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Roll Up! Roll Up! Lush’s Rose Jam Shower Gel

Lots of new goodies come out in time for xmas and that craziness has already started at Lush! They released 30 special edition products just last week in preparation for xmas. Yes, 30! You know I just loooove their Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner (read the full review here) and when I saw their new shower gel called Rose Jam, I thought it was something I had to try out (both contain argan oil and rose you see)!

When I got to my nearest Lush store, I was actually debating between Rose Jam and another xmas special shower gel called Snow Fairy. Snow fairy has a very sweet marshmallowy scent and the colour of the shower gel (bubblegum pink) just makes you happy! I’m told it even has blue glitter throughout the shower gel. What other shower gel contains blue glitter?!? Madness! Rose Jam has a very strong rose scent when you first smell the product and I wasn’t sure if perhaps it was to strong for my liking. In the end I decided to go with Rose Jam because of the ingredient list (had a couple more fancy ingredients in it) and decided that I would come back again later to buy Snowy Fairy anyways lol


I’m so glad that I decided to get this shower gel after all! Once using the gel, the other scents in the gel get ‘released’ so the rose isn’t so overpowering. It must be the Sicilian lemon and vanilla (or Cyprus leaf) because the gel has a certain freshness to it and ‘depth’ if that makes sense.  It balances out the sweetness and power of the rose. The texture of the gel is a little like jam actually, because it’s  translucent red in colour. It foams up nicely and isn’t drying on the skin at all. That must be thanks to the rose oil, argan oil, Egyptian geranium oil and goji berry juice why of course! 🙂 It leaves a very subtle fragrance on your skin, which fades away slowly after your shower/bath.


I’m very happy with the shower gel and am certain that it would make a PERFECT gift as it’s a little different, looks and feels wonderful on the skin and contains some extra special ingredients! The other great thing about Lush is that they do their shower gels in three different sizes – 100g, 250g (that’s the one I have) and 500ml. The 100ml is perfect for holidays and travelling or stocking stuffers. The larger sizes are perfect for gifts of all sorts – if not for yourself! 😛 The 100g gel costs $9.95, the 250g $16.50 and the 500g $29.95 (all in Aus monies of course). Find it on the Lush website here or pop into your nearest store 🙂

Have you tried any of the limited edition holiday collection from Lush before? I’ll let you know once I have Snow Fairy in my paws (watch me come out with a bazillion other goodies!) 🙂

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Catch ya next time beauty bees!

Beauty Bee~

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