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Some Thoughts About Loose Powders; Marc Jacobs Beauty, Bourjois, Becca Cosmetics & NYX 🤗🍃🌻

It’s Spring time Beauties! Well Down Under at least 😊🐨🦘🦘🦘 It’s my favourite season by far, so I’m hoping I will stay feeling energised so I can bring you come good content. I will be going on holidays for a week (to Bali, yay! ☀️🌊🐒) which I know will help, because I really need the R&R… but today I wanted to bring you a post about some of the loose powders that I love and ‘hate’ (I don’t like to use this word, but it’s true, I’m not a fan of one of the powders featured below). I love face ‘base’ products because feeling confident for me means having good skin. Or at least faking it when needed 😛 This is most certainly because I suffered from acne and still get flareups from time to time. At the same time, I love dewy skin because to me moisture equals plump and healthy skin 💦 Powders on the other hand are tricky if you like dewy skin looks, because they can make skin look dry; settling into lines and accentuating facial hair… so in other words; making you look older than you might be 👎 I do need my face base (from foundation to concealer) to last longer some days, so powders are a must in some instances. I’ve also discovered some loose powders that do more than just set makeup, helping it to last the distance – they can also smooth pores, brighten your complexion AND help make your makeup last longer. Because I’ve found some gems, I wanted to share them with you 😉✌️ I do like compact powders as well, but loose powders can vary more in texture and the finish they provide, so I do tend to ‘collect’ more of them. I also don’t reapply powder to my skin throughout the day, so I don’t mind if they are more bulky or what not. So let’s get into it!

Marc Jacobs Beauty Finish Line Perfecting Coconut Setting PowderWhat it is:A creamy, loose setting powder with five forms of coconut and cocoa butter to set makeup with a soft-matte finish for up to 8 hours.What it does:This loose translucent powder features five forms of coconut and cocoa butter, melting in undetectably for a healthy and hydrated look. So lightweight and creamy, the innovative formula layers seamlessly so your makeup stays looking fresh all day. The mess-free interior mesh ensures the ideal amount of powder is released for application – perfect for travel or when you’re on the go.What it includes:Inspired by Marc Jacobs’s love of coconut water and a radiant complexion, this product features five forms of coconut to hydrate and nourish: * Coconut alkanes: Help with longer wear * Coconut milk: Deeply hydrates * Coconut water: Provides refreshing electrolytes * Coconut polysaccharides: Help condition * Coconut fragrance: Lightly scented

The Marc Jacobs Perfecting Coconut Setting Powder (for short 😅) comes in only one shade; #34 Invisible. It has a very, very light beige tint to it, but because the the powder is SO fine, no colour shows up on your skin*. They could have called it a translucent powder, but luckily it isn’t a white powder like translucent powders tend to be. It is one of the most finely milled powders I have ever owned and used – it really is invisible! The finish is described by Marc Jacobs as ‘soft matte’ and I would agree. It is perfect for setting makeup without changing the texture of the foundation you are wearing too much. It gently sets foundation and takes away a little bit of shine from the skin, but leaves a soft, blurred, matte finish.

My skin became dehydrated this past Winter at one point of time, but I never found that the Perfecting Coconut Setting Powder made my skin look or feel drier. Perhaps it is the coconut milk & butter plus shea butter that stops it from sucking out moisture from the skin and making it look ‘flat’. I really do love it! I wouldn’t say it ‘blurs’ pores like HD powders do, but it doesn’t accentuate pores at all.

The powder does have a faint coconut scent, but luckily it isn’t super strong. I don’t even really notice it upon application of the powder. I don’t like it when products are overly scented – no one wants to feel like they are applying perfume to ones face lol 😂 I can only smell the coconut if I smell the pot of powder and think about it 😉

I love the packaging of this powder also – on the inside of the cap/lid you have this bit of plastic that sits perfectly on top of the mesh opening when the product is closed, which means the powder cannot spill out into the packing. Perfect for travelling even though it’s a loose powder 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 The white dome lid has become synonymous with the Marc Jacobs Beauty line – it’s modern and cool in my option, while also being fun. The packaging is made from a light plastic, but I don’t believe it looks cheap. The bottom of the pot which holds the loose powder looks like frosted glass, which is also pretty cool since it’s not (and makes the product look more expensive 😁).

