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Review: Revlon Sculpt & Highlight Contour Kit

I haven’t reviewed  makeup product in aggggges – so here we are today 🙂 I decided to review this little kit of face powders, because I actually hit pan on one! Hallelujah! That does not happen very often beauties and proves, I don’t just look at my makeup collection all day 🙂 I quickly bought a backup of the product and just love that it is affordable and actually pretty bloody good quality. So here I present to you, the Revlon Sculpt & Highlight Contour Kit, co-developed with Chloe Morello!

There’s two colour versions of the face powder kits – Light/Medium and Medium/Tan. I have the kit in Light/Medium, since I am quite fair.

The Sculpt and Highlight kit comes with four face powders; a yellow Banana powder for covering redness and dark circles (so for setting concealer), a Glow powder (highlight), a Bronzer and Sculpting powder (contouring). There’s a multitude of these kind of ‘face powder sets’ out there, but what attracted me to this one, was the shade of the sculpting powder – a more neutral/cool light brown – absolutely perfectly suited to creating ‘shadows’ on your face. The sculpting powder is of course matte (as it should be), as is the bronzer, which for me is a rarity when it comes to drugstore makeup. This intrigued me more so than the palette being co-developed with Chloe Morello (though good on her for scoring such a high profile brand colab!). I would predict that she had something to do with 3 powders out of the 4 being matte, so lucky us 🙂 One question remains however, are the matte powders chalky???

Nope, not at all 🙂 they are a little powdery and soft if anything, so when you pick the powders up with a brush, you get a bit of fallout on the palette itself, but it isn’t major. This also means that the powders are not rock hard but soft instead, and I would much rather some soft powders over hard ones. When I first started to use the powders, in particular the sculpting powder, I thought they were a *little* patchy and hard to blend (I mentioned this on Instgram a while ago). I now take that comment back, because I think the powders are quite soft and buttery, but the key lies in using a high quality brush (with natural bristles if possible). They aren’t so insanely pigmented that you can mistakingly go overboard easily, but you can build the colours up and that’s really important – everyone wants control and choice!

Top to Bottom: Sculpting/Contour Powder, Bronzer, Highlighter and Banana Powder

The bronzer is a little warm and golden, rather than being red based – perfect for fair complexions. The Banana powder is nice, but I do prefer to use loose powders under the eyes (they tend to be more finely milled). It is nice though, and is great for using around the nose or other areas that get red easily. The highlight shade is the only ‘shimmery’ powder in the palette and Im so surprised at how sophisticated and subtle the glow is. There isn’t any chunky glitter in sight and because again, the powder is so soft and buttery (hands down the softest powder in the palette) it applies like a dreeeeam! You can actually pick up quite a bit of product using your finger, to dab some highlighter on your cheeks or cupids bow without a brush. That’s the real sign of a buttery powder! It’s pale peach shade, interestingly a little neautral/cool again, very natural and understated. This is my favourite highlighter for work, because you won’t look like you are trying to hard and the shade is so flattering, it will match almost every makeup look and outfit.

The highlighter and contour shades are my favourite because I can easily use them as eyeshadow also (a little definition thanks to the sculpting powder and a little shine on the centre of my eyelid). If Im pressed for time in the mornings before work, and this is 90% of the time when you are not a morning person, it’s a life saver because you know that with some contour and highlight, your face won’t look flat and you will look healthier overall. The powders blend beautifully, so I only need a minute max to contour and highlight. If the palette included a blush instead of the banana powder let’s say, it would be my perfect ‘face kit’ minus foundation. I’ve been taking it with me when travelling for work and it hasn’t let me down. It’s quite comparable to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, but a) it’s cheaper and b) it’s more compact, so it’s the winner hands down.

Above: No contour or highlight 🙁

Above: ‘Natural’ Contour and Highlight thanks to the Sculpt & Highlight Contour Kit 🙂

Above: Extreme Close-Up haha

The ‘kit’ comes with some nifty instructions, if you are a total bronzer/contour/highlight newbie 🙂 Though Youtube will be a saviour if this is you!

I do think you should try it, if you use two or more face powders in your makeup routine. I thought the palettes were limited edition, but they don’t seem to be now… in any case, Im glad I have a back up, just in case 😉 The Medium/Tan Kit will lean warm I imagine, perfect for medium to dark complexions – though I wonder if that kit’s sculpting shade is warm or cool… let me know if you know! I’ll let you know if I find out before you 😉 The price of the Sculpt & Highlight Contour Kit is $24.95 and can be picked up at Priceline stores.

Would you use a kit like this beauties? I think Revlon has done such a great job (along with Chloe of course) they deserve a pat on the back!

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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