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Review: the Body Shop’s Body Butter in Shea & Offer

Everybody knows about the Body Shop’s body butter range because all of the different scents and types are just DELICIOUS! I went into the Body Shop to pick up the new and some what limited edition body butter in Honeymania (I say somewhat, because originally it was promoted as a limited edition range, but it has been around for a good while now and the shop assistant I spoke to said that it probably will be around for a while still if it’s not made permanent) but instead I picked up a ‘jumbo’ size of the Shea body butter because it was going for the same price as the original sized tubs (for $29.90).

The ‘jumbo’ tubs contain 300ml of product, while the original sizes hold 200ml. As the Body Shop rarely (like never) does sales or promotions including their permanent range of products, I thought this was a really good deal! The only drawback is that not all of their body butters come in the jumbo sizes – you can only pick from Shea, Mango, Olive, Coconut, Strawberry and Morinaga (I’m assuming these may be their most popular body butters and yes, first world problem lol). I was umming and ahhhing between Strawberry and Shea as they are my favourites from the lot, but finally decided on Shea, as winter is coming soon to Aus!


The Shea body butter has a very thick consistency which isn’t surprising being a) made from Shea butter (which in it’s natural form, turns solid in cooler temperatures, like coconut oil) and b) being marketed towards very dry skin. The body butter does leave a film on your skin after application, but I personally like that lubricated feeling lol it makes me feel like my skin is extra protected and hydrated. Surprisingly, the body butter does spread nicely on your skin, especially after a hot bath or shower when your skin is still warm and damp.


I love that the shea butter is from a community fair trade project in Ghana – employing over 400 women. Some people have an issue with with the Body Shop not being 100% natural in their ingredients – however, you have to give them credit for sourcing all the ingredients they can from community fair trade projects – that’s SO much better than most companies. I personally, don’t mind that the scent for example, may not be 100% natural. The scent is to die for. It’s nutty but soooo creamy. I had a look at the ingredients and after water, the second ingredient listed is shea butter – so you know the body butter is packed with the stuff! Surprisingly the third ingredient listed is cocoa seed butter – even better! It keeps going luckily, there’s also glycerin, beeswax, and babassu oil (sourced from South America – also from fair trade community projects) and Lanolin Alcohol (Stabiliser/Emollient).


The lovely sales assistant who I spoke to, said that the offer will be still going for two weeks – so if your in Australia, hop to it 🙂 They are also offering shower gels in jumbo sizes and apparently you get even more bang for your buck there! Check out the jumbo products online here.

What is your favourite body butter from the Body Shop? I also have a soft spot for their Vitamin E body butter, because to me it smells like a powdery and sweet baby powder. I’m definately buying their Honeymania body butter next – I have a thing for honey at the moment if you can’t tell from my Manuka honey post!

Catch ya next time beauty bees!

Beauty Bee~

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