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Review: Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant, Vanilla Lavender

Happy Monday beauty bees!


As I mentioned in my previous new goodies post, I decided to try out a all natural deodorant for the first time, to see if they could possibly work just as well as their aluminium counter-parts. Regular deodorants work using aluminium salts, which block the sweat glands under your arms from producing sweat and stinky B.O. I’m not one for using scare tactics, because in reality, aluminium salts haven’t been proven to cause cancer or any other scary illnesses. Plus, the amount we use on a daily bases is actually extremely low (it would be different if say you were applying it to your lips and then eating it subconsciously or consciously). However, if I can find an alternative which works, I’d happily switch over because my under arms can get quite irritated and so the thought of using something gentler is quite comforting. You still have to be careful when using products which use ‘all natural ingredients’, because natural ingredients can still irritate your skin. After looking at a few different natural and aluminium free deodorants, I settled on the Lavanila branded one as aesthetically it was the most pleasing to my eye (I know I know haha but I appreciate well thought out and well designed packaging!). And I also found it being sold on an Australian online shop, Style Patisserie.


I wanted to try the regular vanilla scent, but Style Patisserie was out of stock of that one. Then I decided on the Vanilla and Blackberry deodorant scent, but they were out of stock of that scent also (I hate it when that happens!). Soooo, I finally managed to settle on the lavender scented deodorant. Lavender essential oil can be quite potent, but luckily this lavender scent is quite subtle and ‘powdery’, so it won’t make you pass out  (lavender is calming right? :P).

How does Lavanila’s deodorant claim to work? Here is what they say about their Healthy Deodorants:

“This All-Natural, freshly scented deodorant provides superior, long-lasting odor protection. Soothing essential oils blend with powerful anti-oxidants and beta glucan technology for daily defense and nourishment. Clinically Tested. Dermatologist Recommended. No Aluminum. No Paraben. No Propylene Glycol. No Harsh Chemicals.

Traditional Deodorants and Antiperspirants can contain ingredients including aluminum, Propylene Glycol and Parabens that could potentially absorb into the delicate underarm area. The Healthy Deodorant is a 100% Healthy solution. Completely free of harsh chemicals, it’s a safe, effective and luxurious way to fight odor. Our health-promoting formula is packed with anti-oxidants and a proprietary beta glucan technology to not only fight odor, but nourish, strengthen, and soothe the skin.”

And here are the ingredients, which I admit sound pretty lovely and are of course all natural:

Aloe barbadensis leaf juice (Aloe juice, water/aqua), Propanediol (Corn derived), Zea mays (Corn) starch, Sodium stearate (Coconut derived), Silica, Carrageenan (Seaweed derived), Stearyl behenate (Coconut derived), Citrus medica limonum (Lemon peel oil), Inulin (Artichoke derived), Saccharomyces ferment, Alpha-Glucan oligosaccharide (Sugar derived), Yeast beta glucan, Lonicera caprifolium (Honeysuckle) flower extract, Usnea barbata (Lichen) extract, Valeriana officinalis root extract (Valerian), Hydrastis canadensis (Goldenseal) extract, Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea tree) flower/leaf/stem extract, Lycium barbarum fruit extract (Goji berry), Botanical fragrance blend.


So how did I find this deodorant stacked up against my regular ‘traditional’ deodorant? Well upon application, I find that this deodorant feels incredibly cooling and soothing on my skin. I was really surprised by this effect and I think this must be due to the high concentration of aloe vera in the formula. This is a major plus, especially as I mentioned, my under arms can become quite irritated and it’s so nice to feel a soothing and cooling sensation (regular deodorants don’t do this in my experience) – after all, the skin under your arms is quite thin and prone to irritation. At first it doesn’t look as if the deodorant leaves any trace on the skin, but after application once the deodorant ‘settles’ on the skin, it does turn white and slightly powdery. Not majorly so though, so I don’t find it rubs off onto clothing.

I assume that instead of blocking sweat glands, the corn starch and other corn extracts ‘dry out the skin’ instead and soak up moisture, ‘preventing’ any wet feeling under the arms. I think it does this task quite well. I applied the deodorant one morning before work (and I do a lot of walking at work and to and from work) and it did manage to keep me quite dry (to my surprise). I don’t think it covers odour quite as successfully though. Yes, I wasn’t as stinky as I would have been had I not applied any deodorant, but it still didn’t minimise odour as much as my regular deodorant would have (that would be the Mitchum Clinical cream deodorant). I kind of expected this, but  wouldn’t say that this deodorant is a complete fail – it keeps me dry and feels oh so soothing. I think this will be a deodorant I will wear when I’m just at home or when I know I won’t be doing any ‘strenuous’ physical activities.



  1. Soothing and cooling on the skin.

  2. Formula is light and the deodorant doesn’t transfer onto clothing.

  3. Scent is very subtle and not artificial,  smells powdery and fresh.

  4. Keeps me quite dry, I’d give it a 7 out of 10 in this department.

  5. You do get more product than in a standard deodorant, 57 grams to be exact (I get 45 grams in my Mitchum Clinical cream deodorant).


  1. Doesn’t prevent body odour as much as I would have liked. I’d give it a 4 out of 10 in this department.

  2. More expensive than my regular deodorant (which is still pretty exxy compared to other supermarket brands) and not as easy to get a hold of – you have to order it online and factor in postage costs.

I bought my deodorant for $25 at Style Patisserie and I paid about $10 postage (so yes, $35 for deodorant is expensive!). I just realised that Lavanila products are available from Sephora (in the US) so next time I think about purchasing a Healthy Deodorant, I might order it from the US where it retails for $14 US. I have a feeling the deodorant I have now will last me a loooong time though, especially since I won’t be using it after every shower/every day. As a comparison, I can buy my Mitchum Clinical deodorant from my local supermarket for about $15 Aus dollars.

Have you ever tried any all natural deodorants before beauties? Would you consider switching? I noticed that on Sephora’s website, Lavanila have some really nice ‘scents’ for their deodorants, like vanilla summer and vanilla lemon 🙂


My boyfriend has lavender growing in his garden, so I thought it was quite fitting to add in some lavender shots into the post for you 🙂 How is your Monday looking beauties? I’m just sitting in the office (I don’t have any natural light or windows in here either since my office happens to be in a basement LOL) so I’m dreaming of being out in the garden right about now *sigh…

Here’s to a good week though! 🙂 <3

Beauty Bee~

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