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Review: Lipstick Queen’s Jungle Queen Lipstick

Lipstick Queen was founded by Australian lipstick entrepreneur – Poppy King. Even though she is now based in New York, I actually remember her lip products being available in Myer, in the 90s when I was a kid (you may also remember that Myer was known as Grace Bros. in NSW back in the day!). My sister is older than me by 6 years, so I used to follow her into the beauty section of this department store and be amazed at the selection of lip glosses available loI! remember my sister purchasing these lipgloss pots (similar to a lip lacquers, with a super high shine finish) and I would always snap up one of the Lipstick Queen’s product brochures (though if my memory is correct, I think Poppy used her name as the brand name?) and imagined owning all the vivid colours…. Each colour available in the line was represented by a different coloured poppy (yes I remember details – brochures are still my thing haha). After the 90s, Poppy’s products disappeared from department stores and only a few years ago did I realise she had rebranded her line and released a new series of lip products. Thankfully, most of her line is available here in Australia. You can buy her products from Kit Cosmetics and Mecca Cosmetica, but I do wish we could order directly from her official-US based site as Kit and Mecca run out of stock very quickly and don’t carry every product from the Lipstick Queen line. Lipstick Queen has informed me that they are working on providing international shipping – so I hope us beauty bees can order Poppy’s products directly from the US soon!


My first purchase from Lipstick Queen’s line is the lipstick Jungle Queen. I’m so so happy I started off with this lipstick as it is the perfect coral colour for all beginners (if you are afraid of both orange or red) and pros! It’s one of those shades which is supposed to look fabulous on everyone. I’m never quite sure if this is true, however it does have a neutral undertone, so theoretically it should suit everyone. It’s such a delicious shade, that I have no doubt it will be my spring/summer staple! The concept of the lipstick and packaging is just fun, I can’t help being drawn to it and imagining myself far away, in a tropical paradise… 🙂

This is what Lipstick Queen says about Jungle Queen –

“Two things that epitomize glamour in my mind are animal prints and lipstick. And Jungle Queen is a fresh and chic new way to combine the two!” Poppy King

“A color-popping coral suspended in a super-nourishing formulation, Jungle Queen flatters all complexions and is 100% fabulous when paired with your favorite big cat prints. Rrrroar!

  1. Semi-sheer, moisturizing formula enriched with nourishing Natural Oils

  2. Ultra-protective antioxidant Vitamin E conditions and hydrates the lips

  3. Super-flattering hint of luminescence plays beautifully against animal prints”



I agree that the lipstick is more pigmented than a regular sheer lipstick but it isn’t totally opaque. It’s super glossy and and smooth, which means that it is super easy to apply and isn’t drying on the lips. The staying power of this lipstick is also quite impressive – because it is so glossy, I thought it would disappear from my lips after I ate and it didn’t! I ate some fried tofu along with a Korean sauce, and trust me when I say that the sauce goes everywhere!  The lipstick was still half there I would say (which is a miracle in my eyes after the meal I ate) and it had faded evenly – no awful outline on the lips looking like a 90s horror movie!



The colour of this lipstick is a coral (or as Lipstick Queen puts it – Papaya Coral!), so it’s in between a pink and red. It’s mid toned – so it’s still quite bright and packs a punch! Usually the first time you wear such a bright colour, you feel uncomfortable and a little bit shocked (the colour can be a shock if you’re used to wearing nude-toned down colours. If you wear the lipstick around the house first for a few hours, you begin to not only see it on your lips, but also how it fits in with your look as a whole. The shock wears off and before you know it – you are rocking the lipstick. The lipstick doesn’t own you, you own the lipstick 😉



Above: Swatch of Jungle Queen lipstick.

I remembered reading that Lipstick Queen’s lipstick bullets look plastic and they really do! You could be mistaken thinking that the lipstick isn’t real and that it’s just a display prop, but it’s very real 🙂 The lipstick isn’t scented per se, so it only has a very very faint scent (plastic-y?) but I suppose that’s because they haven’t scented the lipstick up with perfume. It doesn’t have a taste either from what I can tell.


Above: Wearing Jungle Queen on my lips.


Above: Jungle Queen in all her glory!

I love this lipstick so much – the texture, shine and colour is perfect for carefree summer days! Jungle Queen isn’t a limited edition lipstick from what I can tell, however Australian stocks are out atm (Kit Cosmetics/Mecca Cosmetica let me know that it will be back in stock by the end of September but if you wish to secure a lipstick, I’d send them an email asking to be put on the ‘waiting list’ just to be sure). When it is in stock is costs $27 clams, which is very reasonable 🙂 If you can’t wait until Australian stocks replenish themselves – you can purchase Jungle Queen from Space NK in the UK now for £20.00 (this works out to be about $37 Aus dollars). I ordered my lipstick from Space NK and shipping was fast and easy (shipping costs £5). Space NK also stock the full range of Lipstick Queen products, which I whole heartedly appreciate 🙂 I’m dying to try a Silver Screen lipstick, but they are a little expensive so I will have to wait until I can justify the purchase (but the packaging is so divine!).

I’m becoming inspired by jungle/tropical prints atm and I think it’s exactly what I needed to start painting again!


Do you remember Lipstick Queen from the 90s? Have you tried any Lipstick Queen lip products?

Catch ya next time beauties!

Beauty Bee~

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