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Sunshine and Lollipops! Saturday the 24th of August

It was another GORGEOUS day in Sydney, and with Spring just around the corner everything is starting to bloom! I took some more garden shots for you to see 🙂

2013-08-24 16.23.43

2013-08-24 16.24.46

2013-08-24 16.26.29

2013-08-24 16.30.09

While the days are super sunny and a comfortable 23 degrees, the mornings and evenings are still pretty chilly, so I make sure I have my super wamr and cosy Ugg boots! 😀 I only wear these at home as I grew up seeing them as extra awesome slippers! Makes the mornings a little warmer… My beagle doesn’t seem to want to get up in the mornings either, and I don’t blame her 😛


2013-07-12 13.36.21

That’s all for now beauty bees! Join me on Facebook if you haven’t already!

Beauty Bee~

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