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Review & Nails of the Day: Ciate Caviar Manicure in Lemon Fizz~

I felt like some sunny spring like nails today! I bought one of these nail caviar kits out of curiosity when they first hit the stores a few months ago. And I must admit, that in moderation (as in, I wouldn’t necessarily cover every nail in the caviar beads lol) I love the effect they give. The ‘caviar’ beads are really tiny glass beads, which you can buy in different colour combinations. The beads come in a ‘kit’ with a regular nail colour polish to match. How does it work? You paint your nails with the nail colour (As you normally would do) and then you pour the glass beads onto your nail while the polish is still wet. Once you’ve covered the nail bed well in beads (and they have stuck to the polish) you just gently press down on the beads to imbed them more into the nail polish.

The colour combinations are really fun and they come out with limited edition sets quite often. I think that Ciate came up with the original concept and I have yet to find a ‘cheaper’ alternative (other brands have popped up offering similar nail effects) that looks as good! In saying that – do I think they are worth the $36 Aus monies it costs for the glass beads and coloured polish? No. Why? While the colours of the glass beads are gorgeous, because they are glass beads, the colour from the beads fades quickly. The more you wash your hands or get them wet, the faster the colour disappears from the beads – and you’re left with silvery or clear glass balls on your nail. The full effect lasts on your nails one or two days at MAX. It’s also a shame that you can’t coat the glass beads with a top coat (hence why they don’t last for to long) as painting nail polish on top of the beads would also make the colour ‘run’ and rub off. You can carefully run a clear top coat along the edge of your nail to help stop the beads sliding off but that’s about it.


The caviar nails would work well for a special occasion – such as a formal or prom. I can see little girls going nuts for this, so perhaps it would be fun to get girls to do this at a sleepover or birthday as a special treat!


What I’m most impressed by actually, is the nail colour itself by Ciate. The one included in this kit (called Lemon Fizz which is limited edition unfortunately) is a pastel yellow called ‘loop the loop‘. I also have another caviar nail kit in the colour combination ‘Cotton Candy‘ and with that kit I received a pastel blue nail polish called ‘ferris wheel’. Both pastel shades are gorgeous – they are not streaky (like many pastel nail polishes are) and with a good base and top coat they last so well on the nail (5-7 days) without chipping. If anything, buying the caviar kits has made me want to try out and buy some of Ciate’s ‘regular’ nail polishes. The regular nail polishes aren’t the cheapest ($20 Aus monies) but if they are anything like the two nail polishes that I own, then the pennies spent on them should be well worth it! From what I have seen in store, the colours they have in their permanent nail colour collection (their regular nail polishes are called paint pots) also look pretty unique and gorgeous! When I collect some more, I will be sure to let you know 😉 I will also show you the colour ferris wheel on my nails very soon!


You can buy Ciate nail products at Kit Cosmetics or Mecca Cosmetica in Australia. As I mentioned, this caviar nail kit is in the colour combination Lemon Fizz which I don’t believe is available anymore, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it came back in time for xmas! The caviar kits tend to sell out quickly, but eventually they always come back into stock again.

Oh – and have a look what’s growing in my garden…

2013-10-26 12.10.29


They aren’t ripe just yet, but soon should be 🙂

Have you tried caviar nail kits before? Tried any nail polishes from Ciate before?

Catch ya next time beauty bees! 😀

Beauty Bee~

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