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Review: Weirdest Mascara Wand Ever. Lancome Hypnôse Mascara.

I have quite long lashes already, so I generally stick to volumising mascaras (and I always use a lash primer – can’t hurt!) and the weird thing is that I’ve bought this mascara before and I didn’t think it was too bad, in fact, I thought it was quite good. Now the brush was always tricky, didn’t quite understand the concept, but the formulation was good. Lengthened, but also volumised. Easy! Well not so much. See the brush is curved and I always use it with the curve pointing downwards (as in not the way it is shown in the pic, but the other way around).

This way I get the mascara to go where I want it to go and it’s not overloaded (for me it was to hard to handle and control if  it was the other way around). This time when I bought it (after finishing up Dior’s Blackout mascara – which I will be going back to btw) the formula seemed to be thicker or clumpier. And then I started to really inspect the brush. I don’t think it’s the formula at all actually, it’s the brush – the brush is terrible! No wonder I could never use it the other way around, in the centre if the curve (where the curve is pointing upwards, like in the pic below) there’s NO bristles what so ever (or if there is – they are sooo tiny it doesn’t count guys!). I know, what in the name of mascara law is that, right? Now I never noticed this before. Maybe because I never used that side or else I wouldn’t have purchased it again (obviously). The rest of the bristles also look out of wack, some are really short, so the mascara naturally clumps between the bristles. I was never a fan of the brush to begin with and maybe I just wanted to like it so much that I didn’t pay attention to it. Now that I have, I can’t look over it and it’s driving me crazy!



^ Look, no bristles in the centre, just splodges of mascara!

Even though I use the brush the other way around, it still bothers me because it is supposed to be a ‘higher end’ mascara, which they make you pay extra for. Clearly poor form Lancome, poor form. I mean, look at the bristles at the other side of that wand, you can still make out little splodges of mascara on/between the bristles. Yes you can minimise the risk of clumpy lashes if you brush the wand through your lashes carefully, but sometimes in the morning I really don’t want to bother spending 10-15 minutes playing around with my mascara. You will get somewhat clumpy lashes anyway (sometimes when you go back to try and fix it, it just creates more of a problem – again, because of the brush) so you have to have a really ‘light’ hand when applying the mascara.


2013-08-13 16.51.28

Now as  mentioned, the formula IS workable. But really, for the price, you shouldn’t have to work twice as hard as you would compared to some other (cheaper) mascara. So that is still a fail from me. You can buy it from department stores (or not) or finally Lancome has an online shop on their Aus website.

What’s your fav mascara at the moment? Hope you have had some better luck than me recently!

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