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The Beauty of Sea Salts

Sea salts are something special. Unbleached and unrefined sea salts contain a multitude of nutrients (vitamins and minerals) which our skin can actually absorb within a warm ‘salt bath’. Who knew that within a warm bath, our skin cells and pores expanded, allowing nutrients from the water to become absorbed. Our circulation also speeds up, which in turn means that the nutrients enter our body more quickly and actually speeds up our metabolism! After a salt bath, we can expect our skin to be more firm, hydrated and smooth. Seeing as the skin on our body can be exposed to just as much stress and aggressors as our faces, it’s worth investing a little time into treating our bods 🙂


So what’s actually in these sea sats that make it so great and beneficial for our skin and health? Firstly – magnesium. 70% of adults are low in magnesium. This is because magnesium helps your body function in numerous ways and is quickly depleted in times of stress. Magnesium is needed in the formation of bone, proteins and fatty acid formation. It is essential in activating B vitamins (for energy), calcium and vitamin D (to also help strengthen existing bone). Magnesium contained in bath salts also deeply hydrates the skin, as it pulls moisture along with it into the deeper layers of your skin while helping to hold it there. Water is stored in-between cells in ‘canal’ like structures called aquaporin, delivering water to cell membranes. Magnesium helps unblock these canals so that water flows more easily to cells and hence your skin becomes smoother, wrinkles ‘fill out’ and skin is more hydrated and firmer to the touch. Magnesium works best when it’s paired with potassium, sodium and calcium, so check to see if your sea salts also contains these minerals. When magnesium is paired with these other minerals, it helps to speed up skin regeneration as new cells are then formed more easily (so it’s also anti-ageing!).

How to get the most out of your salt bath? Prepare your salt bath in the evening as a salt bath is warming and relaxing. The best results come from highly mineralised salt baths, so you need about 100 grams of salt for every 10 litres of water. So don’t be cheap with using that salt! The water should be heated to about 36-38 celsius and you should soak in the salt bath for about 20 minutes. After your salt bath, don’t wash your hot body with soap or shower gel, just give your bod a quick rinse with some lukewarm water. After drying off, it is a good idea to just a body moisturiser as you don’t want any left over moisturise on your skin to evaporate. It’s also good to drink some water (would you like a slice of lemon with that? 😉 ) after your bath – you will notice that you are thoroughly heated and warm, so you don’t want to become dehydrated. Tip*: you can use your bath salts in foot baths and to soften your hands before a DIY manicure 🙂 it’s best to not use a salt bath after hair removal as your skin may become irritated. If you have sensitive skin, use original, unscented and uncoloured bath salts.

One of the most highly mineralised sea waters out there is Dead Sea water, and Ahava (an Israeli brand) harness these minerals in their products. I looove their Dead Sea Salts. You can buy them in ‘original’ (so with no added scents/fragrances) or with added lavender oil (calming), eucalyptus oil (soothing and rejuvenating) or juniper oil (comforting). These salts contain all the above mentioned minerals and you can buy them in tubs containing 907 grams of product (so you will get multiple ‘treatments’ out of one tub!). The salts are ‘created’ using a natural evaporation process – so the dead sea water is ‘dried out’ or dehydrated in the desert sun, leaving behind these naturally forming salt crystals. That’s about as organic and natural as you can get! The cheapest place to buy them is from Fresh Fragrances & Cosmetics (from what I can tell) as they also don’t charge you with shipping 🙂  <3




Salt bath are excellent if you have cellulite or if consume a lot of salt in your diet (ummm… this may be me – so put down those chips Beauty Bee!). Salt baths speed up your circulation (and so oxygen is delivered to cells more efficiently), metabolism and drainage, so fat cells are more easily burned off. Your skin is able to clear itself from toxins, regenerate and reduce swelling. Did someone say detox? Himalayan salt is excellent for this as it strengthens the skin whilst performing all of these functions. Babe scrub do a Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrub, which can be also used as a bath salt. I reviewed this scrub a little while ago – so check out that review here if you are interested 🙂 Other salts from warmer seas are also beneficial (e.g. like from the Mediterranean) especially when the salts are concentrated in various body products. I also found and really enjoy using the Soak Society’s Original Wellness Soak. They have combined unrefined celtic sea salt with epsom salt, bentonite clay and essential oils to help your skin and body to detox. I can smell the peppermint essential oil through the packaging, which I love as I am a fan of peppermint! One pack contains 250 grams of salt and I find this lasts me for about two salt baths.



I bought my Wellness Soak from Candour Store (an online shop specialising in natural goodies) but you can also buy the soak from Soak Society direct (and they offer free shipping).

Bath salts are used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis. This is why many people in Europe who suffer from various skin conditions go on holidays to the Dead Sea or the Red Sea as the water there is highly mineralised. They come back with soothed and smooth skin! Funnily enough, doctors don’t actually know why this is, but they are constantly researching this area of dermatology. It’s not a good idea to soak your face in a salt bath as the skin on your face is to delicate .You can of course, use face products which have been formulated using the minerals found in bath salts. Ahava has formulated face care products and other body care products utilising water and salts from the Dead Sea. I’m itching to try their Dead Sea Plants Caressing Body Sorbet, Liquid Salt Treatment and Firming Body Cream 🙂 Check out their products on Fresh 🙂

Have I convinced you that you can benefit from salt baths? 🙂 I hope so, because I know I do! They are perfect both pre holiday season (to help get us in shape and look fabulous!) and for afterwards, when we are feeling sluggish and tired. It’s a great way to bring the sea to you, even if you live far away from the seaside or if you are missing summer. Let me know if you are a fan of salt baths down in the comments below or if any of the products I have mentioned above, have taken your fancy 😉


Until next time beauties!

Beauty Bee~

Warning*: If you have high blood pressure, heart problems or are pregnant, consult your doctor before using bath salts.

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