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Review: Two Cheap As Chips Products I Love!

There’s nothing like some good cheap beauty buys that never fail you! Here are two of my picks which I constantly repurchase.

Olay Wet Cleansing Cloths (normal or sensitive) – 30 wipes per pack. Roughly $6-7.


These wipes are awesome! First of all, you get more than other standard packs (usually containing 24-25 wipes) and the price is just ridiculous! They are more emollient/wet then a lot of other wet cleansing cloths that I have tried. I prefer the ‘wetter’ wipes as it doesn’t feel like they are as rough as the ‘drier’ wipes usually are.  I have tried both the sensitive and normal wipes and they are roughly the same. Perhaps the sensitive cloths are a little gentler. They get rid of makeup and dirt really well (maybe not the long lasting eye makeup but hey, let’s not expect miracles). They have a gentle and subtle ‘fresh’ scent – nothing overly fragranced. So an A+ from me! You can get them everywhere from the supermakert (I get mine from Woolies), Priceline or chemists/pharmacies.

L’Oreal Dermo Expertise Gentle Makeup Remover – Waterproof, 125ml. Roughly $10-$13.


I have to buy some more of this stuff, hence no personal picture! This makeup remover always seems to last me ages. I rarely wear waterproof eye makeup but the reason I love this waterproof makeup remover is because it removes EVERYTHING. That means, less pulling, tugging and wiping. For the sensitive and thin skin around the eye, the less of this – the better! It is a half oil formula, so you have to shake the bottle before using to combined the formla in the bottle. It does leave a little bit of an oily residue on the skin (as will all eye makeup removers that have this type of formula structure) but it’s nothing major and disappears quite quickly. It doesn’t however, leave a ‘film’ over my actual eye ball (ha! how bizarre and creepy does that sound!). It doesn’t sting or irritate my eye area, however, I don’t wear contacts have very sensitive eyes or anything like that. A friend of mine with very sensitive eyes once used it when she was over and she couldn’t believe that it wasn’t irritating yet so effective. I have used the famous Lancome Bi-Facil eye makeup remover and the L’Oreal version is almost identical in my opinion and less than half the price. Score! The picture above is the old packaging I believe. If you have this packaging just be careful when travelling with it, as it has leaked on me before. I do believe they have new packaging however, a more square-ish bottle. I should be buying myself a new bottle tomorrow and if I get the new ‘design’/packaging then I will update this post with a new picture of the bottle. Hopefully the new packaging doesn’t leak! You can also buy this everywhere L’Oreal is sold, so supermarkets, Priceline, pharmacies/chemists.

Have you tried these products before beauty bees? What are some of your fav cheapie buys?

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