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Skincare Love: FutureDerm’s Vitamin CE Caffeic Silk Serum 16+2

There’s three things your skin needs from your morning skincare routine: moisture, antioxidants (to prevent oxidative stress) and sun protection. Futurederm’s Vitamin CE Caffeic serum is my go to serum for the mornings. I think I have been using it for about 2 years now (since it launched). Not only does it contain 16% of stable vitamin C which is proven to brighten and even out your skin tone over time, vitamin C also targets UVA radiation. Vitamin E targets UVB radiation, so your sunscreen will be boosted if you use this serum underneath your moisturiser and everyday sunscreen. I have a few tiny sun spots on my face (I think that’s what they are) which are slooowly disappearing thanks to this serum (I have had them for a looong time, so they must be quite deep in the skin). The most important factor for me is that I have not had any new pigmentation develop since using this serum.  Prevention is everything!


I have found that when I am suffering from a breakout and my skin is sensitive and inflamed, I have to put my retinol products on hold while my skin calms down as it can become more aggravated with their use – vitamin C however has the opposite effect, it helps calm my skin even though it is highly active. Vitamin C and E have synergistic antioxidant capabilities, so they can prevent and help fight oxidative stress (excess pollution, ultraviolet rays and biochemical reactions that can deteriorate the skins functions and appearance). Oxidative stress as well as internal imbalances can effect collagen production and cell renewal processes and vitamin C can not only trigger collagen production but can also help decompose damaged collagen (less build up, mean brighter skin). All of these processes and effects are well documented, so you aren’t just buying into marketed hype – that’s why I love this serum so much! <3


It has an interesting texture because the active ingredients are suspended in silicone. It has a dry-like texture to it, so it doesn’t leave your face feeling greasy or oily. The purpose of the silicone is that it leaves the surface of your skin prepared for moisturiser and makeup application. You have to give the serum a good shake before dispensing and a little goes quite a long way. OH – and because it has a teeny tiny amount of natural orange in the formula, it smells very fresh without being overpowering 🙂 I do wish the dropper came with a cap to totally close the bottle should you want to travel with it. I do take it with me on weekend aways etc and haven’t had it leak so it’s decently made, but I wouldn’t trust the dropper on a long haul flight (flight pressure and all).

I think I will be using this serum in the morning for a looong time to come – why change something if it works so damn well? 🙂 Futurederm’s Vitamin CE Caffeic Serum 16+2 costs $89 US from Futurederm’s online shop. They ship internationally (and seeing that I live in Australia that helps me a great deal!) and international shipping is $20 flat rate. I do wish their international shipping was cheaper, especially if I only want to order one product but alas – they are still a small but growing company, which is incredibly honest, so that soothes my shipping pains 😛 If you are interested in their products they do discounted sets and pairings of products, which is great!

What do you use as your daily/morning serum? Do you use serums in your skin care routine?

Catch ya next time beauties!

Beauty Bee~

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