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Review: Neora Double Cleansing Face Wash 🌿🐚🌊

My Sister was generous enough to gift me some Neora products recently. I was super thrilled because the brand was totally unknown to me and the products looked really decent (taking into consideration the packaging and ingredient list!). When I started to look into the brand, I must admit, that I was and still am a bit confused 😅

The brand was once call Nerium. It is now called Neora. While some of the product packaging has changed, the formulas of the products themselves remain the same. I’ve noticed that in different corners of the website, there’s still lots of places where the company call itself Nerium (probably old promotional material). The name change of the company isn’t what confuses me though. It’s the origin of the company, what they do and how they do it. It’s an American skincare brand that was formed in 2011. There’s no information on who started the brand and why, it just is lol I have a feeling that they sell products to consumers ‘directly’ meaning, they don’t sell via third party retailers, but instead either online or through consultants. But even this philosophy or approach isn’t clearly explained to customers. I’m just left feeling confused lol I guess I like hearing and knowing the story of a brand and why they do what they do. After exploring Neora’s website, I feel like they are a bit ‘faceless’ as a result. It’s just another big company, making and selling products. I really hope they change this soon and have some sort of brand story or vision, otherwise it might be hard for consumers to ‘connect’ with them. And it would be a shame if they didn’t, because they products really have been formulated so well! With that now said, let’s get into this cleanser review!

Double-Cleaning Face Wash

An advanced, lightweight cleanser that combines the distinct properties of oil with the fresh feeling of a light foam. This gentle product is applied to dry skin, removing oil-based impurities and makeup and then, with the addition of water, transforms into a soft, milky lather for deep down cleansing. This multifunctional facial wash does double-duty as a makeup remover and is delicate enough to be used morning and night.


Double-Cleansing Face Wash, powered by our proprietary Sea3CTM blend.

This unique product goes on as an oil and gently lathers with water to wash away clean, leaving your skin feeling fresh.

• This multifunctional product is also designed to remove makeup, even eye makeup (non-waterproof).

• The product’s coconut-derived surfactants are both gentle and effective and it contains no sodium laureth sulphate and no sodium lauryl sulphate.

• The product is perfect for women and men of any age and can be used morning and night.

• Double-Cleansing Face Wash is ideal for cleaning and preparing the skin for Nerium’s Night and Day Creams.

• Net weight: 120 mL/4 fl. oz.

◦ Has a pH that works in harmony with the skin.


  1. Sea3C –  An exclusive blend of sea whip extract, betula platyphylla japonica juice and raffinose, which are known to moisturise the skin.

  2. Coconut-derived Surfactants – Sulphate-free surfactants that gently, but effectively, help cleanse the skin.

  3. Glycerin – Known for its moisturising and skin softening benefits.

  4. Rosemary Leaf Oil – Known for its skin conditioning properties.

  5. Niacinamide – Known to help even skin tone.

  6. Clary Sage Oil – A masking agent known for its calming  and soothing benefits.

Ideal for all skin types: Dermatologist tested

What intrigued me about this cleanser is that it is supposed do what two cleansers can do but in one product and in one step! Double cleansing is when you use an oil based cleanser or balm, to melt away makeup and dirt/sebum. You then cleanse your skin again, using a different cleanser (usually a water based cleanser for step #2) to cleanse the skin deeply and get rid of any remaining impurities. I’m a big fan of the double cleansing method if I am wearing makeup on a given day. I think it makes a big difference in how my skin looks, feels and functions. As long as you are not using harsh cleansers, the second cleanse feels like you are giving your skin a treat and really looking after it. I think it helps keep breakouts at bay too – because earlier I would always find mascara in odd places, like my hairline… lol!

