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Review: Sally Hansen Jaded & Mega Shine Top Coat

I am so impressed with this Sally Hansen nail polish! It was only $10 from Priceline here is Aus and while I looooved the colour, I wasn’t so sure that the formula would be decent. And boy was I wrong, it’s great! It’s not streaky, however you do need about two coats to get a decent colour payoff. If you do two coats, then it’s fab and won’t chip quickly after all of your hard work! Mine lasts about 5 days without chipping and that’s including with a top coat (sometimes longer to).



My favourite top coat at the moment is also from Sally Hansen. It’s her Mega Shine Top Coat and it’s fab! It’s super shiny, helps your nail polish last longer AND helps your nail polish dry MUCH quicker. I’ve had this bottle for a while so I can’t remember the price, but online it’s telling me that it’s $15 at Priceline (in Aus).


Have you tried any of these?

See you soon beauty bees!

Beauty Bee~

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