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Review: L’Occitane Firming & Smoothing Milk Concentrate and Ren Body Contouring Gel

Hi beauty bees!

Two body care product reviews for you today 🙂 I was able to get my paws on both thanks to a voucher I won from Fresh Fragrances & Cosmetics’s Facebook page. I enter a lot of Facebook competitions I must admit, but hey, I am successful in *some* so I cannot complain! 😀 I post up all the competition links that I find on my Beauty Bee Facebook page so don’t forget to like me on there 🙂 Hopefully you will get lucky also!

I’ve been buying from Fresh Fragrances & Cosmetics for a few years now (thanks to their free shipping on all orders and lower prices) so I was delighted to win a voucher 🙂 I didn’t have to use up the voucher straight away so these are two products I happened to order not to long ago. It also gave me enough time to test them out thoroughly before doing a review!

First up  L’Occitane Firming & Smoothing Milk Concentrate 200 ml. 


This is what L’Occitane say about the product-

“L’Occitane blends both tradition (the use of almond proteins to firm the epidermis) and science (soft silicium to help support collagen synthesis) into a silky, concentrated milk that nourishes and smoothes the skin. The L’Occitane Almond Firming Milk Concentrate helps to firm and tone. Suitable for the whole body, the L’Occitane Almond Firming Milk Concentrate has been made with almond ingredients of Haute Provence origin, helping to revive the cultivation of the almond tree in the landscape of Provence.”


It’s hard to tell with products like this whether or not they do actually tone the skin and by how much. But hey, any help is good right? I like the heavy glass jar, it feels old school and really luxurious (just like how it sounds!). I was expecting this body cream to be quite thick and heavy (maybe because of the jar?) but it isn’t at all. It’s quite light – not a body butter by any means. It’s still quite hydrating, however probably wouldn’t contain enough hydration for dehydrated skin. It’s silky and sinks in nicely. It leaves a ‘silky’ residue on the skin so you can feel that your skin is hydrated. It has a wonderful ‘milky’ but sweet smell, that isn’t to overpowering.

It really is lovely and if it was cheaper I’d use this stuff on a daily basis lol because it isn’t the cheapest, it would make a beautiful gift for a friend or mum. I’m not sure when I’ll get to use up another jar but I hope it’s soon *sigh… I’ve probably used three quarters of the jar which makes me sad 🙁

The price differs depending on where you buy it but on L’Occitane’s website they retail it at $59 Aus monies. You can also buy it with free postage from Adore Beauty. I’d like to try the skin oil, skin veil and shower oil from the same range. I have tried the scrub – and while the smell is to die for (it’s the same scent as the body concentrate) I didn’t find the scrub itself as fantastic (I like pretty abrasive body scrubs, while this one seemed to have quite fine granules – it’s just a personal preference) but I highly recommend skin milk concentrate as a treat 🙂

Second body care product up for review is Ren’s Body Contouring Anti-Cellulite Gel 150 ml. 



Now I don’t have a problem with cellulite per se, but I figured that any kind of product that stimulates blood flow to the skins surface will be beneficial to how the skin looks in any particular area. Now as I don’t exercise much, I figured it would be good for my thighs before hitting the beach this upcoming summer. Plus, it’s not a product I would usually buy myself, so I felt like I had an excuse to try it out thanks to the voucher. Ren products always look realllly nice and I love their cream cleanser so why not! This is what Ren say about the product –

“Formulated to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite and orange peel skin. Deep penetrating liposomes deliver actives that target the causes of cellulite by increasing microcirculation and drainage, stimulating elastin production and encouraging lipolysis which helps reduce the formation of fat lobules below the skin. The leg contour appears smoother, firmer; swelling is reduced and discomfort is cooled and soothed.


  1. Visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite and orange peel skin.

  2. Skin appears smoother, firmer.

  3. Body contour is improved.

  4. Cools, soothes.”

It also contains these wonderful ingredients –

  1. Pepper Rose Spice from Pink Pepper Seed and Caffeine from Coffee Beans activate micro-circulation and drain fluid and toxins

  2. Red Microalgae Exsudate from Red Algae and Escin from Horse Chestnut improve vascular tonicity and reduce swelling and relieve heavy painful legs

While it’s described as a gel and it is light, it’s a milky gel that’s still quite hydrating. After applying to my legs, I get this tingling and cooling sensation. It’s not unpleasant but it’s definitely interesting lol I only need about one or two pumps for my legs, so I think the amount should last me for a couple of weeks (I apply it after every shower/bath). Does it work? I’m not sure, but I can feel it doing something and my legs do feel hydrated and the skin toned. Perhaps the Wild Yam Firming Smoothing Body Cream would have been better suited to my needs (hydration and firming) as I can’t say if it diminishes the look of cellulite. I do like it though and I think it’s also a nice treat. I would looove to try their Moroccan Rose Otto Firming Creme Riche or Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil, so they are on my wishlist 🙂

You can find the Ren Body Contouring Anti-Cellulite Gel at Mecca Cosmetica for $70 Aus monies or at Fresh Fragrances & Cosmetics for a little more but they offer free postage.

I recommend both, however I would be more likely to repurchase the L’Occitane firming & smoothing milk concentrate for a special occasion or as a gift for someone. I probably didn’t need the Ren body contouring gel but we live and learn lol it is nice though and I will use it up!

Have you tried any of these products before? What’s on your body care wishlist?

Catch ya later beauty bees! 😀

Beauty Bee~

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