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Review: Trilogy Eye Contour Cream

A good eye cream is hard to find! This one ended up in my paws by chance. Trilogy was running a campaign on Facebook called ‘unretouched’ – against all the retouching that goes on in beauty advertisements and the like (*cough cough* mascara ads…). As part of their campaign they were giving out a stack of skin care products so that we the client, could try out their products on ourselves to see the results. Pretty awesome if I say so myself! It’s pretty brave considering that not everyone will be happy with all the products, however they trust that they don’t need the retouched ads and fake endorsements in order to back up and sell their skin care and that I can appreciate!

So what goodie did I get? As you might have guessed, it was their Contour Eye Cream. It’s in between a  gel and a cream formulation. It’s supposed to be absorbed almost instantly – the perfect base for makeup application. It is also meant to hydrate fine lines and reduce puffiness. What goodies does the formulation include? Well it contains no synthetic or artificial ingredients or artificial fragrances. Instead it relies on aloe vera, acai and rosapene (essentially fatty acid rich rose hip oil and antioxidants from tomato seeds and acai berry seed oils).  You receive 20ml of product in a tube, which I am pretty happy with. The standard eye cream usually comes with 15ml of product, so a little extra always helps the product to last longer.



And what did I think? I think the eye cream is really great! I use it in the morning and it really is perfect for under makeup. It doesn’t make your concealer go patchy or cakey (and I’ve had this problem with a few eye creams, even some more expensive brands). It sinks in incredibly quickly and softens and hydrates the eye area. It is quite a light eye cream so I use this only in mornings (I use my Dermalogica eye cream at night for something a bit more nourishing/hydrating – you can read about that here). I appreciate that it’s not completely a gel but is still quite light in consistency. Does it work to reduce puffiness? I think so.. To be honest I haven’t had major issues with puffiness over the last couple of weeks so it’s hard to say, however if you do, it could be a good idea to keep your morning eye cream in the fridge to help the cream along in doing it’s thing! It’s a really lovely product to use and I will happily repurchase it once I’ve finished this tube! That is definitely saying something as I’m always on the look out for new products. I’d love a cure for dark circles but alas I will have to keep searching for that remedy…

The eye cream retails for $44.95 Aus monies and you can find it here.

What eye creams are you loving at the moment beauty bees?

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Beauty Bee~

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