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Starting the $100 Beauty Challenge

That time of year has come again, where I will be limiting my beauty spending habits to $100 for four weeks. After a few cough cough weeks of overspending and excess, I really need to get into the habit of saving, appreciating what I already own and rediscovering forgotten goodies. Call it a spending detox if you will 😛


I know that for some people, $100 is a lot in itself and I’m very lucky to be able to spend that amount on beauty goods & cosmetics, let alone more. Because I will need to buy some essentials and generally cosmetics and toiletries are more expensive in Australia, $100 should cover all the basics I might need over this time period. What kind of purchases will my $100 cover? Any kind of makeup, skincare, beauty tools (cotton balls, nail files etc), hair products and nail goodies!


I usually don’t mind spending a touch more on good quality skin care products because they are something I use everyday (or even twice a day) but luckily I shouldn’t run out of to many of my current skin care staples over the next four weeks (or else my $100 budget would be blown pretty darn quickly if I wanted to replace one of my ‘basic’ products). If I do need to purchase a product over the next four weeks (be it a skincare product or something else), I will try and make as many substitutions as I can so that I don’t fail the challenge (and I might discover some great new *thrifty* products!). I tend to over spend on makeup products which I then rarely use or forget about – and that is not good.


I will update you on what I have bought, my struggles and what substitutions I’ve made (if I need to do so). Feel free to do this challenge with me – the support would be amazing! I’m starting the challenge today, so for me the challenge will end on the 5th of February (eek!). My birthday falls on the 22nd of January, so whatever gifts I receive (if they are of the beauty kind) they will not count towards the challenge as I didn’t buy them 😛

Would you consider doing this challenge? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Money Smart Beauty Bee~ 😉

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