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Review: Rouge d’Armani Lipstick in #102

I hadn’t tried any Armani lip products before until I bought this lipstick on a whim. I saw some swatches of the colour #102 online and in a Polish magazine, so I thought it could be the perfect nude lippy for me! Of course, it ended up being a little different in real life to what I imagined it to be (doesn’t it always?) but it is still very lovely so I’m happy I bought it 🙂


Rouge d’Armani is Armani’s original lipstick formula. It is meant to be long-wearing and provide intense colour. The formula is meant to be comfortable, hydrating and provide shine without feathering or fading. The black lacquered casing has a magnetic closure, so when you pop the case back onto the lipstick bullet, you hear that satisfying ‘click’ 😀 It’s great! As it’s a high end lipstick, I was expecting the lipstick to perform exceptionally well. I would describe the formula as a creamy satin, with a little micro shimmer. It’s buttery soft and gorgeously hydrating. I definitely don’t feel like it dries out my lips, even after a good few hours of wear.


Because it does contain micro shimmer, the lipstick has a nice sheen to it. It isn’t reflective shiny like a lipgloss – it’s much more sophisticated. It’s similar to say a rich lip balm you might own. It is nicely pigmented, but I wouldn’t say it’s 100% opaque with one swipe. You needs two swipes of the lipstick for a full rich colour to show up on the lips, so with one swipe it’s probably more at about 75% opacity. That’s still pretty good considering that it isn’t a matte lipstick (which contain the highest proportion of pigments).


Armani claim that the lipstick will last a full 8 hours of wear time and I was most definitely sceptical of this claim, since it’s a hydrating satin lipstick which would theoretically, move around and come away from the lips more easily. While I wouldn’t say that this particular colour last a full 8 hours on the lips, I was surprised by it’s longevity. I would say that I get 4-5 hours of wear and during that time, the colour stay vibrant and glossy. It really does depend on how much eating and drinking you will be doing, so wear time is individual. I think the good wear time does come from the fact that the lipstick contains perhaps more pigment than regular hydrating satin lipsticks do. If you have dry lips, I  feel like some of the shimmer does make it a little more obvious (this isn’t necessarily the lipsticks fault, because dry flaky skin ‘catches’ more of the lipstick, so it builds up more in certain areas). If there is a day where my lips are especially dry, I just use to finger to disperse (by dabbing) any extra lipstick which has gotten caught up on my lips. It feels very comfortable, so it doesn’t make dry lips worse.


And now the colour! 😀 I bought the lipstick because I thought it would be a light to medium pinky nude. What I didn’t expect, was that there would be some peach in the lipstick. I generally don’t do peach toned lipsticks. Peach tones just make me look odd – like something isn’t quite right lol tropical disease anyone? Luckily in this lipstick, the peach is very minimal and subtle. It is more visible in some lights, but there is enough pink to balance it out. It must have more pink tones within it than peach, because it doesn’t feel like it overwhelms my fair and neutral skin tone *phew.

IMG_0811 (1)

Above: A good look at the Rouge d’Armani lipstick in #102 on my lips 🙂 Oh and this is the simplest makeup look ever!

Armani has so many tantalising lip products that I’m seriously tempted to try more… oh the life of a beauty bee huh! I bought my Rouge d’Armani from Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics (free shipping is included with every order!). It is expensive, but with a discount I payed about $47. Have you tried any Armani lip products before? 🙂

Catch ya next time beauties,

Beauty Bee~

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