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Some of My Favourite Hair Care Products <3

I’m back in action after some computer woes, with some hair care goodies to share with you today 🙂 I’d say I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to hair care but I like to use good quality products (this usually means salon brands). In my mind, this makes up for having no talent or skill for styling hair 😉 In saying that, I’ve tried a whole bunch of low to high cost hair care products these last couple of months and here is my pick of the lot! There have definitely been some surprises 🙂 To begin with I should mention that I have very fine, easily damaged, chemically treated (blonde) hair. I get oily roots, but very dry ends. I want volume but hydration and nourishment to boot. That’s hard to find because generally hydration = weight. Newer formulations do a better job at balancing these kinds of needs by micro-encapsulating oils and polymers. Let’s get into it!

Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique – I haven’t reviewed this product on the blog yet, but it’s been a staple in my bathroom for a long time! It’s described as a ‘brittleness preventing milk’. When this product came out years ago, the marketing claimed it repaired hair. But to be honest, as long as a heat protectanct actually protects and smooths hair, that’s a win because heat damages and ‘breaks hair’ without holding back, so ‘brittleness protecting milk’ suits the product description better me thinks 😉 Less BS and all! Especially for fine hair. It doesn’t weigh down my hair and it makes it more manageable without a doubt. The 150ml tube lasts me forever, so despite being a little pricey, it’s very economical. My hair still gets damaged in the scheme of things, but not because of heat styling at least – ha! I only minimally heat style my hair anyhoo, e.g. after washing, when it is almost dry, I give my hair a blast from a hair dryer to add some volume. The milk also gets bonus points for it’s light fruity scent! Clean hair needs to smell fresh but it isn’t OTT. Ciment Thermique retails for $48 at Adore Beauty. I think when I’m down with this tube, I will try the Nutritive Nectar Thermique – same kind of product but designed for dry hair. It’s supposed to ‘glaze’ hair, so it is more protected, smoothed and  shiny!

Moroccanoil Original Oil Treatment – I blame this product for setting off the argan oil craze a few years ago! It’s a styling oil, that is meant to make hair more manageable, smooth, shiny and hydrated. What I love most about this oil is that it is created for ALL hair types! Even though Moroccanoil do a ‘light’ version of this oil for fine and blonde hair, I use the original treatment and don’t find that it weighs down my hair or makes it greasy. Sure, I only use it on the lengths of my hair  and a little goes a long way, but still – I have incredibly fine hair, so I think it’s a miracle it still works for me. The oil contains silicone and I think this is a major plus. Silicone coats hair strands, making them less porous and less likely to get damaged. The lengths of my hair become really dry, so it’s another product that gives me that little bit more ‘protection’. How do I use it? After washing my hair, when it is almost dry, I use the Kerastase Ciment Thermique and I blast my hair with a hair dryer. I  then apply the Moroccanoil Oil to my hair and pin it up into a bun. I wash my hair in the evenings you see, so by putting my hair into a bun overnight, I get loose waves in the morning and it looks much more presentable. I generally have my hair in a barrett clip for work (a pony tail) but it’s a fuller pony tail at least with some texture 😉 The oil has this nutty, but creamy/powdery scent Moroccanoil products have become famous for. A 100ml glass bottle (it comes with a pump dispenser) retails for $63.95 generally, but I usually search online to try and find a better deal… at RY you can pick it up for $54.36! Just a note also, that Adore Beauty will price match products for you, if you wish to order it from them 🙂

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk (full review here) – I reviewed this favourite of mine a little while ago and still love it of course! It isn’t overly perfumed (all the cheaper dry shampoos smell like toilet freshener to me) nor is it too gritty, yet it gives a good amount of volume and texture. Another bonus is that oat milk is great for sensitive scalps, so it shouldn’t irritate dermatitis or sensitised skin. The starch used in this dry shampoo to soak up oil from the scalp is derived from rice instead of aluminium, which is much better for the environment. It does leave a little bit of a white cast in your roots but if you are a brunette, they have a tinted version of the dry shampoo. I like that it brightens my roots when my regrowth is poking through 🙂 I haven’t found a better dry shampoo and while it’s expensive compared to other supermarket brands, it isn’t as expensive as salon branded dry shampoos (save your pennies peeps!). The cheapest place you can get it is Woolworths, where it retails for $13. You can sometimes get it on sale at Woolies for $10 🙂 At Priceline and other stores, it retails for $14.99. If Priceline is having an awesome sale where all hair care products are reduced by 40%, then stock up as then it’s about $7-$8 dollars a can.

Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash & Rinse (full review here) – I only have the rinse (conditioner) pictured here, but I love both the shampoo and the rinse <3 While neither product is cheap, they are the best volumising duo EVER because while gives hair volume (to be expected you would hope…) they are so so nourishing, it’s almost unbelievable. I find that most shampoos make my hair feel like straw, even the very expensive ones. The Plumping shampoo bucks that trend and is just softening while being cleansing at the same time. They have hands down favourites and I could happily use them for the rest of my life! 😀 The Plumping wash comes in at $43 and the Rinse $44 at Adore Beauty.

Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 (full review here) – I wrote a review on Olaplex a while ago now, so it makes sense to give you Beauties an update since it’s been about 2 years since my first quite amazing experience. I used the Olaplex Hair Perfector (the No. 3 home treatment pictured) for a good year non-stop (maybe even more?) while at the same time, having my hairdresser mix it into the colour/bleach she was using on me. After a while, I stopped purchasing the at home treatment because I wasn’t sure if it was worth doing both steps since my hair was in quite good condition. Using Olaplex only at the salon when colouring my hair, seemed to work well…. at first. In the last couple of months or so, my hair has gotten worse (this could be because of a myriad of different reasons) and I also needed to change hairdressers because my faithful hairdresser just had her first baby and is on maternity leave. I’ve been seeing my sisters hairdresser since, but she doesn’t use Olaplex at her salon. So I bought the at home treatment to see how my hair would respond after such a ‘break’. I think it has responded really, really well and even only using this ‘one step’ has made my hair stronger! I use it once a week and I think it does a much better job at repairing weakened/brittle hair than say your traditional cream hydrating masks. I’ll be using it as part of my ‘regular’ routine going forward! Olaplex retails for $50 at Adore Beauty, however sometimes they’ve got a promotion going where you can buy 2 for $75! That’s half price for the second bottle 🙂

L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Detox Clay Mask (full review here) – This is not a product or line of products, I thought I would like. This clay mask is a mask to purify your scalp from oil, dead skin and product build up. It’s suprisingly genius and works so well! If you have an oily scalp and you use dry shampoo like me (cough cough) build up can be a problem…  If I haven’t washed my hair in a few days, my scalp does get very oily, so it’s a very refreshing treatment. The clay is a little messy and thick, but for the price, you can’t beat it! It retails for $10 at Priceline. I do think that after the treatment, my hair remains ‘fresher’ for longer, even if it’s just an extra day of ‘freshness’. Check out the full review of this line to see what other products are worth trying from the Elvive Extraordinary Clay line of products 🙂

Did any of my favourites above surprise you Beauties? Which product would you like to try? Let me know if we share some favourites or if you have a recommendation for my hair type 🙂

Catch ya next time!

Beauty Bee~

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