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Review: Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist 💦⭐️🌕

Happy March Beauties! Gosh February was mental for me… I had SO much work and personal things going on at home, I found it hard to function. So I was in survival mode and the blog came second I’m afraid. Here’s to hoping that March will be easier, which also means more reviews and posts! 😊☀️☁️ Today I will be reviewing a facial mist from Tatcha that I have been using on and off for a few years. I’d say that I’ve really gotten into skin mists the last year or so. I use them to dampen my skin after cleansing (to help skincare products sink in thereafter) and after makeup application, to get rid of any visible ‘powder’ sitting on top of my skin making it look dry. However, I don’t use the Tatcha mist  after cleansing but rather… after makeup application. Why? Find out below!

So what is it?

Spritz on serious hydration and just the right amount of luminosity with this milky, moisture-rich emulsion. Designed for use both on bare skin and over makeup, so you can refresh your complexion anytime, anywhere.

Akin to a mist-on moisturiser, this deeply hydrating, glow-granting elixir replenishes moisture and boosts radiance for a plump, supple and next-level luminous complexion. This milky emulsion is loaded with a blend of squalene, red algae and Tatcha’s anti-ageing, antioxidant-rich HADASEI-3™ complex that acts to rehydrate and bring life back to dull, parched skin. Mist on bare skin or over foundation to instantly soften, smooth, refresh and give a lustworthy dewiness to your complexion.

Formulated with more than 20 percent botanical oils and humectants that leave skin dewy. A proprietary complex of Okinawa Red Algae and hyaluronic acid delivers highly efficient hydration to the skin, acting as the ultimate moisture magnet. It’s also infused with Hadasei-3™ Anti-Aging Complex, a trinity of Japanese anti-aging superfoods—green tea, rice and algae—that restores youthful radiance.

The Dewy Skin Mist has a super-fine perfume sprayer, so it only takes 2-3 spritzes for your whole face. Use right before applying makeup so that it goes on flawlessly; when your skin is hydrated, makeup goes on more smoothly for a dewy, glowing look. Take it with you for easy touch-ups on the go; in just a couple spritzes, the Dewy Skin Mist refreshes skin and gives it an extra glow. Since makeup can steal away moisture from your skin, you can also spritz the mist over makeup to replenish moisture and prevent caking. It won’t disturb makeup, so you can use it anytime, anywhere.

I must have ordered the Luminous Dewy Skin Mist for the first time 5 years ago now… the reason why I ordered it back then (I was not into mists at all then) was because of the ingredients in formula. Yes, Tatcha makes beautiful looking products and they sound great, but what I love most of all, is that the ingredient lists generally contain a whole host of antioxidants and hydrators. This mist is no exception – the ingredient list is really impressive 🌟 The first expectation I had from the mist, is that it would be hydrating. And it really is thanks to glycerine (a humectant which draws water into the skin and has some antioxidant properties) and squalene (keeps skin soft, smooth and moist. Because our bodies recognise squalene as a compound produced by our bodies naturally, it quickly absorbs into the skin and does not leave an oily residue). Both these ingredients are right at the top of the ingredient list, so your skin will get a good dose of them. Next we have rice germ oil (oryza sativa) which is a hydrating emollient (softens skin and makes it ‘cushiony’). This type of rice germ oil is super special because it contains and antioxidant gamma oryzanol. Not only does is scavenge free-radicals to neutralise them  👊💥 but oryzanol also helps to stabilise oils and fatty acids within your skin. Camellia japonica seed oil, boosts collagen production in the skin whilst also increasing hydration. You can tell that even these couple of ingredients do a lot for your skin and are seriously hydrating.

The other hero ingredient in this mist (and pretty much all Tatcha skincare products!) is Okinawa red algae ferment which makes up one portion of the HADASEI complex (the other two ingredients in the complex are green tea and rice bran oil). Okinawa red algae has been found to be remarkably similar to skin’s collagen meaning that it may enhance water retention and barrier function when topically applied to the skin. Okinawa red algae is also a rich source of skin-supporting sugars called polysaccharides, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, proteins, and nearly all essential vitamins (Postępy Fitoterapii, 2009 – note, a Polish language academic article 😝 random huh!). The HADASEI complex is a blend of green tea (known for it’s antioxidant rich properties). Licorice root extract is also included (bonus!) and that’s an anti-inflammatory gem and also hydrates the skin (check out Futurederm for more info on skin care ingredients).

So what are my thoughts about the mist? I do really like it. It isn’t dewy in the way you would expect – when I think of dewy I think of of a slight sheen on the skin, almost like a light (very light…) oil reflection or residue. It’s hydrating but I don’t know that I would say that it leaves skin looking dewy… I use my mist on top of my makeup, as the very last step in my makeup application. I do this because I hate the way that powder can leave your skin looking dry. I want any powder on my skin to look invisiible. I also admit that I use it for this purpose because you only get 40ml of product and I want it to last as long as possible. I don’t wear makeup everyday, but I cleanse my skin everyday, so if I used it after cleansing, I would run out of it very quickly… I do agree that the amazing ingredients would benefit your skin the most after cleansing because skin is clean and it can absorb as much of the mist as possible. On top of makeup, a lot of the ingredients just aren’t going to penetrate through all of that makeup and product. To me however, the more hydration my skin gets in any form and antioxidants – the better.  That’s my reasoning anyhoo lol

My makeup does look a lot better after using the Luminous Skin Mist because all the layers of makeup start to ‘unify’ and gel together. It doesn’t inhibit oil production, so my skin throughout the day does become dewy as a result lol but does the mist leave my skin looking dewy immediately? No. I think they should have replaced the word ‘Dewy’ with ‘Hydrating’ because I think a lot of Beauties will probably expect instant dewiness and will be let down after using it for the first time. It would probably bother a lot of people if it did however (make skin immediately dewy) because everyone prefers and interprets the word ‘dewy’ to mean different things, so this way you can use as little or as much product throughout the day without worrying about your skin becoming an oily mess. And thank goodness it doesn’t contain shimmer *shudder*…. It’s focused on skin-loving ingredients instead, which is SO much better 🥰  It doesn’t leave an oily reside on your skin at all. It does also help to relieve dry patches – you know how they can look patchy and even get itchy? The mist most certainly helps in that regard.

The mist is seriously fine. With two sprays you can get a good even layer of mist on your whole face. Like a veil. So you don’t need a lot. If it were cheaper, or if you got more product, I probably would use it after cleansing. It comes in a glass bottle which is super luxe and fancy. The gold finishes on the bottle and nozzle are beautiful 💛💜 The nozzle and bottle feel super durable. You can control how much mist you dispense onto skin very easily. I also like that it’s a slim glass bottle. It looks sophisticated and minimalistic. It does have that Japanese aesthetic doesn’t it? 🇯🇵🌸🌸🌸

Because it’s not massive, you could easily pop it into your handbag and you shouldn’t be too worried about spills. I would also take it on planes with me as it comes in under 100ml. At the moment the mist costs $73 at Mecca. A lot, I know… On the Tatcha website it comes in at $48 US dollars, which is roughly $68 Australian dollars. Give or take a few dollars, paying $73 Aus dollars isn’t too bad at all. But it doesn’t make the product cheaper by any means lol…

Is it a must have product? That’s up to you. I really enjoy using it and love the ingredient list, but because of the price point and amount of product you get, wouldn’t call it a must have. Maybe if Tatcha is reading this they can bring out a larger size which is more economical? 😜😝 That would be wonderful and hopefully means that more Beauties could try it out!

So tell me Beauties, does this mist call your name? Would you try it or can you try it? Are you a mist fan?

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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