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Review: L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Eye Balm 🌼🌼🌼

Love ’em or hate ’em, I always use eye creams day and night! If you can get away with not using a specialised eye cream product around the eye area, you are a lucky duck! 🦆🦆🦆 I unfortunately have to as my under eye area can is quite problematic. Sometimes I look at my Asian friends and WISH I was blessed with the same genes (Asian faces often have a very small under eye area and the skin under the eye looks so plump!) but alas, what can you do. I have deep set eyes I think and area under my eye just seems to cover a lot of space LOL 😥 Skin under the eyes is very thin (it doesn’t contain moisturising sebum glands) so I want to protect it and make it look better. I’ve never hid the fact that I struggle with dark circles and looking tired… living for 30 years has taken it’s toll LOL but I’m still lucky to be alive first and foremost and despite my dark under eye circles, I only have a few minor fine lines. Besides using retinol around the eye area (every second night or so), a moisturising eye cream is a MUST for me day and night.

For a while I was using Tatcha’s Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum in the mornings and the Bobbi Brown’s Extra Eye Repair Cream in the evenings. I then dropped Tatcha’s Eye Serum (sorry Tatcha lol) and began using the Bobbi Brown eye cream in the mornings also, when the serum wasn’t giving me enough hydration on it’s own anymore (sure, I could use it under the eye cream but that would be a super expensive combo!). As I love L’Occitane’s Immortelle Face Cream (review coming soon!) I thought the eye balm from the same line also sounded very promising. As a beauty enthusiast, we aren’t ever satisfied with a good thing are we?!? So I put my much loved Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream to the side, to try something new…. I have been using it for 5 weeks or so, morning and night, so I’ve got quite an opinion of it 😝 Ready? Here we go!

With three patents pending, the Divine Eye Balm helps to correct the main signs of skin ageing and provides supreme comfort for the delicate skin around the eyes. It helps to diminish puffiness and dark circles, smoothes the eye contour, and helps to improve tone, firmness and radiance. The first signs of aging seem erased, the skin feels deeply nourished. With its rich, comfortable texture, the balm sinks easily into the skin, to leave it feeling soft and smooth. Immediately, the skin around the eyes looks smoothed out, more even, more radiant. Used every day, this balm helps to;1. Maintain the youthful look of the eye area* 2. Intensely nourish and comfort the eye area* 3. Visibly smooth and fill out wrinkles and fine lines and correct crow’s-feet wrinkles** 4. Visibly firm and tone the eye area** 5. Soften signs of fatigue* and visibly reduce puffiness and dark circles.***This dual-use formula can be applied daily as a balm or twice a week as a mask, for complete action. Thanks to an original combination of ingredients, the results are simply divine: the Divine Eye Balm acts on puffiness, dark circles, expression lines and the radiance of the eye area. Eyes look bright and beautiful.To use as a balm: Apply a thin layer, morning and evening. Gently pat around the eye area, then smooth from the inner corner of the eye outwards. To use as a mask: apply in the evening, twice a week maximum. Apply a thick layer of balm to the entire eye area then leave to sink in for 5 minutes. If necessary, gently pat any remaining product into the skin. *Consumer test on 29 women for 8 weeks. ** Clinical scoring on 29 women for 8 weeks.

As an eye balm, you expect a very rich and nourishing formula. A thick cream that could even be… oily! Well this eye cream is anything but! Despite having shea butter seriously high in the ingredient list (ingredient number 2!) it’s surprisingly light… and it’s not oily at all. Texture wise the ‘balm’ does not feel like a balm at all but a cream. I expect they called it a ‘balm’ because it’s a highly nourishing formula even though it doesn’t resemble one (texture wise). It is quite amazing what they’ve been able to do because the balm also includes evening primrose, wild flax, purple viper (a plant extract don’t worry!), borage, sunflower, myrtle, oils. So many oils! I also love that ingredients are sustainably sourced y L’Occitane, and this is obviously quite important to them.

I’m quite generous when I apply my eye creams and despite sometimes applying too much product, the balm sinks into skin beautifully. Concealer sits wonderfully on top of it and it doesn’t leave any noticeable residue on the skin.

So what about the claims of the eye cream? So here’s the thing. Once the eye cream sinks into the skin, my eye area looks and feels exactly like it did before I applied the cream. It may not be worse but my skin looks no better than it did before. Even after weeks of use, the skin under my eyes doesn’t look less tired, it’s not more plump, my fine lines are still there and are not reduced. I’m not even going to mention that my dark circles are the same because I really didn’t expect the cream to do anything about this, but they are lol! But most importantly… I at least expected that the skin around my eyes would be more hydrated and at least a little more plump after applying the cream. But it’s not, not even for an hour. It’s like it evaporates into thin air and then leaves behind nothing 😑☹️ It’s very odd… and disappointing because it’s an expensive eye cream! I can’t imagine how it would work for someone with more mature skin.

I’m not going to touch upon the Immortelle flower extract because it’s not scientifically validated. But hey, it might be wonderful! What I do know, is that this eye cream doesn’t work for me and I don’t find it to be nourishing at all. One positive I can comment on, is that it is soothing. When I apply a retinol treatment under my eye (at the moment that’s Differin) I apply the Immortelle Eye Balm over the top and my under eye area automatically feels soothed and comfortable. That’s a plus! This is probably also because the eye balm doesn’t really contain any actives. Maybe this is why it doesn’t work to hydrate the skin? I don’t know, it’s very strange and a shame.

The glass pot is pretty fancy and I like the look and feel of it. I have travelled with the Immortelle Eye Cream because it isn’t too massive, but you could easily depot some product into a smaller plastic container. The glass isn’t crazily heavy and it doesn’t feel fragile. My only complaint is that because the glass jar/pot (whatever you want to call it) is curved, after a while it’s difficult to get product out from ‘under the curve’. You certainly can’t get it out using the spatula provided, so you have to use your fingers.

You get 15ml of product (which is very standard for an eye cream) for $103 Aus dollars. Not cheap at all! You can pick it up at L’Occitane boutiques, online or from Adore Beauty (if you are after free shipping with every order!). Will I be repurchasing this eye balm? No, definitely not. I still have some eye balm left but I’ve almost finished it. I’ll finish it to the end because I feel like it would be a waste not to… and I did purchase it myself after all! After finishing this little tub up, I will be going back to the Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream. It’s such a shame because I love the Immortelle Divine Face Cream, but this eye balm did nothing for me. I know a lot of Beauties run into this problem when it comes to eye care products and hence some people give up on them altogether. I don’t think I can afford to per se (seeing as this area of my face is so ‘demanding’) so I will keep trudging on, to find the best eye cream out there for me! 🧐🌼🐝💛

If you are ‘new’ to eye creams altogether (no matter what your age is!) check out this ‘All About Eye Creams: Eye Care 101′ post that I wrote aggggges ago. You might find it useful 😊

So that’s it Beauties! Another day, another test gone wrong haha 😝😅 Let me know if you have found an eye cream that works brilliantly for you!

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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