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Review: Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements

Viviscal hair supplements have gotten quite a bit of attention this last year and as I have fine and relatively weak hair (from chemical processing etc.) they automatically sparked my interest. I was lucky to be offered one packet to trial (and one packet will last you a month), which I was thrilled about –  but –  to notice a difference, you will need to take the supplements regularly, everyday for at least 3 months (6 months is even better). Why? Because the full cycle of growth can last up to TWO YEARS. Yep, it’s a painful process to say the least…


Now I’ve tried quite a few hair supplements in my time. I will admit that it’s hard to gauge how well they work, especially since our lives don’t plateau for months at a time when it comes to things like stress and life events (which can have a big impact of course on hormones and what you eat!), so these are my general thoughts on how well they have worked over this last 4 months period. I’m not a fan of taking monthly photos because your hair will grow to some degree of course (yes, even naturally without supplements 😉 )  so I think that can be a little deceiving, unless you are having major issues with hair loss (though then it’s best to go to the doctors!).

Viviscal supplements are scientifically formulated to nourish the hair, support healthy hair growth and combat hair loss in women with thinning hair. In a recent survey prepared for Viviscal, more than one in five Australian women experience hair loss such as thinning.Viviscal supplements are fortified with the key nutrients Biotin and Zinc which help maintain normal healthy hair growth from within and the proprietary marine protein complex AminoMar C. Viviscal supplements also contain Vitamin C, Niacin, Iron, and Millet Seed.As described in the Healthy Hair Growth Cycle hair can be in a different growth stage of the cycle. Over time, the length of the Anagen stage decreases, therefore the hair may become weaker and thinner after each cycle. This is why it’s important to ensure your diet is rich in specific nutrients throughout your life.

Viviscal contains a special marine, amino rich-protein complex called AminoMar. Via Futurederm, I learnt that marine proteins have been found to stimulate hair growth in quite a few studies (one Scandanavian study, from 1992 found that it reversed hair loss, which is pretty impressive!) but no one quite knows how or why marine protein works the way it does. It is thought that it could be the amino-acids in marine proteins, since amino acids act as food for the scalp. Amino acid deficiencies could be a reason for hair loss. Another theory is that the protein is rich in silica and thus it stimulates the growth of strong, healthy hair (silica is used in most hair, skin and nails supplements – but there aren’t that many studies to back up the use of this mineral). In any case, dietary protein has been found to make a difference in hair protein, within 6-12 months. It takes a while, but hey, the evidence is ‘building up’ for supplements utilising proteins (pardon the pun!), whilst a lot of other minerals and vitamins don’t have such studies behind them.


I have found that my hair has become ‘fuller’ over these last couple of months. Yes, it’s still relatively early, but I do also know that my diet ain’t always the greatest, so this boost of protein cannot go astray! It is also breaking less at the roots which would also make it fuller and look better. No supplement will make your thicker than it is, but this is the next best thing for fine hair! The additional vitamins and minerals, even if they may not have a direct impact on my hair health, are alway welcome in my books. The biggest downside of these supplements, is the cost. One box contains 60 tablets (and you need to take 2 a day) comes in at $70 Aus dollars. If you have tried a lot of supplements with no avail and you have recently lost some hair because of a stressful event or it’s become significantly weaker, this may be something you might want to try. I do think they are the best supplements I’ve tried to date. I’d like to keep taking my Viviscal for at least 6 months, so I will let you know how I go with this and what the results are! It’s very, very difficult for me to grow my hair past my shoulders, but that is the goal!

*Tip* For best results, take a cycle of supplements for 6 months, then take a break for a month. After the month, start another 6 monthly cycle. Taking the supplements over a 12 month period, will give you the best results.

You can buy your supply of Viviscal from RY  as well as other products from their range 🙂 Have you tried hair supplements before or Viviscal? Is it something you would look into buying?

Catch ya next time beauties!

Beauty Bee~

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