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Review: the Body Shop’s Honeymania Body Butter

I am big on honey. I loooove the stuff. Hence my name of course 😉 and I also <3 body butters. I love it when my skin is super soft and I don’t even mind that ‘protective, slip layer’ that body butters leave on the skin after application. Some body butters are lighter than others, so I suppose it’s about gaging what effect you are after and hydration level. The Honeymania body butter is marketed for dry skin while the Body Shop’s Shea body butter is designed for very dry skin in mind. And yes, Honeymania is slightly lighter, but it still moisturises fantastically.


Honeymania still contains all of those rich seed butters you come to expect from body butters; cocoa seed butter, shea butter, and sesame seed oil. It also contains glycerin, beeswax and honey harvested from wildflower nectars in Ethiopia (fairly traded honey to be exact). And it’s that wildflower honey that I love! I thought this body butter would smell like that very rich, sickly sweet honey scent we all know from the honeys we use at home on our toast , but instead it smells like honeysuckle or wild field flowers.  It’s just gorgeous. The Body Shop doesn’t use floral scents much in their products and especially not in their body butters, so this is a really nice change from all the fruit scented butters.


Above: I probably should have taken the photo before using the body butter but I couldn’t help myself 😛

As I mentioned, this body butter is lighter than say the shea body butter from the Body Shop, but it’s still rich and has a thick consistency. Not as thick as she butter in its purest form, but what you would expect from a body butter. It sinks in wonderfully into the skin and leaves only the thinest layer on top of the skin. The packaging claims that it hydrates the skin for 24 hours and I would have to agree with this claim. If the scent and ingredients sound like something that might appeal to you – then I highly recommend this body butter 🙂

The Body Shop’s Honeymania range is supposed to be limited edition, but it has been around for a while now (at least a good 2 months or so), so I do hope they do make it a permanent range. A sales assistant told me that she can’t see them removing it from their line anytime soon, so here’s to hoping! The body butter will set you back $27.95 for 200ml. You can check it out at the Body Shop or online here. 

What is your favourite Body Shop body butter? Have you tried any products from the Honeymania range?

Until next time beauty bees!

Beauty Bee~

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