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September’s Bellabox: Cleo’s Spring Party Essentials

Hi beauty bees!

Well spring is here full force now and I just received my monthly Bellabox! For those of you not sure what Bellabox is, for $15 a month (per box) you receive a selection of deluxe samples from different beauty brands. There’s lots of these type of boxes being offered throughout the world now, this one is from Aus 🙂

What’s inside? Let’s take a look!


Now this months box is a definite improvement from last months ‘dubious’ box (you can read about that here if you’re intrigued). I think it’s ‘sponsored’ in some way by Cleo magazine and hence the addition of the magazine to the box. It is a magazine geared more towards a younger ‘crowd’ (late teens- early twenties) but does have fun fashion and beauty ideas inside. I’m a huge maagzine fan, there’s something about reading print and ink that really gets me going lol and while I’m not jumping for joy with this addition, I admit it’s fun and will have a flick through when the sun is shining!

Let’s take a close up look at the other products in the box:


Usually with your monthly bellabox you receive a card listing all the products you have received and what they are worth at the recommended retail price. I’ve already lost the card (I only received the box today to!) or one of my dogs stole it… Anyhoo, I think I should be able to adequately describe the products for you at least 🙂

Schick Hydro Silk Razor and Cartridge – At first I thought this was one disposable razor but I don’t think it is, which is nice! It comes with one cartridge and you also received a coupon for repurchasing more cartridges at Woolies supermarkets. Now I use a different razor at home (an Intuition razor – I forget who makes them – with the self-foaming and moisturising block around the razor head) which I like so won’t be replacing with this, however I will keep this packaged up for whenever I should go on holidays – I think it would be handy for that! I’m not sure what one of these is worth in shops, but I’m guessing around $10?

Footcare Gel Ball of Foot Cushions – I actually love these type of gel inserts for your shoes/heels. I usually get the Scholl branded ones from the chemist which cost $10 for a pair (so not the cheapest) so I was excited to find that this packet contains two pairs, score! And it’s an Australian owned company which is nice. I haven’t seen these at the shops but will keep a look out for them if they are good (and I don’t see why they would be different to the Scholl branded ones).

Garnier Ambre Solaire  Natural Bronzer Self-Tanning Spray in Light – This is a full sized can of the product which is a bonus! I’ve tried one of these spray bronzers from Garnier before and I really like them. They are not streaky, are easy to use and give you a natural looking tan. From memory I actually used the darker shade available, but will give this lighter shade a go. It might be perfect seeing as spring has just begun and let’s face it, no one is going to believe that I just spent a month in the Bahamas lol They do run out pretty quickly being a spray and all but they are convenient to use, so I guess that’s the trade off. Even though I’m pretty fair, I do naturally tan and because I have a quite neutral skin tone, I think that’s why fake tans usually work well with my skin tone. From memory a can of this stuff will set you back $11-$15 depending on where you buy it.

I’m very happy with the three products mentioned above 🙂 Now for the next two…


That photo could have been better I admit…

Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud Aloe & Willow Mask – Sample – What a strange company name lol Funny thing is, I think I remember these masks from the 90s lol Do you remember them perhaps? I read on the packet that they are made in the UK, so it’s either a French or UK brand. I’ve received one of these masks in my previous boxes (a pomegranate peel off mask) and masks are always fun so I will definitely use this one up 🙂 The masks are also vegetarian friendly and animal cruelty free!

Elegant Touch Envy Wraps Bling Candy Drops – Not sure if I would call these elegant lol Look, I’m not into these stick on nail polish things so I probably won’t use them.. I’m also not really into the designs I usually see and these aren’t an exception. I’ll keep them should something come up but I doubt I will use them…

And the last two products…


Manicare Glam Eyes Kelly Lashes – These look nice – dramatic, but nice! I’m actually not a pro at using lashes and I never do them myself really (I often think it takes away from eye makeup) but that’s just my preference. I will keep them for a special occasion maybe so we will see!

ASAP Pure Mineral Eye Pencil in Brown – ASAP is a skincare brand mostly, but I see that they have now started a mineral cosmetics line! This is a full sized eye pencil and it looks and feels relatively soft. The colour is marked as brown but it’s rather dark and very grey toned. Here’s a swatch for you –


It’s a strange colour but I will test it out and give it a go. I know it’s not a very long lasting pencil as when you rub the swatch even lightly, a lot of the pigment/colour fades. I’ve never tried a mineral based eye pencil a go so it might not be to bad!

All in all, I’m very happy with this months box. Not only because of the full sized products, but one – it’s a good wide selection of products and brands many of which haven’t been featured before (well not in my boxes). I will happily use the foot cushions, the tanning spray, mask sample and razor. I’m a little unsure of the eye pencil,  but it’s a good brand so I will give it a go. I’m not sure that I’ll use the eyelashes or nail stickers, but hey, I’ll put them away and who knows! Maybe someone else will want them or they will randomly come in handy! Oh and I’ll give the Cleo a flick through to see what new beauty products are coming out 😀

Do you receive one of these beauty sample boxes? Any of these products look interesting to you? Let me know and come visit me on Facebook 🙂 I post up lots of interesting bits and pieces and keep you updated with the latest beauty competitions running on Facebook!

Until next time beauty bees!

Beauty Bee~

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