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Review: Wayne Goss the Air-Brush ☁️☁️🖌🖌☁️☁️

I have had my Wayne Goss Air-Brushes for a few years now and they are definitely brush staples in my collection. So it’s about time that I reviewed them! They are limited edition brushes, but they get released every now and then, so you can definitely still snap them up 😊

About The Air-BrushExquisitely soft and artfully designed by makeup artist Wayne Goss, this limited edition powder brush is the one tool you need to sculpt, buff, and bake your way to a flawless, airbrushed look.Why It’s Special
  1. Master even the most advanced makeup techniques, including contouring, baking, buffing, highlighting, and more, with the versatile tapered shape

  2. Decadently soft blue squirrel bristles glide across skin to ensure a smooth, seamless finish

  3. Each brush is carefully handmade in Kumano, Japan by more than 20 artisans using traditional brush making techniquesHow to UseUse with your favorite powder products to easily achieve a sculpted, airbrushed look. When angled on its thin side, The Air-Brush creates a sharp contour line. The tapered tip can be used to apply highlighter to targeted areas. Sweep blush and bronzer onto the cheeks with the large flat side. Buff powder into skin or blend away lines by moving the brush in circular motions with light pressure.Other Details

Total length of brush: 17 cm
Length of bristles: 3.75 cm
Limited Edition
Recommended for use with powder products only

Made from blue squirrel bristles, this brush is a 10 out of 10 when it comes to softness! It feels like air against your skin. It has quite long bristles compared to other brushes of this shape, which taper to a slight point at the end. Wayne Goss mentions that this brush because of the special hair used to make it, is only for powder products as otherwise liquids will soak into the bristles and damage them ⚠️

I have two brushes which I use for two different purposes; the first is setting my under eye concealer. I used to use a brush in a similar shape by Real Techniques (those were the days huh lol they still make good brushes – but I’ve just got a lot of better brushes in my ‘tool kit’ now). I always wondered why the brush after a few days was dirty with concealer on it. It turns out that the bristles despite being soft, are much thicker (individual strands are thicker) and so even with the gentlest application, the bristles would pick up a teeny bit of concealer each and every time I was trying to set it with powder. Taking away from the coverage of the concealer! This problem doesn’t occur with the Air-Brush. I want the powder on the brush to be deposited on the skin, but I don’t want the brush bristles themselves to touch the skin. Yes that is possible, with the lightest hand ever! And some practise 🤗🖌

My second brush is reserved for setting my foundation. Yes the brush is small and not a type of brush I would have usually reached for for this purpose, but gosh does it do a great job! Because the bristles are quite long and the brush head isn’t fat slash bulky but rather slim & slender, they are flexible you see. Wayne recommends you apply powder in circular motions, ever so lightly buffing the powder into your skin. Because the bristles are long and oh so soft, they bend and blend the powder into the skin seamlessly. Watch the video below for a demonstration 😊📺🎞

I read a review  on Beautylish where a reader or customer said that you can’t use blue squirrel ‘haired’ brushes to set cream products (foundation namely). She clearly read that somewhere online and it wasn’t coming from experience. That’s rubbish advice because I use it to set my liquid foundation all the time. The quality of the bristles or it’s softness has not changed one bit and I’ve been using my brushes now for 3-4 years. The trick is that the powder acts as a barrier between the brush and your face/cream product. The brush will do the work for you as long as you aren’t forceful or violent with it lol I do load my brush up with quite a bit of powder but like quite fine formulas. The brush is then able to work the product into your skin (using the circular air-buffing technique mentioned above) so the powder isn’t sitting on top of your skin per se, but instead has been working into the skin the set the liquid.

Wayne also suggests that you can use the brush to contour the face or highlight, with the flat side of the brush. Remember that whatever brush you are working with – you can use it for whatever purposes suits you (and the brush!). Don’t limit yourself to only what a producer recommends. Because Wayne is a makeup artist first and foremost, you can see why his brushes are multi-purpose. I like the Air Brush for highlighting. It picks up and deposits product wonderfully.

The only similar brush I could find to compare with the Air Brush (besides the Real Techniques brush) is the M Brush number 09. M Brushes are some of my favourite brushes (I will need to review them soon!) because of their supreme softness and unique shapes. Just like the Wayne Goss brushes, they are made by hand in Japan. The shape of the brush head is very similar to the Air Brush, but there are differences. Firstly, the M Brush bristles are shorter and the brush is a bit thicker when it comes to density. This means that is isn’t as flexible and doesn’t work for buffing powder into the skin (larger areas of the face). The bristles just aren’t as ‘bendy’. It works just as brilliantly for setting powder under the eyes or anywhere where you want to ‘pat it in’ using the flat side of the brush. It is also brilliant for applying highlighter. Each of these brushes are different even if they look the same at first glance, so it’s worth having both, ha! 😜😇

The brush handles of all Wayne’s brushes are sleek, shiny black 🖤 The look and feel luxe, that’s for sure! Most of his brushes have white bristles, so the dark bristles of the Air Brush really do stand out! The brush costs $35 US dollars at Beautylish, which is approximately $50 Australian dollars at the moment. I think it’s a very reasonable price considering the quality of the brush! All orders $35 US dollars and up receive free worldwide shipping which is great! Beautylish is the exclusive retailer of Wayne Goss brushes, so it’s the only place to go lol While the brush is sold out at the moment, you can sign up via email to be notified when the brush returns to availability. The other option is to email Beautylish in order to get an idea when abouts it might return. They offer great customer service, so I can whole heartedly recommend buying from them.

That’s it beauties! Let me know if you have tried any of Wayne’s brushes. I don’t need any more makeup brushes per se, but I would love to try more brushes from Wayne’s collection. I’m sure that they are amazing! I am super happy with my Air Brushes and am really glad that I bought two, because at any time I can use them for different purposes/functions. Perfect! 👌🌸🌻🐝🦋

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~ 

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