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Review: Lush’s Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner – Winter smells like Roses!

I received my first little tub of this in my monthly Bellabox a few months ago and fell in love! I decided to splurge on it this winter, because who likes to get out of the shower or bath and smother themselves in body cream when your FREEZING your butt off??? Not me! This is perfect for that reason, you skip that whole step! You literally use it like conditioner for your hair but for your body – after washing,  you spread it all over yourself (I’m a devoted bath fan, so I just stand up and do this, it literally takes 30 seconds) and then I lightly rinse it off and hop out of the bath. Voila! Smooth conditioned skin that smells like roses 😀 It spreads very easily and  it has quite a light texture which is ‘oily’ at all. That’s a little surprising seeing as it has so many delicious oils packed into it like Almond oil, Brazil Nut oil,  Shea Butter, Cocoa butter, Argan oil, Rose Absolute,  Rose oil, Geranium oil and Lemon oil, PLUS other goodies such as Goji juice! It’s got quite a few doesn’t it?



Once you rinse it off, you can feel that it has left a ‘barrier’ on your skin. Once you pat dry your skin, it remains and just leaves your skin feeling silky for the next day or two.  Now it is a little exxy, it’s $32.50 Australian dollars for 225g, however, a little goes a long way. I’ve probably used it 6-8 times and I’ve used up half, which is pretty decent me thinks. Now the expiry date on the tub is quite short (when I bought it, it gave me roughly two weeks to use it up) and there’s no way that I could use the whole tub up in that amount of time without wasting it. At the moment I’m probably a week ‘over’ the expiry date and it hasn’t changed in consistency, smell or result. No doubt it’s better used fresh, but it’s still pretty darn good 😛

Give yourself a treat and give it a go! I think it’s all the buzzzzz (I couldn’t help myself lol)! I reckon it would be pretty good to also use in summer if your skin is getting dehydrated but you don’t want your skin left feeling sticky (like it can after some more emollient body moisturisers!). I’m hanging out to try Dreamwash  next (which is like a creamy/liquid soap) or maybe Turkish Delight (a body polish). Hmmmm, decisions decisions!

Have you tried any goodies from Lush? Recommend anything in particular?

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Beauty Bee~

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