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Review: Rationale B3-T Tinted Superfluid SPF50 & Beautiful Skin Superfluid SPF50 C1 ☀️🌻🌸🌼

I love that we have SO much choice when it comes to sunscreens on the market! Not only are they sophisticated formulas that protect skin wonderfully against all different types of UV rays, they are also pleasant to use and perform a hybrid function of being good for your skin (treating and protecting like skincare does) and making it look good (like cosmetics and makeup!) 🙌🙌🙌 Higher end sunscreens in particular have exploded on the market and today I wanted to talk about two seriously fancy and sophisticated sunscreens from Australian cosmeceutical brand, Rationale ☀️🌻🌼🌸🐝

I love Rationale! I’ve reviewed many of their products over the last couple of years (Catalyst range here, Beautiful Superfluids here and Proceramide Cleanser here!). Their products are almost like ‘medicines’ in regards to how they treat skin. So much so, I believe their sunscreens are registered as medicines or ‘therapeutic goods‘ in Australia by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Australia). Wow right?!? And that’s on top of sunscreen going through rigorous lab tests here in Oz (MUCH more rigorous compared to other countries) to make sure that the sun protection factors are tested and and true. The two formulas I have to review for you today are really interesting in their consistency, application, finish and protection. So stick around if you’d like to know more! 😊

Beautiful Skin Superfluid SPF 50 in C1 B3-T Tinted Superfluid SPF50 is a sheer, tinted daily serum designed for ultimate skin hydration and solar protection. Fortified with Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) and powerful Green and Red Tea Extract Antioxidants plus Vitamins C + E, this super lightweight formula soothes as it protects skin from environmental aggressors. Perfect for even the most sensitive skin.


  1. Liberates and amplifies skin’s natural luminosity

  2. Evens out skin tone and minimises imperfections

  3. Protects skin from the entire Solar Constant

  4. Augments skin moisturisation within the skin

  5. Boosts the skin’s own solar defence mechanisms

  6. Offers a hyper-natural skin finishActive IngredientsSunscreen Actives (Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide + Iron Oxide)

  7. Broad-spectrum combination of Solar Constant filters

  8. Liquid Crystals boosts the skin’s own Liquid Crystal Array 

  9. Amplifies skin luminosity by reflecting light

  10. Reinforces skin integrity and barrier functionCeramides

  11. Elicits ultimate skin hydration

  12. Fortifies barrier function Amino Acids

  13. Increases Natural Moisturising Factors within the skin

  14. Replenishes hydration

  15. Strengthens the skin’s barrier functionMinerals (Magnesium Potassium + Calcium)

  16. Augments skin resilience

  17. Maximises solar defence mechanisms + barrier protectionAustralian SolarProtective Botanicals

  18. Provides Antioxidant protection against free radical damage

  19. Boosts the skin’s natural solar defence mechanisms

  20. Protects against solar-induced DNA damage

  21. Reduces redness + strengthens the skin

I don’t know where to start with this sunscreen it does so much! lol 😂😅 Firstly, Beautiful Skin Superfluid sunscreen comes in three shades. Alongside providing high broad spectrum 50+ sun protection, ‘chromaphores’ and ‘microcrystalline’ light diffusing particles gives skin a sophisticated glow and radiance. The particles are a little like shimmers and they are so small and smooth, that they melt into your skin and look just like your ‘skin’. But better! The shade I have is C1, for fairy and rosy complexions. C2 is for warm and golden complexions, while C3 is for Rich Deep complexions. What makes these ‘shades’ work for a variety of skin tones is that the sunscreen is partially transparent, so the slight colour deposited on your skin, isn’t quite like a foundation, but rather a tinted moisturiser of sorts. C1’s shimmer particles lean pink, hence the colour of the sunscreen will work for all fair skin tones without clashing with pink, yellow or neutral undertones.

