouse. Hooray!

So tell me Beauties, are you fans of face wipes? Have you tried these? What do you look for in a good face wipe? Let me know!

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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