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Review: The Jojoba Company Presents: Jojoba Bead & Bamboo Facial Exfoliant!

I love trying new innovative products as well as Australian skin care and makeup. There’s soooo many products out there on the market and finding something innovative, that works hard for you (after all the hard earned pennies you spent) and which comes from  a company with a great ethos is difficult!

I was a super lucky bee as I won a fantastic product from the lovely people at the Jojoba Company. I was really excited to try something from the Australian brand and later I found out that the exfoliant contains 96% natural ingredients 🙂 that’s always a bonus! This product really does tick all the boxes that I mentioned above.

I mainly use chemical exfoliants on my skin (you can read more about that here) and so I wasn’t sure if I would find good use for this exfoliant. Turns out, it is a multi functional product with really interesting ingredients. Not only can you use the the exfoliant as a manual scrub, but you can also use it as a deep cleansing/exfoliating mask! Perfect for when you’ve neglected your skin a bit, are run down and tired or don’t want to have a bazillion products, especially masks, sitting on your bathroom shelf collecting dust. I think we could all do with some spring cleaning when it comes to our bathroom cabinets and in getting rid of the old wintery skin on our faces 🙂


This is what the producer says about the effects of the exfoliant:

“A fusion of the finest Australian clays, bamboo and beads of pure golden jojoba to restore your skin’s natural  energy. Gently exfoliates dead skin cells leaving your complexion rejuvenated, smooth and glowing with vitality.” 

Th scrub contains bamboo stem powder (exfoliating), pure hydrating Australian jojoba (rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, D & E), Shea Butter (hydrating), Witch Hazel (calming and toning), Ivory clay (hydrating), Salicylic acid (natural exfoliating BHA), pure jojoba beads (exfoliating and nourishing), Sweet Almond oil, Macadamia seed oil, and vitamin E (antioxidant). Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? 🙂


The scrub contains jojoba beads. They are very gentle and quite small. They aren’t all regular in shape and that must be because they are from a natural source of jojoba beads. What surprised me the most about this exfoliant is the addition of clay to make the exfoliant even more multi-functional. Along with all the other ingredients, I’m left with such hydrated and deeply cleansed skin. I’ve never used a traditional clay mask and been left with such smooth and hydrated skin before.  You leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off the mask. You’re then left with the wonderful effects you can see for yourself 🙂 I felt sooo much better after the mask and I looked so much more awake (I would have settled for alive – but luckily for me, I got more than I bargained for 😉 )

Something else I’ve noticed is that the exfoliant isn’t the same gluggy, thick texture you would expect from a skincare product containing clay. It’s quite a light and thin texture. As the mask (or clay rather) is drying, it’s barely noticeable on the skin. I decided to show you a picture because I’m nice like that 😛 Be aware that I was very tired, so it’s not the most flattering shot!



You can find more information about the scrub here as well as find a stockist online from the Jojoba Company’s official website. The exfoliant will set you back $39.95 for 80ml. Do i think the scrub is worth the price? Yes 🙂 Not only because it is such a multifunctional product, but also because of the great ingredients. Oh and I guess most importantly, because of the great effects left on your skin! You will be radiant and all your other skin care products will work more effectively because they won’t have to fight through a layer of dead skin cells.

I’d like to try some of their all natural makeup removers next or maybe the all natural jojoba oil. I haven’t used an oil on my skin, even though I know that the reports are that they are great for all skin types – you just have to pick one that is right for your needs. If I get my hands on some more goodies, I will definitely let you know.

Have you tried any of the Jojoba Company’s products? Or maybe some face oils?

Catch ya later beauty bees!

Beauty Bee~

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