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Review: Mecca Cosmetica Clean Slate Micellar Water 🌹💦

I LOVE micellar cleansing waters 💦❤️ They are just so easy to use, quick, effective and for the most part, gentle on your skin 🥰 A lot of cleansers can be harsh on your skin because the disturb your natural lipid barrier and play around with the PH of your skin too much. For this reason, a lot of Dermatologists will recommend that patients (especially those with acne and sensitive skin) to use a cleanser that does not require the use of water. I use micellar waters in the morning, generally before work when I don’t have a lot of time to play with. You can of course also use them in the evening to remove your makeup, and I do use mine to remove eye makeup. My go-to micellar water is Bioderma’s Hydrabio H20 Micelle Solution. When I received Mecca Cosmetica’s micellar water as a gift, I was intrigued but not particularly excited because I already use a micellar cleansing water which I love and that does the job I require it to do. But I gave it a go of course (otherwise it would go to waste!) and I’m so glad that I did, because it does a darn good job!

For those of you who are unawares, Mecca Cosmetica is a boutique makeup and skincare store in Australia. There are also Mecca Maxima stores which include more popular ‘Sephora’ and department store brands  (e.g. Too Faced, Bare Minerals, Urban Decay etc.). Sometimes the brands in the stores overlap (e.g. NARS can be found at both). However, they only have one website which contains all the brands carried at Mecca Cosmetics and Maxima. Mecca released it’s own brand of skincare and makeup a few years ago now, but I was pretty slow to try the range (I do really like their highlighter, Lit From Within 🌟). The skincare line has a very simple and ‘basic’ aesthetic, with metallic copper finishes on the product packaging. The aesthetics of the products appeals to me, but I just thought that since there are other ‘exciting’ brands in store, why would I try this one? Are they really focused on creating the ‘best’ skincare products out there? 🤔 That’s why I remained dubious…. Let’s get into the review of the Clean Slate Micellar Water and you’ll see what changed my mind about the line of products, in particular the skincare products!

A must in every beauty bag, Clean Slate Micellar offers double-duty beauty by acting both as a cleanser and makeup remover – no water required!The gentle, moisturising formula removes all traces of makeup on eyes, face and lips and leaves skin feeling fresh, hydrated and clean. Skin-loving ingredients damask rose flower extract and cornflower extract soothe, decongest and calm for a replenished and rejuvenated complexion.Rose oil provides essential moisture to the skin and helps to treat redness and inflammation. Similarly, rose water provides cleansing and soothing properties.How it works:As an antiseptic and antioxidant, rose is able to support the healing process of damaged skin and also protect against free radicals. The flower’s scent also has relaxing, blood-pressure lowering benefits that help soothe skin’s surface.

The first thing you will notice about this micellar water is it’s rose scent. It doesn’t hit you in the face – it’s much more subtle and lovely than that! However, it is noticeable.  I usually use two cotton rounds soaked with micellar water in the morning, to cleanse. Two cotton rounds generally pick up all the dirt and oil that has built up on my skin over night. The first cotton pad gets all the grime (and it’s noticeable) while the second is to make sure I’ve got it all (and it looks clear even after use). I don’t find that I need to use more or less micellar water than usual, when using the Mecca micellar water. My skin also doesn’t feel sticky afterwards (some Beauties don’t like micellar cleansing waters because of this). You could of course rinse your skin with water after using a micellar water, but I don’t feel that I need to (and for me, that would be missing the point of using a no-water cleanser, but whatever floats your boat!). Skin is left feeling smooth, refreshed, clean and not too tight or uncomfortable. I’m not sure how much it soothes the skin – but I don’t feel any uncomfortable sensation when using it in the morning after my nightly tretinoin treatment.

How does the micellar water do when it comes to removing makeup? Pretty darn well! I don’t use water proof mascara, but it does a great job at removing regular mascara (and if I’m wearing mascara, it’s a few coats…) without leaving residue. I don’t know if other Beauties have found this, but I’ve noticed that the older I get, the more sensitive my eyes are becoming. When stressed or tired, I get some dermatitis on my eyelids (in the inner corners). It’s so weird and uncomfortable. The micellar water in the morning doesn’t irritate the dermatitis further. Does is calm it down? Maybe, but it’s hard to be sure. It certainly doesn’t irritate it further, which is all I expect really.

Has this micellar water changed my mind about Mecca’s own line of skincare products? Yes. The prices of the products are mid-range, so I can see this line appealing to those who want something a little more special than drugstore products, but not quite as expensive or indulgent such as department store brands, especially when it comes to products used frequently or daily. The Clean Slate Micellar Water comes in at $30 for 150ml. You can also buy smaller bottles for travel (85ml and 50ml!). Bioderma’s Hydrabio Micelle Solution costs in-between $22-$18 at Priceline (the retail prices can vary depending on the store & promotion, plus, I believe the price of Bioderma products has dropped recently at Priceline) for 250ml of product. The HydraBio micellar water probably contains some more skin loving ingredients (especially for sensitive & reactive skin) but I wouldn’t say that the Clean Slate Micellar Water has a ‘bad’ formula. Some Beauties won’t expect the world from their cleanser, and it does look lovely on your bathroom shelf whilst doing a good job!

Ingredients:Water, Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside, Polyglyceryl-4 Caprate, Polyglyceryl-6 Laurate, Pentylene Glycol, 1,2-Pentanediol, Sodium Dilauramidoglutamide Lysine, Aphanothece Sacrum Polysaccharide, Phenoxyethanol, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Centaurea Cyanus Flower Water, Rose Damscena Flower Oil, Parfum *ingredient list found at as I could not find it anywhere else – it’s not listed on the Mecca website which is annoying.

The packaging is practical also – the micellar water is housed in a clear plastic bottle, with a copper/metallic lid. You can travel with this product without any worries about spills. The Mecca Cosmetica line of skincare products would be a great gift for someone who is starting to really ‘get into’ skincare. It looks beautiful and sophisticated, without costing an arm and leg (for most!).

I wouldn’t say that the Clean Slate micellar water will replace my trusty Bioderma Hydrabio, but – I like using it and who knows, maybe I’ll repurchase it one day 😊 I would also try more products from the line (the sheet masks look good as does the hydrating facial mist!).

Have you tried any products from Mecca Cosmetica’s own line of skincare? What about makeup? Does the line tempt you to try something new? 😉

Catch ya next time Beauties!

Beauty Bee~

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