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Review: Santorini Sun Organics Gradual Tan Moisturiser

With Spring in full swing now, it’s the perfect time to think about scrubbing up and using a little fake tan to look more ‘alive’ after the winter months. I generally really like gradual tanners – they tend to build up nicely and your less likely to look an oompa loompa! This is one gradual tanner I still had left over from some months prior and I thought it was best that I start to use it up. I like supporting Australian brands, especially the little guys in face of the big cosmetic corporations. So last year when I heard about the brand Santorini Sun an all natural and organic self-tanning line, I thought I’d give them a try!


I actually received mine with a pump, which is a great idea. It’s quite a light lotion and it gives a nice, light amount of hydration to the skin. Perfect for summer when you don’t want to feel sticky or greasy. It does have a little bit of a ‘smell’ like traditional tanning products. It’s not very strong, but if you want something that doesn’t smell at all, then this isn’t for you. What disappointed me is that you can’t build the colour up with this gradual tanning moisturiser. The colour is very natural and light, perfect coming straight out of winter, however, if you wanted to build up the colour especially more into the season, then it’s a no can do. Even though I’m pretty fair, because I have quite a neutral skin tone that does naturally tan in summer, my skin tone usually works well with fake tanning products. I have to say that I was really surprised at how light the effect was with this gradual tanner. It would be perfect for someone who usually can’t use fake tanning products because their skin tone is to pink or extremely pale/fair (or for someone who is afraid of tanning products!). For me though, its a little disappointing. Santorini Sun say that you can also use this product on your face, but I haven’t tried it on my face (not something I’m used to doing, especially being the skin care junkie that I am!).

The price for this 250ml bottle is $23.95 Aus, which is reasonable I think. I myself still prefer the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Body Lotion, as it’s half the price (about $9-10), you can build the colour up if you want to and the ‘fake tan smell’ is mostly covered up by the smell of Palmer’s Cocoa butter. For those looking for an all natural, organic formula, then you might be in luck if you also happen to be very fair and are looking for only the slightest touch of colour which looks very very natural.

Available from the Santorini Sun website here.

What are your favourite bronzing/tanning products beauty bees?

Catch ya next time!

Beauty Bee~

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