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Something for a Summers Day: Original Source Mint & Tea Tree Shower Gel

Considering that we are not even half way through October and it’s already stinkin’ hot – we are going to need some serious arsenal for summer! I picked up this shower gel from my local supermarket because I think I remember them from the 90s. Does anyone else remember these??? The ‘scents’ are quite strong but I suppose that’s their strong point, they really work on your senses. I really took a liking to this mint & tea tree scent as you can’t really detect the tea tree but the mint is very strong. There’s about 4 or 5 different scents and this one is definitely my favourite. The other thing that surprised me was the price – they were only $3.99 each for 250ml, which is such a bargain! Apparently one bottle of shower gel contains up to 7,927 mint leaves (used to make the peppermint oil used in the gel) which is pretty cool 🙂 Who needs artificial fragrances when natural peppermint oil packs such a punch?!



The consistency of the gel is quite thin so you have to be careful to not let it run everywhere. It wakes you up, makes you feel super fresh and leaves parts of your body super tingly/cool (especially my under arms lol not that I mind seeing as its where you usually feel the most un-fresh!). This will be perfect for cooling you down super quick when it’s super hot outside! I have a feeling my boyfriend will really like this shower gel and I think it will easily become a staple for the summer.

The scent doesn’t last on your skin post shower, which is fine considering how strong it is. I definitely recommend this shower gel for the summer season 🙂 the other scented Original Source shower gel that caught my eye was the Shea Butter and Honey scent, as it was the only ‘subtle’ scent/flavour on offer (at my local supermarket). I think I will grab that one next time I’m there!

What are your summer staples? Have you tried any of the Original Source shower gels? 🙂

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