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Review: Lisa Eldridge’s Plush True Velvet Lipsticks in Velvet Morning, Velvet Ribbon & Ve

I’m sure everyone on the planet has heard about Lisa Eldridge’s lipsticks. With good reason – Lisa is the Queen of makeup artistry and she lets us in on some of her secrets through her personable and practical Youtube videos. I only watch selected Beauty Youtubers these days. I find most of them to be conceited, over the top and ‘trendy’ (meaning they will be passé very soon). Lisa is a cut above the rest and SO friendly. If her online videos disappear one day, we will be doomed lol so it’s not surprising that her limited edition lipsticks sold out like hotcakes. I totally missed the first collection she released (True Velvet Lipsticks) AND the second (her Pinks lipsticks). When the True Velvets went on sale for a second time, I was there!!! But getting all three True Velvet Lipsticks was hard because they sold out very quickly. Two of Lisa’s pink lipsticks were also on sale again, but I didn’t get a chance to snap them up. Because they will be released again later in October, I thought I would give you my thoughts on them, whatever that is worth 🤗😊💋💋💋

Saturated and highly pigmented lipstick with a beautiful, true velvet effect on the surface of the bullet which looks exactly like velvet fabric. The formulation is a creamy, hydrating matte with a slight sheen – it’s not a ‘flat’ matte. The colour is long wearing and non drying on the lips. Velvet Morning: This shade is an explosion of vitality that looks graphic and modern for parties … will serve you well all year as its the ultimate hot summer holiday shade too. Can also be applied as a soft, muted stain by dabbing on to the lips straight from the bullet and then tapping with your finger tips. Velvet Ribbon: This shade is a classic face brightening red that suits everyone (and it’s a great tooth whitener). Looks fantastic when applied as a precise ‘full on’ lip but also works well as a dabbed on subtle rosy stain. Velvet JazzThis shade is something of a chameleon and ranges from an intense brown/red to a soft, brick red, depending on skin tone and method of application.  It’s an incredibly glamorous shade, equally beautiful as a fully saturated ‘wow’ lip, as it is as a naturally flushed stain. My lipsticks are cruelty free.

There are three Plush True Velvet lipsticks; Velvet Morning (a hot and fiery, bright orange red), Velvet Ribbon (a vibrant, universal, classic neutral blue/red) and Velvet Jazz (a muted, earthy, brick red, inspired by the 1930’s vintage red lipsticks in Lisa’s private collection). All three lipstick bullets actually look like velvet! It’s quite incredible and innovative. When I look suuuuper closely at the lipstick bullet, there are teeny tiny raised dots on the bullet and somehow, these dots make the lipstick look like velvet fabric. Magic! 💫 The bullets are enclosed in gold, quiet light (weight wise) but metal cases. I looove that the cases aren’t plastic. They are simple and elegant. Each lipstick case has a magnetic closure which gives you that satisfying ‘click’ when you put the cap back on the bullet 💄😄 The metal must be magnetically charged because they repel each other. I think this is actually quite fun and quirky! Sure, you can’t store the lipsticks side by side because they will all fall over, but it’s cool lol 🤗

All three shades are mattes. They remind me of MAC’s Retro Matte Lipsticks because of their creamy, thick and rich consistency together with saturated pigment. They are however, MUCH more comfortable to wear in comparison to MAC’s Retro Matte Lipsticks. After about 3 or 4 hours, my lips don’t look or feel like shrivelled sultanas, so Lisa’s formula is much more hydrating and forgiving. Lisa mentions that the lipsticks aren’t a flat matte and offer a slight sheen. Yes, they aren’t flat colours because they are SO vivid; the colours jump out at you and make lips look plump and saturated! I see a little bit of a sheen on Velvet Ribbon and Velvet Jazz, but not Velvet Morning. Velvet Morning is the most classically matte shade (in my humble opinion). I think you can easily get a full days wear out of these lipsticks (6 to 8 hours) depending on what you do and eat 😉 They won’t have the staying power of liquid lipsticks because they aren’t… liquid lipsticks! But they fade very evenly and nicely.