I would certainly repurchase this powder once I’m finished with it! You get 8g of product for $63 AUD (available via Sephora in Australia). 💸💸💸 It’s not cheap – it’s definitely on the higher end of the beauty market but worth the pennies if you can afford to spend so much on a powder. Don’t fret if you can’t – there are some cheaper drugstore options before which are wonderful!

NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Setting PowderSet yourself up to serve face with the new Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Setting Powder. Each silky-soft hue imparts a veil of colour that feels comfy and extends across multiple skin tones. The featherlight formula also absorbs oil while leaving your complexion with a smooth, matte and fresh-looking finish.Available in six universally flattering shades, this loose setting powder is a total beauty boss. Place it under the eyes and cheekbones or along the T-zone to bake your makeup. Or simply brush some over any other Can’t Stop Won’t Stop must-haves, buff and slay. PRODUCT DETAILS
  1. It’s all about that base

  2. Loose lightweight powder

  3. Silky-soft texture

  4. Designed to absorb oil

  5. Ideal for a matte finish

  6. Use to set or bake your makeup

  7. Comes in six shades

A drugstore loose powder that can easily hold up with the best of ’em (and beat some of the expensive setting powders out there! 💪). I have to admit I haven’t tried many NYX products, but they do have a good reputation for being ‘affordable’ (being available in Drugstores). This setting powder comes in 6 shades which is brilliant – I have the shade ‘Light’ which is the lightest shade in the range. It doesn’t leave much colour on the skin at all (if any from what I can see) because the powder is so fine, but if you have a deeper skin tone, at least the powder won’t make your skin look dull and ashy if you choose a deeper shade.

I would call this setting powder a ‘high definition’ powder; meaning that it seriously smooths the skin and blurs pores. What makes it unique is that when it’s applied by gently ‘patting’ it into the skin, it does leave a matte finish (not a flat matte finish though, I would call it ‘soft matte’ just like the Marc Jacobs Setting Powder) but as soon as you work the powder into the skin with a buffing motion, it leaves a sheen on the skin. It’s not a sheen thanks to shimmer – there’s no shimmer in the powder, it’s just a reflective sheen that makes skin look more bouncy and healthy. It’s quite amazing!

Does the powder control oil? I think so – I just don’t have super oily skin. Because the powder doesn’t make your skin look super matte and dry, this feature of the powder is hard for me to judge. It definitely mattifies the skin and then you can decide where you want some ‘shine’ or bounce on your skin. I don’t use it on my under eye area to set concealer, only because I have a dedicated powder for this as I’m paranoid about drying it out more than need be (the under eye area is already naturally dry and for me, it’s a big problem area). But at least NYX do say you can (so it’s been designed with this in mind) and it is incredibly fine, so it shouldn’t overweigh the fine skin under your eyes.

The packaging is made from sturdy plastic. It’s nothing fancy, but it does the job! The lid also stops the powder from going everywhere when closed, should it get tossed around. The holes in the powder pot look HUGE (especially in comparison to the Marc Jacobs Setting Powder sieve) but because the lid has a stopper in it, it’s not too bad or hard to manage how much powder you want to dispense. They probably could have been a little smaller. You get 6g of powder for $24.95 AUD at Priceline. However, Priceline only stocks 5 out of the 6 available shades – they don’t stock the darkest which is disappointing. Asos however, stocks all 6 shades (for $24 AUD)! 🥳🥳🙌🏾🙌🏾

Bourjois Java Rice Powder An icon since 1879! Bourjois relaunches a vintage edition of its historical bestseller! Java Rice loose powder, with its translucent universal shade, lights up any skin tone, smoothing and softening the skin in one stroke. Enhanced with rose extracts, it gives your complexion a healthy, velvety glow that feels comfortable all day long!Apply the powder starting from the cheeks, the forehead and around the nose, and blend outwards and upwards for natural radiance that highlights your best features. Java Rice Powder is an essential addition to your make-up routine. Plus, the vintage packaging will look great in your make-up bag! Key features and benefits:– Ultra-light; translucent powder that lights up the skin and makes it smooth and soft – Mica powder makes the formula radiant and luminous – Silica powder provides smooth and velvety finish – Enhanced with a delicate; floral; powdery scent – Vintage packaging celebrates long years of popularity of this iconic powder

