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Skin Care 101: Washing Your Face

You may have seen the viral Daily Mail post where Anna Purseglove took part in an experiment and did not wash her face for 30 days (even after wearing makeup). The experiment took it’s toll on her skin to say the least! Her skin became more dry, blotchy, red, irritated and dehydration lines became more pronounced.


Does this only happen when you don’t wash off your makeup at night? The same thing can happen if you don’t regularly wash your face at night – even if you haven’t worn makeup throughout the day. Why? Well at night, your body temperature drops and blood flow to your skin increases. Your skin does most of its repairing during the night, and anything on your skin penetrates into the deeper levels of your skin. This means your night cream and skin treatments work more effectively, but it also means that any pollutants, makeup etc on your skin also penetrate your skin more causing more oxidative stress.

Moral of the story? Cleanse and wash your face at night as regularly as you can (so it becomes a habit!). Luke warm water is best for cleansing (hot water can break the capillaries on your face and leave you looking red and blotchy, while cold water doesn’t wash off impurities as well as warm water – so a happy medium is best!)

I did a post on my two favourite cleansers at the moment which you can check out here. While it’s not ideal to do this every night, use a cleansing wipe on nights where you really can’t be bothered washing your face. My favourite cleansing wipes are from Olay and they are a life saver! The Olay wipes are cheap as chips and extra moist. I’d like to try these Josie Maran wipes mostly because the packaging is sooo cute!


Do you cleanse your face every night? What are your favourite cleansers/cleansing wipes?

Catch ya next time beauty bees! Bzzzz!

Beauty Bee~

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