What I else I love about these lipsticks is that I can apply them straight from the bullet and get a clean and precise application (I’m not a makeup artist – I would almost never use a lip brush! Maybe I should try to use one more often, but day to day it isn’t for me). I wonder if the velvety formula ‘blurs’ the edges of my lip line, so even if it isn’t perfect, you can’t tell… If you do make a mistake and you apply lipstick outside of your lip line or some of it smudges, you have time to clean it up without the pigment in the lipsticks staining your skin. This makes them more practical to use for ‘regular gals’ (like me!). In saying that though, after a good few hours of wear, the lipsticks will stain your lips. I love this – but if you don’t, it’s a consideration or note to make. One swipe is also all you need for saturated, pigmented colour.

Because of the saturated colours and velvety formula, they really do stand out in my lipstick collection. I probably have similar shades in other brands and formulas, but these really are special… it’s hard for makeup companies to produce makeup that takes you by surprise or formulas which stand out, but these really do. You can tell that Lisa has spent a lot of time and hard work creating  a product which is unique whilst maintaining high quality. It’s like a ’boutique’ makeup brand haha and with that of course, comes a higher price. I would have LOVED to buy a backup of each shade (I’d like to think I’m a collector but I’m not haha I just don’t want the lipsticks to end if I love them and can’t repurchase them again… 😥) but they were to expensive for me to buy two each. Each lipstick comes in at 26 Pounds each. That’s roughly (and at the moment) about $48 Australian Dollars. It’s up to you to decide if the price is worth it and whether or not you can splurge and afford it. I’m happy I didn’t buy two of each shade at once: makeup and cosmetics shouldn’t put a strain on your finances! Listen to your wise Aunt lol! There is a pack of original three Plush Velvets shades plus a cosmetic pouch which comes in at 75 Pounds, saving you 3 Pounds and you get a cosmetic pouch for free. I couldn’t nab it in time.

Above: Ingredients of Velvet Morning

Above: Ingredients of Velvet Ribbon

Above: Ingredients of Velvet Jazz

Here’s how the lipsticks look on me 🤗 I think Velvet Ribbon is my favourite, just because those classic reds suit my skin tone best. However, I love them all and will wear them regardless haha!

Wearing Velvet Morning. I think this colour is fierce! It really packs a punch – it’s almost neon like! 👊💥

Wearing Velvet Ribbon. Classic! 🍎🍎🍎💄

Wearing Velvet Jazz 🎶🎷🥁🎹

I don’t believe Lisa thought there would be such a frenzy for her lipsticks, so fans and those with us with lives (hello regular people with 9 to 5 jobs… the lipsticks go on sale 9am London time, so if you live elsewhere on the globe, go forth with good luck!) struggled to get any lipsticks. Hence the lipsticks being restocked again. I reached out to Lisa’s team when I couldn’t get my hands on the pink lipsticks, because I thought there must have been a glitch for them to sell out by 9.02am London time… but nope, they did. Her team responded thoughtfully and apologetically. I don’t believe Lisa wants to make people feel left out (that awful ‘limited edition’ FOMO feeling), which I give her credit for. I think the only way to stop people buying ridiculous amounts of lipsticks in such a frenzy is for the lipsticks to be available for say a limited yet extended time, say 6-12 months? Then they wouldn’t be SO limited edition that internet pariahs would be out to get 50 each (I don’t think that is possible, but you get my drift). I dunno, that’s just my idea without knowing the technicalities and I’m sure there’s lots of them. I also assume Lisa doesn’t want to be manufacturing makeup permanently as it isn’t her main job. I suppose because Lisa is so famous and highly regarded in her profession as well as liked so very much publicly, the popularity of her lipsticks was never to be underestimated!

The Plush Velvet red lipsticks will get restocked sometime late October. Definitely sign up to Lisa’s newsletter via her website, to get news of the dates. Apparently new shades will be released which is exciting 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 I’m hoping to also get my hands on some of the pink lipsticks if they will get re-released (Skyscrapper Rose has my name all over it!!!). Shipping was free (worldwide via courier) after spending 75 Pounds. Check out the shipping info page to find out how much shipping might cost you, if you live elsewhere.

So that’s it Beauties! I hope this post was helpful or useful for someone. Let me know what your thoughts are on the lipsticks, whether you’ve got them or not (and if you’d like to get your hands on them!).

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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