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Review: Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File

When I first saw this electronic foot file I thought – genius! You see, while my feet aren’t in a terrible condition (I try to scrub them while I’m in the bath every now and then and I don’t have heel cracks or anything) but I could never get my feet really really soft. Plus, manual scrubbing can take a while and not all foot files are abrasive enough. So I thought that this baby would solve all of those issues. Now it isn’t very cheap. It comes in at $49.95 Australian schmackos – however I bought mine on sale for $30.


The foot file feels pretty durable (it isn’t as light as I imagined it to be) and is run on regular sized AA batteries. The batteries are included with the electronic foot file, which is great considering the the foot file isn’t cheap (for a foot file). The one thing I should mention is that the foot file won’t automatically start when you switch it on – you have to unscrew the bottom of the handle where the batteries are located, and remove the little orange paper sitting on top of the batteries (as in the photo below). The paper stops the batteries from working and I assume this is so when someone takes out the foot file out of the packaging, they don’t get a fright by accidentally switching it on! This took me ages to figure out lol You also receive a little clear case which fits on top of the roller ball in order to keep it protected.


The roller ball does feel quite abrasive to the touch and while I was happy about this I did wonder if it would hurt. But never fear! It doesn’t hurt at all (probably because it spins so quickly and because you aren’t supposed to hold it against your skin in one spot for more than 3-4 seconds) it can actually tickle! In saying that though, it’s not as powerful in regards to exfoliation as I would like it to be (I sound like an exfoliation crack addict!). It makes sense in a way – the manufacturers probably don’t want people to hurt themselves, specifically their feet, when using this tool. So in saying that, if you want better results, you will have to use it every other day until you are satisfied with the softness of your feet and use very rich foot creams after using the electronic foot file. The skin which is exfoliated comes off your feet like dust and you can easily rise the dust off the roller ball by removing it from the tool (the tool/electronic part of the foot file isn’t waterproof).


The packaging says that you need to buy a new replacement roller head after 12 treatments. Firstly, it’s hard to keep count of how many times you have used the foot file and secondly, I don’t know how long they consider one treatment to be. So far, I’ve probably used my electronic foot file about 6 or 7 times and the roller ball still looks and feels abrasive to the touch, which is a good sign. A replacement does cost $10, which again, isn’t the cheapest, especially if you use it often. The foot file does make taking care of your feet easier and maybe I’d even say more enjoyable. Do I think it’s worth $50? No. I wouldn’t buy it for that price. If you keep a lookout for it at your supermarket or chemist/pharmacy, you should find it either on sale or on some sort of promotion eventually – $30 is probably about right price in my opinion. The electronic foot file is definitely a great idea and innovation, so hopefully they keep tweaking it (maybe by introducing different  roller heads which vary in their abrasiveness!). It isn’t a product which you NEED but it does make life easier, especially if it’s a part of your body which you tend to neglect.

Have you tried this product? What is your favourite foot care product?


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