The sunscreen has an interesting oily-emollient texture. It’s very light and ‘liquidy’. Crazily, you only need 2-3 drops of this sunscreen for full face protection against the sun! The confusing part of the product description for me is that it says that you can ‘apply a second layer for additional coverage and protection’. I’m assuming that a second layer just means you haven’t ‘missed’ any parts of your face and that enough product has been applied in order to get the 50+ SPF protection. I just find it a little confusing because 2-3 drops should give you ultimate protection as described on the product. Maybe I’m just being fussy, that’s entirely possible! My next gripe of sorts is that the nozzle dispenser, doesn’t release ‘uniform drops’. Depending on how much pressure you use to squeeze the bottle, your ‘drop’ may be bigger or smaller. So this ‘direction’ from the company doesn’t really make sense to me. I probably apply too much product but at least I know I’m getting full sun protection! I apply about a 10 cent piece of product for my entire face. Despite having an oily-emollient texture, it’s very light and the product dries down. The ‘glowing pigments’ reflect light of course and if you are not applying makeup over the top of it, skin is left looking a little dewy but not crazily so. It looks healthy and naturally radiant! Oily skin should still like this sunscreen because it doesn’t make you a grease ball and certainly doesn’t break you out. Hydrated skin is healthy skin, so a bit of sheen is always good in my humble opinion. This is why I love the product so 🌟💛❤️

The ingredient list for the sunscreen is really long, but I just love that it works to prevent inflammation and is great for sensitive skin thanks to containing zinc oxide, contains Australian botanicals which are antioxidants that protect skin and cells from damage (thanks to free radicals and UV rays), calms and soothes blemishes (again thanks to zinc oxide!) and is hydrating thanks to skin-identical ceramides (this means your skin produces them naturally, but can be diminished for various reasons). It’s like a serum as well as a sunscreen!

Because the sunscreen contains three different types of sun protective ingredients (zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and iron oxide) you know you are getting serious good sun protection! Zinc oxide protects very well against UVA (ageing rays!) and hence is better at protecting your skin against pigmentation. Titanium dioxide on the other hand, stops longer UVB rays in their tracks. So the two ingredients compliment each other brilliantly. Not only that, they are both physical sun blockers which bounce UV rays off your skin, instead of absorbing them. Apparently Iron Oxide doesn’t provide enough sun protection on its own, but added to other UV blocking ingredients, bolsters sun protection and adds that little bit more coverage. Physical sun blockers have that negative connotation that they will be thick, pasty and leave a white cast (especially zinc oxide) so it’s even more remarkable that this sunscreen is SO light and pleasant to use. It is the opposite of everything you think it would be – it is light, emollient and leaves a transparent glow on the skin 🌟🙌

Makeup sits on top of this sunscreen wonderfully. It doesn’t change the texture or the colour of foundation when sitting on top of this sunscreen. It’s just great though, that even without makeup, this sunscreen makes your skin look better! That makes it worth your buck. But it does cost quite a few bucks lol… on that note, you get 30ml of product for $88 AUD. Not cheap. Especially if you use it liberally like I do lol! But I can’t help it and I can’t help loving it either 😊✌️

B3-T Tinted Superfluid SPF50B3-T Tinted Superfluid SPF50 is a sheer, tinted daily serum designed for ultimate skin hydration and solar protection. Fortified with Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) and powerful Green and Red Tea Extract Antioxidants plus Vitamins C + E, this super lightweight formula soothes as it protects skin from environmental aggressors. Perfect for even the most sensitive skin.


  1. Super lightweight SPF50 protection perfect for daily use

  2. Vitamin B3 and Antioxidants including Vitamins C + E and Tea Extracts

  3. Augments skin moisturisation and barrierActive IngredientsNiacinamide (Vitamin B3) 

  4. Helps prevent photoimmuosuppression in human skin

  5. Enhances cell-to-cell communication in-vivo (within the skin)

  6. Fortifies skin barrier function, reduces irritation and increases hydration of the stratum corneumGreen + Red Tea Extracts

  7. Deliver powerful antioxidant protection to skin cells, helping to reduce the formation of free radicals

  8. Provide anti-inflammatory properties to help prevent UV-induced erythema and other markers of solar damageVitamins C + E

  9. Boosts antioxidant protection to help prevent free radical and UV damage to skin cellsVitamins E

Boosts antioxidant protection to help replenish and prevent the peroxidation of vital skin lipids
Anti-inflammatory active

The B3-T Tinted Superfluid is a little different to the Beautiful Skin Superfluid, and they differ a little in their ingredients (and proportions of each ingredient).  The B3 stands for vitamin B3, niacinamide (which I love! I) and the ‘T’ for tinted.