First off, this cleanser has a really interesting but pleasant texture. If you are familiar with using oil based cleansers that emulsify on contact with water – THIS is exactly the texture the product has! It’s like the oil is already emulsified. It has that oil base but it feels super light, milky and nourishing.  You need to dispense 3-4 pumps of product (sounds like a lot, but the pump doesn’t dispense all that much product) and you’ll find the cleanser is almost like water in its consistency. Super thin.  I massage it over a dry face (makeup and all) for about a minute, and then rinse using lukewarm water. It doesn’t leave any oily residue on the skin – skin is left feeling clean, smooth and softened.

As it is not a cleanser based on sulphates, it is very gentle and feels nourishing on the skin. I wouldn’t say it’s as nourishing or moisturising as a cream cleanser, but it also doesn’t fit into the category of a gel cleanser either. This fact could be confusing to some. Does it remove makeup well? It does. It struggles with heavy duty eye makeup and removes 70% of my mascara (non-waterproof) which is a shame because most oils tend to deal with heavy makeup (including waterproof mascara) quite well. Would I use this cleanser on it’s own in order to remove makeup and cleanse skin? Foregoing the double cleansing method? I don’t think so…. Here’s why:

Years ago I used to think that a good cleanser should be able to remove makeup and cleanse the skin thoroughly in one step. But when I started double cleansing on nights after wearing makeup or sticky sunscreen all day, I noticed the difference in how my skin absorbed skin care products applied thereafter and how it looked in the morning. It looks and feels better! Maybe it’s also because I have acne prone skin and my skin generally seems to get more congested since I turned 30 (my skin probably doesn’t turn over new skin cells as quickly anymore, so it needs more help) I feel like I need to be more diligent in this area. This isn’t a scientific test or study, just my opinion and feeling. For whatever that’s worth!

Above: The micellar water test! I used a cotton pad soaked in a trusted micellar water and swiped it over my face after cleansing my skin with the Neora Double Cleansing Face Wash. On the left, is the cotton pad after my morning cleanse. Pretty squeaky clean! On the right is a cotton pad after cleansing my skin at night, after a long work day and after wearing a moderate amount of makeup (12 hours plus). I’d say my skin was 80 – 90% clean of all makeup and impurities.  

I get the concept of this cleanser and how it can appeal though – instead of using just a water based gel cleanser to remove makeup and cleanse the skin, this light oil based cleanser will do a better job. If you can’t ever be f*cked double cleansing and you need a quicker ‘solution’ – this is for you! The cleanser would also work really well on those nights where you are wearing makeup but need to remove it asap and go to sleep (and certainly if you are not a fan of face wipes – I don’t mind good ones and there aren’t a lot of those!). It leaves skin soft and clean. I do like using it in the mornings on it own (I never double cleanse in the mornings) as it’s a really good cleanser. It’s gentle more than anything, which I really appreciate. It has a slight herbal scent, but nothing overpowering and offensive.

I really like how innovative and new this product is. You often don’t find that a product surprises you with it’s texture anymore – especially a cleanser (it’s like everything has been done already). The ‘new’ name for this cleanser is ‘Age IQ Double-Cleaning Face Wash‘ but that product inside is still the same. I much prefer the old name too – ‘double-cleaning’ sounds a bit silly to me, but anyhoo, it’s not a big deal.

The cleanser retails for $51 Australian dollars, or $38 Aus dollars, if you buy the product as a ‘subscription service’. You should be able to buy it online or through a consultant online (if you know one) but don’t ask me how you actually make the purchase – there’s no ‘add to basket’ or sign up to order button. It shouldn’t be that hard… would I repurchase the cleanser? Maybe, if another one of their products also takes my fancy (I’ll be reviewing quite a few products for you!) then yes, I very well might 😬😅 Plus I gotta figure out how to order Neora’s products online LOL

I just realised I could do a ‘cotton swipe test’ where you use some micellar water on a cotton round to go over your cleansed skin to see how clean it really is… I’ll do that for this cleanser and post up the results soon!

So tell me Beauties, does this cleanser interest you? Have you ever heard of the brand before? Let me know in the comments below!

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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