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Review: Rationale Super Antioxidant Serum 💧🍊🍋☀️

Another day, another serum LOL I’m like a broken record I know… I can’t help but try another vitamin C serum. What’s a girl to do?!? At least it’s not damaging to anyone else except my poor waller *sigh but that’s a discussion for another day. Today, it’s all about Rationale’s number ‘2’ serum: Super Antioxidant Serum. Why is it serum number ‘2’? Well Rationale has a skincare system based around 6 essential steps. Step ‘1’ is their Immunologist Serum, which I believe you are to use first in the morning and then use serum ‘2’ on top of it. Rationale is a very pricey Australian cosmeceutical brand. I chose serum 2 instead of 1 because it’s based on vitamin C, E and A (I’m interested in vitamins C and E for morning use, because they protect against free radical damage, they ‘recharge’ each other on a molecular level and protect against pigmentation/sun damage). Serum 1 also protects your skin against pigmentation but in a different way (it boost your skins ability to protect itself and heroes different active/central ingredients). Why didn’t I buy or try both? Because I can’t bring myself to do it… The Immunologist Serum costs $170 AUD while the Super Antioxidant Serum costs $162 AUD. I just can’t justify to myself spending $300 plus on serums that I would use only in the mornings. I’m sure they would work amazingly together but maybe seeing what each serum does on its own is also a good idea. It’s a shame they don’t offer a duo pack that saves you some pennies, however, I think Rationale is one of those ‘so luxe and exclusive brands we don’t do sales’ bullshit. Yes, I call it bullshit because I think it’s elitist. I get that well formulated products designed and made in Australia will be pricey and I’m happy to pay more, but come on. Anyways, I’ve gone off on a tangent LOL let’s get back to the Super Antioxidant Serum and what I think of all it’s qualities 😅🍊🍋💧🌟

Super Antioxidant Serum 30ml Youthful Skin Tone + Texture Rejuvenates, re-firms and reactivates luminosity with Broad Spectrum Antioxidants. Australian SolarProtective Botanicals prevent sun-induced oxidation and glycation.This Broad Spectrum Antioxidant formula combines skin identical Vitamins A, C + E, Glutathione, Superoxide Dismutase and Ubiquinone with native Australian SolarProtective Botanicals to protect skin from oxidative stress and rejuvenate sun damaged tissue. Ceramides and Lipids replenish the skin’s natural barrier responsible for maintaining skin hydration and radiance.


  1. Re-firms and rejuvenates sun damaged skin

  2. Prevents glycation, maintaining skin firmness and elasticity

  3. Defends against UVR and formation of ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species)

  4. Promotes collagen synthesis for firmer skin

  5. Improves skin translucency and radiance

  6. Helps fade pigmentation and boost brightness Directions

  1. Smooth gently over face, neck, chest and back of hands each morning.

  2. Use in conjunction with your prescribed Rationale Essential Six formulas for maximum daily rejuvenation and protection.  Active Ingredients Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate)

