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Review: L’Oreal’s Mega Volume Collagen Miss Manga Mascara in Tropical Violet

When I saw L’Oreal’s new Miss Manga mascara, my heart skipped a beat to be honest lol 15 year old Beauty Bee was obsessed Japanese Manga, in particular Sailor Moon. When I say obsessed, I mean obsessed. I still enjoy anime and I thought it would be fun to try the mascara, since I don’t usually stray away from my Dior Diorshow mascara.


When I popped by Priceline (a drugstore here in Aus) I saw that there were some coloured Miss Manga mascaras – Tropical Violet, Electric Blue and Pop Turquoise. Instead of going for the standard black mascara, I grabbed the purple Tropical Violet shade. I have never used a coloured mascara and been impressed by it’s formula or colour – so the 15 year old in me was reallllly hoping this violet toned mascara would be all that and a bag of chips. I even tried an expensive YSL violet toned mascara years ago, and almost cried when I realised the formula was dry and disappointing (after spending so much money on it).


So I was so hoping this bad-ass Miss Manga would not let me down! Unfortunately, it kinda did. It’s not the worst mascara ever, but it’s not the best either. Firstly, I like the design of the packaging and the colours they chose for it (it looks fun). It is incredibly light, so if they had weighted the mascara packaging it would have felt more expensive (especially since it has a metallic cap). It wasn’t hella expensive, but L’Oreal still tends to be on the higher end of drug store makeup so I do expect more from them. I actually bought mine on sale at Priceline for $15.36 instead of the usual retail price of $21.95.


The brush itself is kinda meh. I don’t have any real feelings about it. The wand is really bendy, which is quite new to me. It’s the formula of the mascara which is bothersome. It’s pretty dry so it takes a little playing around with to coat all of your lashes well. The mascara is said to be volumising but really, it’s more lengthening than volumising in my eyes (pun intended). Because of the dry mascara formula, it can go clumpy if you’re not careful with it. What about the colour? Well when you apply it to your lashes the violet colour is visible but it isn’t to pastel or bright. Using a white eyelash primer underneath it helps to bring out the violet tones in the mascara even more. The only other bummer is that once the mascara has totally dried on your lashes, it’s like the colour darkens somewhat. I think I wanted it to be a little brighter than it actually is (though I suppose that will be a plus for a lot of people and is more ‘grown up’). It does last all day on me without smudging or flaking, so I give it props for that. If the mascara formula was a touch wetter, I think it would preform so much better.


It was difficult swatching the mascara on the back of my hand because of the dry formula.

For $15 it isn’t a bad mascara – if I had spent $22 I’d probably have been a little more disappointed. I’d give it about a 3 out of 5 stars (or moons 😉 ) overall. A purple mascara does make the eyes look a little clearer (and pop if you have green eyes) so I think it will be a great if subtle, look for autumn and the colder months ahead. If you want to try out one of the Miss Manga coloured mascaras, be quick as they are limited edition!

It looks like the moon princess will still have to keep searching for that totally amazing, purple toned mascara!


Do you like coloured mascaras? Have you tried the original Miss Manga mascara (the black version)? What was the last mascara that disappointed you?

Until next time,

Beauty Bee

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