Bourjois’ Jave Rice Powder was re-released a few years ago in celebration of the powders 150th year anniversary! Pretty incredible right?! 🤩 It’s been on the market since the anniversary re-release, but in some places like Australia it was limited edition and can’t be bought in drugstores anymore. I reviewed this powder and spoke about it’s history in a ‘Beauty Classics’ themed post back in 2013 😲 I rediscovered the Java Rice Powder a few months ago and remembered why I loved it when I first tried it. It’s an illuminating powder and does contain shimmer (mica). When I rediscovered it, it was Winter which is perfect – the shimmer is definitely less obvious then. In the middle of Summer, it may be too much. Or, you would just need to use it strategically. The shimmer is very fine, but it is detectable to the eye if you look closely (even once applied to the skin).

Is it a universal shade? I think so, but it does have a pink tint to it, which again, won’t be to everyone’s liking. The pink is certainly brightening (it counter-acts sallowness, bringing some subtle but healthy colour to the skin) and what I love is that I can use it to balance foundations that are too yellow or olive toned for my liking. Powders are great like that 😊 The powder is finely milled but it’s not as fine as the Marc Jacobs or NYX setting powders. It sets makeup nicely and doesn’t cake even if I am a little heavy handed with the amount of powder I apply.

The powder has a light violet scent but luckily it isn’t super strong or offensive. It’s definitely a bit retro! I wish the packaging was metal – can you imagine if it were a metal tin?!? Maybe that’s too much to ask for from a Drugstore brand but alas *sigh. The plastic is very sturdy so it doesn’t feel cheap. The powder stopper is also handy and very practical (you can turn the plastic stopper and stop any powder from coming out of the holes).

You can pick up the Java Rice Powder online from a variety of places, but I found it on Feel Unique for a very decent price, 11.99 Euro, which is about $20 AUD.  I believe Feel Unique also offers free postage to Aus (and worldwide). On Ebay, the powder usually retails for about $30 AUD because of postage costs (if not even more). The only kicker is that the powder only contains…. wait for it…. 3.5g! Don’t ask me why it is so expensive for the amount of product that you get shrugs it is very odd. But, it’s not a face powder that I use daily, so it does last. I use it in Winter, especially when my skin needs a little help looking brighter 🌟

Bourjois Loose Powder The ultra-light texture of Bourjois Loose Powder goes on smoothly for a natural-looking flawless complexion that will turn heads on the boulevard. It mattifies and unifies, leaving skin extraordinarily soft and supple. The light-as-air formula is in perfect affinity with your skin and lets it breathe all day long. To set your foundation and add a splendid matte finish to your face, this non-comedogenic powder is just what the doctor ordered. Use the ultra-practical sieve dispenser for just the right amount of powder then apply with the silky puff. To mattify, unify and set your makeup, Loose Powder from Bourjois is the perfect Parisian powder for your bag of makeup tricks.

I bought this loose powder because I heard it was incredibly similar to the Huda Beauty Loose Powder. Granted, I’ve never tried the Huda Beauty Loose Powder, but I thought that if this powder is as good as a higher priced makeup item which is quite popular (I like finding cheaper gems hehe) why not try it?! The only catch is that this loose powder can’t be found in Australia. It’s not limited edition and it seems to be a permanent item else where (like in drugstores in Eastern Europe) but it’s trickier to find then say, the Java Rice Powder online. It beats me as to why. The powder comes in three colours; 01 Peach, 02 Rose (Rosy) and 03 Golden. I read in blog reviews that colours 01 and 02 were very alike and that they don’t translate much colour onto the skin, so I went with colour 01 Peach on a whim. 01 Peach is certainly more yellow/peach in colour. I find the colour does translate onto my fair skin and while it’s not a full coverage powder, I’d say it’s got a light to medium coverage.

I have to be honest and say that I don’t like this powder much at all. The peach tone is one reason, but the main one is that no matter what brush I use to apply the powder and how little powder I use, it’s quite visible on the skin and cakes easily. It’s a very ‘old school’ powder in that sense – yes the powder is fine, but it’s not fine enough that the colour of the powder blends into the foundation allowing some of your skin tone to show through. If that makes sense.