Niacinamide is the water soluble component of vitamin B3. of Niacinamide does it all; reduces fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation spots, red blotchiness skin sallowness (yellowing) and increases elasticity. But that’s not all!!! It’s made up of a few coenzymes and without getting all technical (because I’m not a doctor or a dermo!) the coenzymes participate in a variety of enzymatic oxidation-reduction reactions essential for processes such as tissue respiration, lipid metabolism, and glycogenolysis. I may not understand all of those processes, but hey, it sounds good to me LOL 😂  It’s an extremely hydrating ingredient and stops Trans Epidermal Water Loss. At 2% topical application it can lighten skin (hyperpigmentation especially well) and even out your skin tone so it is radiant! 🌟 Niacinamide is ingredient number 4 in the ingredients, which means that there is a LOT of it in this sunscreen. Based on that fact alone, this is a stand out product that really is a treatment serum as well as a sunscreen! ☀️❤️ I also love that the first ingredient is orange blossom flower. It just sounds so fancy! 🍊🍊🍊🌱 Very high up on the ingredient list is also green, white and rooibos tea, which means that this sunscreen has some seriously hard hitting antioxidants in its formula. Brilliant! 👊💥

The B3-T Tinted Superfluid is also different from the Beautiful Skin Superfluid in the UV protectors it utilises. These are chemical sun blockers, so they may not be as great for sensitive skin as physical blockers are. This superfluid uses Octocrylene, which on it’s own isn’t a great UV filter because it’s great at absorbing UVB rays but not UVA. However, it stops other chemical UV filters from breaking down – really important! There is also homosalate in this sunscreen, an organic sun blocker, also very good at blocking UVA rays. Trisiloxane does the heavy lifting by absorbing UVA and UVB rays and neutralising them into non-damaging heat.

Texture wise, despite the Beautiful Skin Superfluid being very emollient with a slight oily finish, the B3-T Superfluid is similar except that it is much more runny. Not quite a thin in consistency as water, a little thicker, but close. The tint is transparent, but it’s a warm tone. Because I am very fair (especially in Winter..) it makes my skin a little too warm to be worn alone. I just feel funny. I think it will be fine in Summer when I have a little bit of a tan. If you have a medium skin tone or can get away with warmer tones, it will be great for you! The great thing about this sunscreen is that underneath makeup, it doesn’t change the colour of my foundation. So I can still get lots of use out of it, even now in Winter. This sunscreen also doesn’t leave quite a glow like the Beautiful Skin Superfluid, but it still has the same emollient-dewy finish. It has a lot of slip to it but for me it’s not unpleasant at all. Hydrated, plump skin is what it feels and looks like after it’s been applied! Both sunscreens need to be shaken well before being dispensed.

Another difference with his B5-T sunscreen is that the directions say to ‘apply liberally’. As it’s such a thin consistency, you can apply it liberally and the sunscreen still won’t feel thick or tacky. The instructions could be a little more clear but hey, the more the better right?! And applying a second layer is a good idea also – you will be *almost* sun proof then! (that’s just a joke guys!) 😉😅

Applied a LOT for you to see the colour of the sunscreens tint.

The B3-T sunscreen somewhat blended out. 

This sunscreen is a touch cheaper, coming in at $75 but you get 50ml of product! I’m not sure why there is such a different in regards to the amount of product you get when the prices are comparable as is the sun protection – both products provide you with an SPF of 50. The B3-T sunscreen will last me for longer jus because you get more of it lol Because the Beautiful Skin Superfluid has a tint and finish that I love (dewy and radiant), is slightly thicker in consistency, I use more product especially if I am not wearing makeup over the top for the day. If these sunscreens were from any other brand, I would say to use both liberally – but because of this unique formula, you can get away with using less. This still messes with me psychologically, but maybe I will get there one day? I’d rather be safe than sorry, and unfortunately that also means I will most likely be poor LOL I will without a doubt use up the Beautiful Skin Superfluid more quickly… 😔

It’s really true that if you enjoy using a sunscreen, i.e. if it has a nice texture, smells nice, leaves a nice finish on the skin etc. you will remember to use it and use it more regularly. Everything about skincare and sun protection is about consistency after all! Both sunscreens smells really nice by the way – sweet but a little bit like orange water (it may now remind me of orange water somehow because I read that orange water was in the ingredients for the B3-T sunscreen!). The Beautiful Skin Superfluid has a stronger scent – sweet and a little floral. It’s not as OTT like department store skincare scents tend to be, but it’s noticeable for sure.

While Rationale can’t be found in stores around the world (they can be found in some salons and dermatologists clinics in Australia) you can find the products on their website and shop online. They ship internationally for only $20 AUD around the world! Yes, the products are expensive, but if you can allow the spend I recommend their products and sunscreens in particular (and no – I’ve never received anything for free from Rationale before!).

Well that’s it Beauties! Which sunscreen out of these two would you go for? Let me know what sunscreens you reach for on a daily basis 😊

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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