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Review: Viseart Theory Palette in Cashmere

Viseart may be a brand you haven’t heard about to much (or at all) and that is because they are a French, ‘professional’ makeup artists brand. Think about brands like Kryolan, Senna, Ben Nye etc. They primarily focus on eyeshadows and do lovely 12-pan palettes which have fantastic reviews but are a little expensive… When I saw that they released a series of three smaller palettes (titled Theory Palettes), containing 6 shadows for a more reasonable price, I was dying to get my hands on one! Luckily, I found a local stockist in Sydney which carries their line including these little palettes of gold (I can’t help but give away that this will be a positive review!) and I ordered myself the Cashmere palette. All the palettes contain three matte eyeshadows (yes!!!) and three shimmer shadows. I’d describe Cashmere as quite a neutral palette, containing browns and taupes primarily. I went for Cashmere as it is the perfect palette for creating day makeup looks, including looks for work. Minx leans more warm and contains brown shades, along with some coppery, red toned shadows. Chroma contains the darkest shadows, containing cool taupe, silvery and dark brown shadows.


The little 6 pan palettes come in a cute cardboard ‘sleeve’. When you pull the palette out, you have a small cardboard case, with a magnetic closure. The eyeshadow pans themselves are not tiny, but the whole palette will easily fit in the palm of your hand. It’s not unnecessarily bulky, making it perfect for travel. It would have been brilliant if it contained a mirror, but I suppose that would ‘bulk’ up the packaging . There’s three matte shadows (which don’t have names from what I can tell), a very light beige (perhaps a touch lighter than I would have liked, but it still works as a nice base for the other shadows), a medium cool brown and a dark cool brown. The shimmer shades are quite interesting – you have a light pearly shell pink (think stain finish), a cool-light bronze with a very fine glitter through it and a shimmery taupe. All the shadows are soooo buttery – especially the mattes. I don’t find that I get fallout, even with the more glittery shade. I’ve noticed that with my Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette for example, when I use the matte shadows along with some of the shimmery shadows, the shimmer gets everywhere making the matte shadows not so matte no more… It’s such a pain, because all the shades kind of ‘blend’ together, to the point where it can look like you are wearing only one very shimmery shadow. You don’t get that problem with the Viseart eyeshadows. That means, that while you can create ‘simple’ eye looks, you can create more complex ones also. And that’s what you want – possibilities and variety!


The matte eyeshadows may get a little bit ‘dusty’ when you pick them out of the pan with a brush, but this isn’t intense or to much of a problem. I just loooove how buttery and soft the mattes are. They don’t go on patchy, they don’t look ‘dry’ and they blend so well with the shimmery shades. When I start travelling for work  (*cough cough*) I will be taking this palette with me!


Above: the shimmer shadows in the palette. The shade in the middle is the shade with a fine glitter sparkle, however the camera doesn’t pick this up I’m afraid. Please also note, that the shade is just as smooth as the others and is no way chunky or ‘garish’!


Above: the matte shades in the palette. Look how pigmented and buttery they are!!!

I’m so happy with the quality of this palette and the colour composition of the shades. Sadly, I suck at taking photos of eye makeup looks but I will try and post something on my Instagram page soon. I’m also happy that I can support a small business like PM Studio, who has a physical store in Sydney but also an online shop (which is where I bought my palette from). I know Sephora in the US carries Viseart, but I’m not sure if it’s only an online offering (and the palettes seemed to be sold out a lot of the time). The palette costs $58 in Aus, which can seem like a lot for 6 eyeshadows, but they are worth every penny and the pans are not tiny either.


I would love to try one of the 12-pan palettes soon (the cool matte palette or the Paris Muse one!), but we will see. Perhaps another Theory Palette would also be nice 😛

Sometimes simplicity is the best when it comes to makeup. I think this palette ticks all the boxes for me.

What about you beauties – what is your go-to eyeshadow palette at the moment (or eye shadow)? Have you heard of Viseart before?

Catch ya next time!

Beauty Bee~

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