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Review: Queen B ~ Beauty Queen Tea Complexion Cleanse + Sneak Peek of the Giveaway!

Now it’s no secret that I like tea (I don’t keep it a secret, I yell it out at all passers-by haha :P) and so imagine my excitement when Queen B offered to send me their ‘secret’ complexion cleanse tea! Yipee!


Queen B is a new tea company founded in 2013 by some busy bees. Founded in Melbourne in 2013, they broke out of the hive in an aim to discover, share and pass on all health and wellbeing needs, in order for our customers to lead a beautiful life, whatever that may be. They definitely sound like the sort of bees that beauty bees could get along with, don’t they? 🙂

The Beauty Queen Tea Complexion Cleanse has carefully selected  organic ingredients which work to aid skin revival by replenishing the collagen and elastin back into the skin to help eliminate pimples, acne, blemishes, scars and dry flakes. Sounds great doesn’t it? We all know we benefit more greatly from the good things we put into our bodies. They may not work instantly, but taking the time to care for our wellbeing from the inside reaps benefits in the long run. While I don’t expect this tea to solve all of my skin woes, the basic act of taking some time out each day to brew some tea and then sip on it slowly works wonders on stress levels.




Herbal teas are thought to be medicinal in Poland and in other parts of the world, and I think that is missing a little bit here in Aus. There’s so many great herbs out there that haven’t been studied enough to reveal all of their potential, but I can tell you that drinking herbal teas isn’t only soothing from a psychological level but over an extended period of time if you pick the right tea to combat a particular issue, they can really help the physical symptoms you are experiencing – whatever they may be! I remember as a child drinking a lot of chamomile tea (probably to calm me down haha), peppermint (mint from the garden to soothe tummy aches) and nettle and pansy tea as a teenager to help combat my terribly oily and acne prone skin (nettle and pansy teas are great blood purifiers) and other herbal concoctions – not always great tasting, but you can almost always get used to the taste!


I had a look at the ingredients and looked up some of the benefits of each herb – the tea contains Red Clover (calms skin irritations), Nettle Leaf (anti-inflammatory and blood purifying) , Dandelion Leaf (purifies blood and is high in vitamins, minerals, especially calcium), Calendula Petals (high content of flavonoids – antioxidants), Burdock Root (detoxifying – can even remove heavy metals from the body). The tea has a light lemon-y flavour that’s slightly herbal. If you are only brewing one teaspoon for one cup (which is what is advised on the packet) then it shouldn’t be to strong or offensive in flavour. Because of the slight lemon taste, it’s quite fresh and light in flavour and colour.  One packet contains 20g of tea and is enough to last for 20 days. Try and have a cup everyday for 20 days to get all the benefits from the tea. It’s also quite a pretty tea thanks to the red clover and mixture of different leaves 🙂 I’m sipping on mine in my teacup which I bought in Japan 🙂


One packet of the complexion cleanse tea will set you back 28 Aus gold coins and you can check it out and buy it here. They also ship worldwide which is great news for all beauty bees! I will let you know what I think of the tea once I finish the 20 day cleanse to 🙂

*Sneak Peek* I will be including a packet of this lovely tea in my beauty bee giveaway which will be taking place on my 100th post (this is post 95!) so make sure you are following my blog and Facebook page so you don’t miss it! 😀

Hope your having a lovely day beauty bees – stay cool if you live in Aus, because it’s a scorcher!

Beauty Bee~

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