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Review: OCC Lip Tar in Psycho

Following along my obsession with orange reds at the moment, I got my paws on OCC’s Lip Tar in the colour Psycho. I have two older OCC Lip Tar’s but I haven’t used them in quite a while, so I was happy to rediscover them. I was expecting the Lip Tar to be super pigmented, long lasting and vibrant as hell! I was happy to see that the tip/applicator of the Lip Tar had changed from a big slanted applicator (like the slanted plastic applicators you see on lip balms sometimes) which was useless (it’s not a product that you can apply directly to your lips from the tube – it’s way to pigmented and you would end up with waaaay to much product, resulting in a BIG mess) to just a small plastic tip to dispense the product on the back of your hand. Think of it like a lip ‘paint’ which you have to paint onto your lips with a lip brush. You need only the tiniest amount of product and the thinest coat will give you super pigmented bright lip! The thiner the application, the longer it will last also. So did the Lip Tar live up to it’s expectations in the colour Psycho? Let’s take a look!


The Lip tar comes in a little plastic pouch with a little lip brush. The lip brush and plastic pouch are actually really useful for throwing into your cosmetic bag when you are on the go, as you can touch up your lips with the brush (it’s actually really decent for applying the Lip Tar) and the pouch keeps everything clean.


The Lip Tar is nicely fluid and thin, without being runny. Psycho is an amazing orange red colour. I would say that compared to MAC’s Lady D., Psycho is a little teeny bit more orange.


Above: OCC’s Lip Tar swatch in Psycho


Above: On the left is a swatch of MAC’s Lady Danger lipstick and on the right, OCC’s Lip Tar in Psycho.

I was expecting Psycho to be completely matte, but it isn’t. It applies like a satin lipstick and has a bit of a sheen to it – but it does mattify throughout the day (you can see the sheen in the swatches above). Because it isn’t super matte, it’s actually not as long lasting as MAC’s Lady D. which surprised me somewhat. If you are eating or drinking, it will wear away quite quickly. Luckily, it’s not like Hourglass’ Opaque Rouge Lipstick in Muse, where it is difficult to touch up because every subsequent layer on the lips just looks uneven and tacky. You can easily paint on or touch up Psycho as you go, and it will look as vibrant and even as ever, on the lips.


Above: Wearing OCC’s Lip Tar in Psycho

Funnily enough, even though Lip Tars are not traditional lipsticks, if you want to make them more long lasting, then you will have to prep your lips like you would when using a lipstick. Lip liner comes in handy here and I bought OCC’s color cosmetic pencil in Grandma for this job.


Above: Applying OCC’s Cosmetic Color Pencil in Grandma

Grandma is a really nice, quite bright orange that I was hoping to be able to wear on it’s own but as it is quite drying, throughout the day it does go patchy (and then uneven in colour). You could put a touch of lip balm over the top if you were wanting to wear the lip pencil on it’s own, but that changes the texture a bit and I do think it is more striking when totally matte.  I did also buy an OCC color cosmetic pencil in feathered – a white matte – as the idea was to use it on the outer lip line to accentuate the lips even more, but it doesn’t work for this as it’s just to dry to blend the edges of the pencil nicely. Instead, on the outer lip line, I have been using the Chella Ivory Lace highlighter pencil (which I received in last months Violet Box). The highlighter pencil isn’t shimmery, but it’s very creamy and nude toned (so it looks waaay more natural than a stark white). You can use a regular illuminating/brightening concealer to do this job also.


Above: OCC Cosmetic Color Pencil in Grandma (the end was chewed by my rat Beagle) and Chella Ivory Lace highlighter pencil.


Above: Swatches of OCC’s Cosmetic Color Pencil in Grandma (bottom, bright orange) and Chella’s Ivory Lace highlighter pencil.


Above: I added in a swatch of OCC’s Cosmetic Color Pencil in Feathered, just for comparison.

It is also a good idea to blot your lips with a tissue after applying a layer of the Lip Tar over the lipliner (or especially if you skipped the lip liner step). After blotting, apply another layer of the Lip Tar to your lips. This should make the colour last for about 4-6 hours. The Lip Tar will fade over time, but it should fade more evenly if you have layered your products on. Psycho is a great colour – and it’s very on ‘trend’ at the moment. You can’t help feeling more confident with a lip colour like this on! Lip Tar’s would also work as great stains. I haven’t tried them on the cheeks as the product seems a little to ‘liquidy’ compared to a waxxy lipstick – but if you have tried it as a cheek colour, I would be fascinated to know how that worked!


I bought my OCC Lip Tar in Psycho from Bella Box for $19.95 Aus monies (oh and the OCC Cosmetic Color Pencils are bought from Bellabox also, but for $18.95). You don’t need to have a Bellabox subscription to buy from their online shop. I’d like to try the shade Kimber next  (a coral) but I don’t think Bellabox stock this colour, so I will have to see where else I can get Lip Tars in Aus. I know OCC’s official website ships worldwide, but from what I remember the shipping is a little pricey, so I will continue to weigh up my options…. I should also mention that because you only need a teeny tiny drop of this product to fill in your lips, the little tube will last you a lifetime. I honestly don’t know if it is possible to use a up a whole tube of this stuff!

Let me know what you have been wearing on your lips lately! Join me and other beauty bees on Facebook if you haven’t already 🙂

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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