The packaging of this powder also drives me nuts. The holes in the sieve are too big, so too much powder inevitably seeps out of the packaging. There’s no stopper of any kind – the space between the lid and the sieve is very large (even when the lid is on) so there’s nothing to stop a large amounts of powder falling out of the pot into the lid. Yes, you get a free powder puff with it and you have enough space to keep the puff inside the lid, but it doesn’t fill in all that space. Also, the lid just literally sits on top of the pot – it’s not a screw top, meaning there is nothing holding it in place. It’s a terrible design – you couldn’t take this powder with you anywhere without securing it with rubber bands or something (and then good luck opening it without powder going EVERYWHERE). They should update the packaging since it is 2019.

The Bourjois Loose Powder is a very generous size, 32 grams in fact (most powders are between 8 and 15g in size!) which means you get bang for your buck, but for me, it’s got too many negatives. To be balanced I can say that it does set makeup nicely, it leaves a natural matte finish on the skin and it doesn’t break me out at least (kudos for Bourjois telling us the formula is non-comodegenic). Perhaps if a colour suits you and you have a darker complexion to I, this powder will do a fine job for you, I just can’t seem to make it work.

As I mention, this powder is hard to get your hands on online. In Poland it’s sold in a drugstore called Rossman (both in-store and online), I also found a Malaysian online drugstore selling it as well as trusty Ebay.

Above: You can see the Marc Jacobs Setting Powder lid has a stopper in it, which sits perfectly on top of the mesh sieve in the powder’s pot (very similar to the NYX powder lid). The Bourjois Loose Powder has nothing of the sort lol 

Becca Cosmetics Under Eye Brightening Setting PowderTracelessly set and brighten your under-eye. BECCA Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder targets dullness and improves the longevity of your foundation and concealer under your eyes. Completely invisible and designed for all skin tones and types, this lightweight powder instantly sets and brightens.BECCA Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder is infused with light-reflecting pearl powders that draw light into the eyes, for a brighter look. This under-eye setting powder helps to diffuse the light and imperceptibly draw attention away from imperfections. Fine lines are blurred, your makeup set immediately.Benefits
  1. Three invisible actions: set, blur, reflect

  2. Set: the perfect companion to your under-eye concealer, or to set foundation underneath the eyes

  3. Blur: diffuses the appearance of fine lines

  4. Reflect: draws light to the eyes, naturally brightens the skin

  5. Free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates

Becca Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder is my favourite powder to use to se under eye concealer! It is fabulous! ULTRA fine, it doesn’t make the eye area look dry or crappey and you can’t feel a thing. It sets all concealers wonderfully, helping to stop them from drifting too far and settling in fine lines. It does brighten the under eye area also, but there’s no obvious shimmer or shine. This is brilliant because if you struggle with dark under eye circles like me, too much shine will draw attention to the area and not the other way around. For this reason I personally like this powder more than the famous Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder (which I also own). The Laura Mercier powder also leaves more of a white cast compared to the Becca offering. The two powders are probably very similar and maybe some Beauties won’t be able to tell the difference, but I can notice the slight difference. To my eye, the Laura Mercier powder also contains larger shimmer particles. The shade is ‘universal’ and transparent, but perhaps for darker skin tones it may make the skin look ashy.

The powder comes in a little sturdy plastic pot, with a handy stopper included with the packaging. It’s a touch cheaper than Laura Mercier, coming in at $38 AUD for 2.7g (the Secret Brightening Powder by Laura Mercier is $43 AUD but you get 3.5g – there is also a transparent shade but also a darker one for deeper complexions, hooray!). Considering the amount of product you receive, it is hella expensive, but I can’t find a powder that is this light and non-drying at the drugstore. A little also goes a long, long way, so it should last you a while. Granted, I don’t wear makeup everyday, so it lasts me a good year or two. I can whole heartedly recommend it though!

*Tip * Wayne Goss Airbrush I use either the to apply the Becca Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder or the #09 M Brush. Both brushes are seriously air-light,  like feathers!!! This means you can apply powder to the under eye area without removing any concealer (and thus coverage!). Be super light handed: you want the powder on the brush to touch your skin/concealer, not the bristles of the brush per se.

That’s it Beauties! Please tell me all about what loose powders you use and what you look for in a loose powder. Have you tried any of the powders mentioned above? Do you use a dedicated powder for setting concealer under the eyes? Let me know in the comments below! 😄🤗

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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