  3. Potent, stable form of Vitamin C 

  4. Stimulates collagen synthesis 

  5. Brightens hyperpigmentation

  6. Re-firms and rejuvenates skin Vitamin A

  7. Stimulates collagen synthesis  

  8. Protection of DNA when absorbing UVR 

  9. Encourages healthy skin cell rejuvenation  Vitamin E (Tocopherols + Tocotrienols)

  10. Enhances solar protection

  11. Blocks the formation of ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species)

  12. Reduces visible signs of UV damage

  13. Helps fade hyperpigmentation 

  14. Augments Natural Moisturising Factors within skin  Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10)

  15. Supports cellular energy production

  16. Neutralises superoxide radicals

  17. Augments + protects intercellular lipids Glutathione

  18. Potent Antioxidant

  19. Prevents the formation of free radicals Superoxide Dismutase

  20. Deactivates damaging superoxide radicals Australian SolarProtective Botanicals

  21. Enhances skin’s natural solar defence mechanisms 

  22. Prevents solar-induced DNA damage 

  23. Stimulates healthy collagen production 

  24. Strengthens barrier function 

First of all, this serum uses a new and flashy form of vitamin C – ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate. Before I get into this, I’ll mention that for me vitamin C and E is much more important than vitamin A. I know from reading Nicki’s Futurederm blog that vitamin C needs to formulated into a product with a specific PH level to be extra effective/absorb, while the PH level for vitamin A absorption is different to this, so there’s no major benefit in having BOTH vitamins in a serum/treatment product. Added to this, most of us know that vitamin A makes your skin photosensitive, but retinol is listed higher than ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate in the ingredient list. We don’t know how much vitamin C or retinol (vitamin A) is actually in the serum percentage wise because Rationale doesn’t tell us (I hate it when companies don’t tell you this!) but these two ingredients are high up in the ingredient list so there’s a decent amount I would think. Hey, maybe this is such an innovative formula that the PH problem isn’t a problem (but I doubt it…).

Back to  ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate! This is the newest form of vitamin C to hit the cosmeceutical market. Here is what Futurederm say about this new form of vitamin C and what it can do;

“A molecule derived from vitamin C and isopalmitic acid, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate has been shown to absorb into skin faster than any of the other forms of vitamin C tested (Clinics in Dermatology, 2008). Aside from that benefit, it appears to have similar collagen-rebuilding properties to other forms of vitamin C, as shown in its ability to increase UVA/UVB photoprotection and to aid in the healing of burns (Photochemistry and Photobiology, 2008; Burns, 2010; International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 2007).” Futurederm

It could potentially be irritating for sensitive skin, but I don’t find that it tingles or ‘burns’ for that matter on my skin. The serum has a great non-oily texture, which sinks and absorbs into the skin beautifully. It has a sweet orange scent and a bright yellow colour. I wouldn’t say that may skin instantly looks better after applying this serum, but over a few weeks I’ve definitely noticed that my skin looks brighter and just healthier. It’s hard to pin-point perhaps, but my skin feels like it can function better. If it can function better it can also protect itself better from aggressors like free radicals but also dryness (environmental stress) and UV rays (pigmentation, DNA damage etc.). This would also be thanks to the other ingredients in this serum (yes, there’s a lot of stuff in there!) from the ceramides, to the peptides, glycerin and other hydrators, powerful antioxidants like vitamin E and Ubiquinone (CoQ10). So despite the ‘contradiction’ of pairing vitamin C and A together perhaps, it’s a wonderfully intense formula that packs a punch. And that’s what you want from a serum right?!

The serum contains a pipette applicator which I hate lol… Firstly, because you need to open the bottle every time you use it, serum degradation thanks to air and light is inevitable. Even a stable form of vitamin C can break down. Luckily it doesn’t contain L-ascorbic acid (the most popular form of vitamin C), which is notoriously unstable. ButI hate the pipette most of all because the dropper is big, which means when you start running out of serum, it’s harder and harder to dispense the serum. I like the glass bottle it is housed in and think the packaging looks elegant – but it could be improved and made more practical.

Above: I’m not sure why the colour of the serum doesn’t translate on camera- it’s much brighter in person – almost a neon yellow!

All in all, I do like this serum a lot. Yes, there’s things that annoy me because it’s not perfect, but hey who is?! Lol! It’s up to you to decide if you can put up with the serums ‘quirks’. I do really like the formula and how it leaves my skin feeling and looking. It’s not going to be accessible for everyone because of the cost, it comes in at $162 AUD for 30ml. International shipping is also available for $20, which is awesome. Will I repurchase it again? I think so. I’ll keep searching for new and exciting vitamin C serums because I’m fickle like that, but I would happily try this one again if I had the extra cash to spend. My other go-to serums which I’ve gone back to time and time again, is any Futurederm vitamin C serum, Aspect Extreme C 20 serum and SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic serum.

So tell me Beauties, would you try this serum if you could? What are your go-to vitamin C serums? Let me know!

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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