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Review: Lush’s Butterball Bath Ballistic & Snow Fairy Shower Gel*

I got some more new goodies from Lush 😀

May I present to you, the handsome Butterball Bath Ballistic and the magical sparkling Snow Fairy shower gel!


The Butterball Bath Ballistic is one of Lush’s staple products (part of their permanent line). It contains cocoa butter chips which melt in hot water, coating your skin in delicious cocoa butter. You pop the Butterball into the bath and it fizzes away, looking almost like meteor! If you wanted to buy someone a gift from Lush but aren’t sure what scents/fragrances they might like (some of them can be a bit out there) Butterball is the perfect choice. It has a really gentle creamy scent of vanilla and musk. To me though, it’s not that typical old school vanilla and musk scent (which can be quite overpowering). Its more creamy and subtle, like a cocoa butter body lotion. After the bath your skin is left hydrated with a light layer of cocoa butter. But don’t worry, it’s not sticky or to heavy at all. It’s the way your skin should feel after being properly cleansed and pampered 🙂 One Butterball will set you back $5.50 Aus monies (it apparently weighs about 95g – it’s one of their smaller bath ballistics). You can find it on their website here. It is a bit of a treat, so a gift of 3 of these in a pretty basket or box would look fabulous 🙂

Now onto another limited edition xmas product from Lush – their famous Snow Fairy Shower Gel! I bought the 100ml size  just to test out how I would like the scent (I have enough shower gel at the moment to last me a lifetime!). It smells like… marshmallows or fairy floss. Sugary and sweet is how I would describe the scent. I thought that when using the gel, the scent would perhaps be gentler, but it’s not lol it’s not a bad thing though! I think it’s the vanilla that helps balance out the sweetness. I can’t help but smile when using this shower gel!


The shower gel contains blue flecks of glitter, however, they tend to sink to the bottom of the bottle so you should shake the shower gel before use. I actually didn’t notice any blue sparkly flecks on my skin after my shower, so maybe next time I will get a double dose! I can’t imagine them being to much of an issue, you’re not going to look like a disco ball. Perfect for grown up fun as well as the little ones! You can find Snow Fairy here. A 100ml bottle will set you back $9.95, while a 250ml bottle will cost you $16.50 and a 500ml bottle will cost you $29.95. Get one while they are around! 🙂 The little bottles will make perfect additions to gifts, while the bigger bottles are more economical so you might want to treat yourself 😉

Will you be trying out anything new from Lush this season?

Catch ya next time beauty bees and don’t forget to smell sweet!

Beauty Bee~

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