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Review: Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector – Serum or Primer?

I received this serum for free when I won a competition – well I think it would be categorised as a serum, but I actually use it as a primer under my makeup. Why? I contains skin smoothing silicones, which fill in any lines or bumps and leaves your skin surface extra smooth ready for an even application of makeup. It also contains mica, so it has a slight light reflecting glow to it (when you look closely at the serum you can see little red/pink reflecting particals in the serum) but its definitely not obvious when you apply it to your skin. I’m not sure why you would use it at night unless you wanted to see an immediate cosmetic benefit to your skin.

The active star ingredient in this serum is said to be LR 2412. Many skin specialists have said that this is a form of jasmonic acid. Jasmonic acid is a natural derivative and is said to help increase cell resistance and stop collagen from breaking down. It is probably hydrating as well (containing some levels of Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s). While it also contains a form of alcohol which isn’t hydrating, it luckily also contains  sodium hyaluronate (better known as hyaluronic acid)  which is VERY hydrating (holding up to 1000 times its weight in water. Hence why I find that it is perfect under makeup. I have always thought that hydrated dewy skin looks more youthful than very matt dry skin.


Why don’t I use the product as a serum? While jasmonic acid may have benefits for the skin (mind you, the testing done by Lancome isn’t very thorough so I would wait until more results have been achieved by independent researchers in order to make up my mind completely on the subject) Vitamin A (retinol) is solidly proven to stop the breakdown of collagen (like jasmonic acid is said to do) and refine the texture of your skin AND regulate oil production. So I would rather you use a vitamin A treatment product at night  and use the Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector as a ‘makeup primer’ which also gives me skin benefits. Win!


Will I purchase this product once the bottle I own runs out? Hmmm I really don’t know. While I love these types of hydrating products (and the right hydrating products will not break you out) I don’t know if I could justify spending the amount it costs – which is $92 dollars here in Aus for 30ml (yes, I know!) You could probably get a similar effect by buying a decent hydrating serum and liquid illuminizer (or hydrating primer to get the benefit of silicones and add in some illuminizer if you want more of a ‘glow’). Of course, the other ingredients may be great for the skin, but it’s definitely not revolutionary. Not for me anyways. Don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely to use and has a light fresh texture and I probably would re purchase it to continue using it as a primer if it wasn’t so expensive (maybe if I could get it for cheaper overseas).

Have you tried this serum? Have a primer or hydrating serum which you love? I would love to hear about it so let us beauty bees know! 😀

As you can see I love competitions and I’ve had some luck winning some awesome products over the last year! Join me on Facebook and I will let you know about some of the competitions running on Facebook at the moment!

Beauty Bee~

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